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  1. This was frustrating to play against.
  2. I knew it popped up largely because of Nantex, but no one could properly explain to me why being in Teroch's front arc wasn't a requirement. I get it now.
  3. It would have similar damage output to the I2 5X lists. Granted the SFs would have a rear arc to use on occasion but lack the benefit of the X-wing's Boost -> Focus. The SF does have slightly better dial, though. Mainly I rail against the idea of setting your turret backwards for the bowtie and forgetting about it. Just move and focus from then on out. Gunner SFs would at least consider on occasion rotating. I understand it may be a minority for disliking it, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I'm not making a huge push for it, especially since I don't see it as much anymore. And again, I think lowering the price on the SF Gunner would benefit the named SFs a decent bit, as I don't think think they are that great save Backdraft. I keep thinking LeHuse is a great buy, but then I put SF Gunner on him, to make him somewhat punchy, and then I balk at the price for some reason.
  4. An earnest question: can you explain to me why the Ketsu and Old T combo work, then? I've had explained to me several times, but my brain doesn't quite wrap around it. Hopefully, my fellow rules questions compadres can help me out. I'm certain you know what I'm talking about, but for clarity: Ketsu Onyo takes an enemy ship at range 0-1 in her arc and tractors it into facing off Old Teroch at range 1 when it had not been before. Old T can then trigger to remove green tokens, despite the enemy ship not being arc originally when the queue "at the start of engagement phase" had started. I have been told this works despite "If an ability’s requirements are not met, it cannot be added to the ability queue..." Why is this?
  5. Can I tattle on myself? I know I definitely did screw up on stream against Carson Wray at the final table at GenCon 2019. I swapped my junior inquisitor dials and had to walk them back. I felt like an idiot and got a tournament point for it. Not cheating, but definitely a blunder. Also, at a Hyperspace Trial in Bloomington, Illinios, I ran an illegal list. Apparently, Jyn Erso wasn't Hyperspace legal. Tyler Tippett noticed later that night and told me, and I ceded my top cut spot.
  6. Wow. That was hot garbage. Thanks for the entertainment, though.
  7. What the butt!?! How did I not hear about another instance of cheating on stream?
  8. Where is this dumpster fire so I can roast my marshmallows? Discord? Facebook?
  9. Additionally, since it is currently only an Epic only possibility, it's fine. Should the problem migrate to standard play, we'd need to reevaluate.
  10. That does seem to work out. The all have the timing window of "execute a maneuver". You could even fully execute a maneuver, spend a force charge to use Fine-Tuned Controls to boost or barrel roll to gets an enemy into range 1 or bullseye, use C1-10P to red evade, then spend a force charge with Anakin's ability to remove the stress, the do your perform action step.
  11. Okay, but while I do believe at least some aspects of Vultures have been a problem, no one asked if they were a problem. In fact we were talking about lowering the cost of the I3's and perhaps the limiteds. What's you take on those ideas?
  12. There are no rules against it currently. "The player resolves abilities in any order, resolving any abilities for one ship before resolving abilities for another ship of the same initiative value" supports the idea that multiple System Phase abilities can be done by a single ship.
  13. Or perhaps, keep them at their price, and make them the only missile carriers. You can only bring Discords on Vultures if you bring slightly more expensive limiteds.
  14. Perhaps, you lose blocking potential and get less offensive value from TA-175. Should the double and triple limiteds Vultures cost the same as their generic counterparts of the same initiative? Currently, they are 2 point above.
  15. I liked and disliked it. There are some brilliant moments in that film, but also plenty of missteps IMO. I would say that about any of the sequels, honestly, but TLJ was the most jarring for me. In other news, would a unique double crew that allowed double jam for a Reaper be too good? Require the jam action so you can only put it on the Reaper and the Lambda. I'm trying to make Reapers work, but I can't seem to get anything besides Vermeil to do well. I had some fun with Vizier, but still nothing in the realm of strong.
  16. Can confirm. The second time I watched it, I fell asleep during Canto Bight, and the movie got remarkably better. Honestly, the worst part about TLJ was people telling me why I didn't like it and how I was wrong, when in reality I disliked it for completely different reasons. Can confirm. He dabbles in Scum often but then retreats back to the comfort of Rey, Poe, and their A-Wing buddies.
  17. We should also note the ease of production for those compared to X-wing. Keyforge, Lot5R, and Keyforge are all card games. With no models to produce, they are do doubt easier to manufacture and push out faster. Legion does have models, but they come unpainted. Legion also has a decent amount less of cardboard to manufacture as well.
  18. Or the Z95. Or the M3A. Or the JM5K. They needed to reprint rare or popular ships from the game. Gunboats especially. They're not overperforming in any way, but they go for $60+ a pop on ebay. There were plenty of rare Imperial ships that could have been reprinted before we got the Defender or Interceptor, which had plenty of 1st Edition versions on the shelf. Two of the rare ships are even usable: TIE Phantom and TIE Defender. They seem to have the pulse of Rebels though, releasing what is popular and needed first. The finally got to the Ghost which isn't super great, but it came with the Sheathipede, so remained a relevant release. I wonder: how far in advance does FFG choose what is being printed?
  19. You got it right. It does lead me to believe that the nub would count as hitting the obstacle, but the fact that the nub being considered as an instance of overlapping, really makes me want a ruling on a ship that was already overlapping the obstacle then rotated..
  20. I think this is a fair way to look at it. Resistance wasn't dominating when Big Deal received an errata for the timing on his strain mechanics, but that doesn't mean that something wasn't amiss. With that said, I do have a horse in this race, as I think Advanced Optics should go up a point, so I'm not unbiased. In return however, I would not mind seeing some of those RZ2's go down a point in compensation. My main rub with Adv. Optics is 5 Omega SFs. I find that list dreadfully boring. So to compensate for the uptick on Optics, the SF Gunner can go down 2 points. It ruins 5 Fanatical Optics Omega SFs, but would offer up 5 SF Gunner Zetas in compensation as a near equivalent to 5X. It would also make it easier for named SFs to take the gunner, since named SFs aren't exactly the hotness right now.
  21. I was saying the rotate portion isn't a move, but the hard stop is a move. So yes, you have moved over the obstacle again when you hard stop. It's the rotate portion that isn't moving. I probably could have worded that better. With the consideration of nubs hitting an obstacle that it had not before the rotate added into the mix, I think this needs official clarification.
  22. You missed your fifth why so I'll get it for you. Why?
  23. My initial thought is no, as you are not performing a maneuver, and you are not performing a "move" that has been defined by the rules. Looking at other examples of sit and rotate, they don't really clear anything up. For a U-wing, the rotate isn't a move, but rather a hard stop maneuver, which is what would cause stress for it. So it isn't like the tractor rotate. For strutted droids, they are not executing a maneuver, but rather just rotating in place which is like the tractor rotate. However, the droids have their struts that specifically tell them to ignore the obstacle while moving. So even if it is considered a move, they would ignore it, and therefore, they tell us nothing. Again, without any supporting evidence, rotating does not seems to constitute a "move" as defined in any way by the rules that I can tell.
  24. Indeed, but it also makes the Syck cost 3-6 more points. If it wasn't better for 6 more points, I'd be disappointed. I won't disagree with you here, but I also won't agree. Both are good for different reasons: Scyks are better at being slow, doing range control, and the 5k is good, and FO's are better at being fast, turning, and clearing stress.
  25. Truth. I'm more upset that they waited until 1ish to tell us that were delayed than I am that they are delayed. This isn't some big grievance, especially with no official play happening right now. It's just an inconvenience.
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