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  1. Be warned that these ships are incredibly hard to find/expensive. Also, the TIE Aggressor hasn't fully proven itself, so hold off on pursuing any of those. The HWK is a decent suggestion as @Bucknife said, it's in two factions. For Rebels, a U-wing is a solid buy, and if you get the Saw's Renegades version, it comes with some 2nd Edition stuff packaged in. Get a StarViper for Scum. For Empire, definitely a TIE Phantom.
  2. Hey, now. No changing the goalposts with that Hyperspace clarification. In anycase, I still might take that bet... not tonight though, I'm practicing versus Nantexans. Gotta get my game face on for Concord Dawn.
  3. I'm going to agree with both svelok's "Rebels are actually good" AND Cloaker's "Swarms are the dominant archtype".
  4. But neither Howlrunner nor Serissu were over-performing either. We have, however, seen in recent weeks that Sloane has been performing pretty dang well. 4 made cut in Galaxies so far, where only 1 Serissu did, 0 Howlrunners did, and only 2 Leia Crew did. Moving power to the chassis is because the chassis sucks, not because of Sloane. They just happen to balance each other nicely.
  5. Just take clouds and trick shot. Add "during the engagement phase, you may ignore asteroids". You can still hit them and lose your action, but you still get to fire. The opposite of Scum TIEs.
  6. My justification on Sloane is the upcharge on Howlrunner, Serissu, and Leia. Sloane was good at her original cost of 10 points back in the day, so the drop to 9 was a curious change anyway. Going back up to 10 should be fine. Especially since I recommended dropping all of the named Reaper by 1.
  7. Range 1 of the same obstacle is a significant amount of space. Think of the range of a seismic bomb. Ships that are at range 3 of each other can both be at range 1 of an obstacle. How about: "While you perform an attack, if you are at range 0 of an obstacle, the defender rolls 1 fewer defense die."
  8. I suspect it will come out either the day of the wave release or the day before, but before that would be welcome.
  9. HOTAS is confirmed for a day 1 patch on consoles.
  10. With the initiative on the TIE's capped currently at 3, it wouldn't be too bad to have the Captured TIE effect. Especially if we don't add the crew slot from the Masterpiece title.
  11. Yeah, this was written before that Aggressor list went to cut at Dathomir, so I'll eat a little crow on that. I do think Sloane plays a huge part of Aggressors working though. (All of the points change articles were written last month, and my warnings about mosquito season in the CIS article are going to seem a little late). I'm stealing mosquito season, btw. Very clever. I'm digging the missile turret commentary here. White reload is fine, but red would likely be fine as well since, orbiting with the turret would be fine with the Aggressor's blues. But giving the ship as many advantages as it can is fine, as well.
  12. The rumored name of Pheonix Cell has led us to assume A-Wings and something else Star Wars Rebels related, so likely B-Wing, Sabine's TIE, or the Attack Shuttle. I personally wouldn't expect a ship that hasn't already been released, so likely the B. For Scum, if you gave me a Kihraxz/StarViper combo pack again, I'd take it. It's a bit much to ask for Thweek again, but I'd take him. Make him i0, but he becomes the initiative of someone he shadows, but once they are destroyed, he reverts to i0.
  13. I'm really hoping on this. I don't share the sentiment that Rebel aren't viable, but these packs should be used to revitalize those factions. If Scum gets a Y-wing/Kihraxz pack, that's probably not going to cut it. StarViper + Something, A-Wing + Something, and Interceptor + Something, seem good routes to go.
  14. From the Midwest Scrub cost prediction model: LAAT/i Gunship I2 Generic – 39 points I2 Named Pilot – 43 points I3 Named Pilot – 45 points I4 Named Pilot – 47 points Xi-class Light Shuttle I2 Generic – 32 points I3 Named Pilot – 37 points I4 Named Pilot – 40 points I5 Named Pilot – 42 points HMP Droid Gunship I1 Generic – 31 points I1 Limited – 35 points I2 Limited – 37 points I3 Generic – 36 points I3 Limited – 39 points TIE/rb I1 Generic - 31 points I3 Generic - 35 points I3 Limited - 38 points I4 Limited - 40 points Tri-fighter I1 Generic - 30 points I3 Generic - 35 points I3 Limited - 38 points I4 Limited - 41 points I5 Limited - 45 points Jango's Firespray I2 Generic - 62 points I3 Limited - 68 points I5 Limited - 75 points I6 Limited - 78 points V-Wing I2 Generic - 29 points I3 Generic - 31 points I3 Limited - 35 points I4 Limited - 37 points I5 Limited - 39 points Eta-2 I4 Generic - 36 points I3 Limited - 49 points I4 Limited - 44 points I5 Limited - 56 points I6 Limited - 59 points These are just based on the raw stats of a ship, and when looking at ship abilities and pilot abilities, it only looks to see if the ship has one. Otherwise it's just counting shields, hull, force, maneuvers, et cetera - see the linked article for more info.
  15. The rules reference specific addresses the Weapon Hardpoint , saying that it cannot use double cannon upgrades. I think this came out in the January RR update.
  16. Same team, but there are many more options to defeat the I3s, so I'm not as annoyed by it.
  17. 34 sounds good. Disallows 6 and is still 2 points cheaper than the 2nd cheapest generic i4. If you want to run 6 Nantex, run the i3 Stalgasian Hive Guard, who should move up to the 30 point mark. But as you suggested, 33 would works for me if 34 didn't happen.
  18. It does not, sadly. Whisper, GI, Redline didn't joust. I'm also not certain that the RAC list was jousting either, since it got pincered. That Whisper, GI, Redline is one of the few lists/persons that we know have beaten 6 PACEs.
  19. They're paying 16 extra points for unblockablility and there is only two of them. That mitigates it quite a bit. Also, I was that 2 IG + Nom that went 6-0. I might be biased.
  20. @Kaptin Krunch Looking at Corellia: Top 32: Total pilots: 137 (100%) I4 or less: 110 (%) I5 or more: 27 (%) Named I4 or less: 26 (%) Total named pilots: 52 (%) I4 or less percentage of named pilots: 50% I5 or more percentage of named pilots: 50% Full field (minus two entries not on List Fortress): Total pilots: 867 (100%) I4 or less: 608 (70.1%) I5 or more: 259 (29.8%) Named I4 or less: 206 (23.7%) Total named pilots: 465 (53.6%) I4 or less percentage of named pilots: 44.3% I5 or more percentage of named pilots: 55.6% So PACEs were aces to 70.1% of the field. Of those I4 or lower pilots, 33.8% were named.
  21. @Kaptin Krunch Looking at Dathomir: Top 32: Total pilots: 138 (100%) I4 or less: 102 (73.9%) I5 or more: 36 (26.0%) Named I4 or less: 16 (11.6%) Total named pilots: 52 (36.9%) I4 or less percentage of named pilots: 30.7% I5 or more percentage of named pilots: 69.2% Full field (minus two entries not on List Fortress): Total pilots: 660 (100%) I4 or less: 443 (67.1%) I5 or more: 222 (33.6%) Named I4 or less: 172 (26.0%) Total named pilots: 394 (59.7%) I4 or less percentage of named pilots: 43.6% I5 or more percentage of named pilots: 56.3% Full disclosure, I didn't count a Nashtah Pup, and 2 Autopilot Drones were counted as named. So PACEs were aces to 67.1% of the field. Of those I4 or lower pilots, 38.8% were named.
  22. Please, lord, no. Named pilots aren't by definition aces, right? Perhaps I inadequately explained, but the PACEs are essentially aces to anything I4 and below. I'd be willing to bet a very small amount of money that 51% of the ships taken at Dathomir or Corellia were i4 or below.
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