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  1. I think this bears repeating. Changing sides while the rebels are just a rag tag bunch of misfits is much different from "Welp, the Empire's done for, I might as well serve the new regime". Which is why Traitor's Remorse existed. It was basically an interment camp for former Imperials to determine what to do with them. It was made explicit that the New Republic does not trust the defectors. Despite being an exception allowed, Yrica Quell is continually mistrusted by many of the New Repuplic. Yrica's (and Iden and Dell) don't defect because they don't beleive in the general idea of the Empire, but rather because of Operation Cinder spelling doom to loyal Imperial friendlies. The didn't truly defect, but rather they were branded traitor by the Empire for disagreeing with Cinder.
  2. Thanks for the examples. It's somewhat hard to parse what is going on because of the rate of play, but we can still dissect. First commentary is what @GreenDragoon said: was Greivous just a gift to the opponent? First game: Why did he joust the Scum swarm? The distinct advantage of the i4 swarm is that is gets to dictate the engagement. Perhaps they heard that "just don't joust the bugs" and thought they were the superior jouster? When you can fly circles around your opponent's list, don't drive down your opponents strongest vector, especially when you have salvo advantage. And what the frell is Greivous doing in the first engagement? Second game: Again when you move after almost an entire list, why are you jousting and not ace-ing? Leverage the turret. Third game: Seems the "don't joust lists that you can ace against" finally sunk in. Not that I encourage this playstyle, but when you are up on Salvo dice, and your opponent refuses to engage you, perhaps you should wait them out instead of the other way around. This one was actually played well by the Droid Swarm. Kudos to them, drawing the bugs into a joust is the right call. So if a swarm encounters Nantex, if they joust the swarm, the swarm is probably doing okay. Compare this to the Nantex vs. TIE Aggressor swarm match from Dathomir Top 4 when Dion posts it. The Nantex just harry at range 2-3 with turrets for the entire match, taking only 6 bullseye shots the whole game. I don't mean to nay-say these examples, but in at least two of them, the Nantex makes crucial errors that I'm not certain we can learn anti-Nantex techniques from. Keep posting stuff like this, though, @Boom Owl. The more content there is to observe, the more can be learned.
  3. Seems very scummy. I like. I'd drop Passive on the Viper, as focus is statistically just as good as a lock. Another route would be to drop the Viper and swap to either a named Kihraxz or to another G1-A. If You go the Zuckuss route, you can put Debris Gambit on Palob so he can have 2 focus + 1 evade going into combat + what ever he can steal.
  4. Mist hunter is good. 4-LOM is the best pilot, however.
  5. Honestly, I think they care about debris more since they deny both the action and the reposition. Rocks and Clouds, they lose an action, but can still maintain mobility. Obviously they'd rather hit nothing, but obstacles matter less to them than other ships, aside from struts.
  6. Does any one have links to a video, betrep, or image(s) of someone beating Nantex without an I5 or I6?
  7. Don't underestimate 6 two die attacks. they are what did me in not the bullseyes. Bumping then rolling out of arc gives you a 3 die range 1. I'm not certain how true this is. I saw a match vs Republic aces where a Nantex 5 forward Yolo'd over a rock then tractored forward to put a block in on an ace. They care about obstacles, but not a lot less than other ships.
  8. Spreading my list means spreading my arcs. I need to be able to kill a Nantex at some point, not just to a damage or 3 then let it skitter off to parts unknown. that means I need to get an engagement where at least two arcs are on one ship. With all 6 moving after my list, the only way I can guarantee that is to keep them close together. Perhaps I can use Nom Lumb or an IG as bait by themself in future matches, but that feels like I'm cutting up the steak for my opponent instead of making them swallow it whole. When I cannot say where they are going to be, I cannot cast a net. The difference between a 1 hard + reposition and a 5 straight + reposition is huge. If I had at least 1 ship moving afterwards, I could perhaps dangle or punish with it. @Biophysicalhave you flown a pure lower initiative list against it, yet? I'd appreciate your strategic input. Answered above, but IGs. Because I'm not certain where to place objects against Nantex. given the approach of the Nantex, how could it have been broken up? As said above, IG Yellow engaged Nantex Red at range 3 for first engagement. As said above, Nom center, IGs right. Nantex just follow their line back. Nom could have pulled through the two debris cloud on the right, but that leaves him in the less that optimal position of either facing some Nantex alone turn 2 and left turns being un-optimal future maneuvers. Again, covered above. On turn 2, Range 3 between IG Yellow and Nantex Red. That was all. Hard to manufacture going second, in my opinion. If I go fast I expose myself for the shot. If I go slow, the Nantex can either embrace that, or reposition to get an engagement. It protects a flank. It also allows me to throw out blocks. As I said to Bio, if they don't engage together, I'm just cutting up the meal for my opponent instead of forcing them eat the whole steak in one bite.
  9. I understand how you haven't heard of it. It's a new concept called power creep. New on the cosmic scale.
  10. Good question. I am uncertain at this point. I had a range 3 engage with IG yellow and Nantex Red that I might have been able to turn to both IGs on him. I got about 2-3 block per turn, which is good for denying mods which feels good, but then they bounce off and get an uncontested shot which does not feel good. I'm gonna put more reps in, and see what I can divine. I was able to take out 3 and half of 2 before buring down, but that felt like luck, as IG Yellow stayed on 1 health for 3 turns. The Teal Nantex taking double waepons failure pretty much meant he was out of the game. So much luck on my side, and I still felt helpless. I don't know what the counterplay is here that isn't purely in the list-building phase. If I was moving second things might be a little better, but I'd need to shave 9 points off of my list to outbid it which would likely cripple it to other lists. It's a shame. I really liked this list.
  11. Looking for salvage, looking for Imperial stragglers, and looking for damaged friendlies all fall under the "reasonable reason to turn back" to me.
  12. This would be for a X-wing or Y-wing version of her correct? I suppose we could duct-tape Chop to the side of an A-Wing. When are we going to get the Maarek Stele and Hera pack? It'd just be those two pilots, in everything they ever flew, ever.
  13. Take a lock, get 1 or 2 free calcs, deny range bonus as long as you don't spend the second calc. Seems pretty good. Also, Target Assist is actionless mods, it has to be good right?
  14. This. Each planet had it's own governance that the Empire took it's resources from. Bail Organa and Mon Mothma were outwardly members of the Imperial Senate but were both secretly (eventually openly) rebelling against it. With the Emperor and a large portion of his fleet gone, formerly autonomous planet forced into the Empire likely went back to being autonomous. Just spit balling here, perhaps they originally tracked the beacon to the prison ship which is why the heist crew had so much time to , found the dude dead, then continued following the beacon to the space station, and when they saw the fighter spooling up, decided attacking was the correct course of action. I'm curious about this, as well. I'm not certain of the range of the fobs, as Mando thought he was safe-ish on the forest planet. So presumably some actual hunting work needs to be done to get into range, and then the fob takes over when you get closer. It's possible they are DNA linked, so if the bounty has had their DNA on file at any point, they can be tracked. I find it infinitely easier to explain the tracker than a lightsaber. They are much more magic than the fob or the trackers.
  15. They will run up on the same problem as Thane in that damage needs to exist for them to expose it. Not bad obviously, but there are games where Thane pulls his weight and then some (direct hit and panicked pilot as amazing), and games where he does nothing with his ability (stunned pilot, fuel leak, and hull breach have plenty instances of being a blank crit). I imagine it will be the same for the Deadeye A's, and they don't get to choose. Overall though, I look forward to trying them out.
  16. If you get them, get 2. They are just getting to the point of good with the point adjustments. They are fun to fly, definitely.
  17. Tycho with an "okay" ability at I5 or I6 is fine. That's where I want "okay" abilities. Strong abilities should be on lower initiatives. If you have 2 or fewer stress tokens, you may perform actions on your action bar, even while stressed. This seems good enough for me. If you want an I5 with a better ability, give it to Hera, since her current ability would be wild on an A-Wing. I like this, but I want it on a lower initiative ship so getting that bullseye isn't easy mode, and forces the opponent to consider whether they want to stay in bullseye or reposition, as opposed to the Soontir-esque "you're in my bullseye, too bad, so sad".
  18. Agreed. I went 6-0 during Swiss at Corellia with this list, so anyone that wants to say the list is bad would be questionable. And now that list is nonviable because of mosquito season. I4 and below are boned. Nom Lumb a little east of center with the port-side pointing toward the opponent. Both IGs in the east corner. Headsim, watching vids, watching local practice sessions against it, reading batreps. I don't need to eat rotten food to know it's spoiled. But then I did. No surprise, it's rotten. Dear Lord, there is hope. May November was likely to line things up with post-Worlds, back when we thought Worlds 2020 was a thing.
  19. Big nope on the super cheap, even better afterburners you got there @Roller of blanks. I am interested in getting FAA back in the game, but not like that. The idea that I had been work-shopping is for medium base only since they hurt for mobility. It doesn't help X-Wings, but ARCs, Kimogilas, and a Havoc Scurrg could use some help in the mobility department. For X-wings, however, I propose that more named cheap Astromechs be made. In 1st, several of T65 pilots had a specific astromech that synergized with them. That should be embraced again. A few spitball ideas: Garven's Mech - after you perform an attack, you may spend focus to acquire a lock on the defender. This helps for those times that Garven cannot spend his focus, (i.e. nattie blanks, nattie hits). Could be okay on others, especially Luke, but best on Garven. Jek's Mech - After you remove a stress token, you may flip your equipped configuration upgrade. Jek can now 4k clear stress, flip foils to focus then boost, clear stress, flips foils to get his extra die back. Decent on others, but best on Jek. Biggs' Mech - 1 charge, non-recurring. Before you engage. you may spend one charge. If you do, if you are destroyed you are not removed until the end of the end phase. This allows Biggs to continue soaking damage for others at initiatives below i3, but still allows him to be removed at i4 or above. Good on other X's with Selfless, but best on Biggs. Leevan's Mech - 2 charges, non-recurring. When you would preform an evade or boost action, you may spend 1 charge. If you do, you may treat that action as white. This allows triple action economy on Leevan. It also makes the config boost on other white twice. Good on others, but best on Leevan.
  20. To the haters who say "Don't joust Nantex" this is me vs 6 last night. Despite being spread out across the entire board edge, this is round 3. I have hash marks at about where each turn was for them. I think I mixed Teal and Greens starting points, but the result was still the same. The only way for my to not joust would have been to spread my formation and get picked apart separately, weakening myself further. Nantex dictate the engagement against anything moving before them. Having officially flown against it, now I can definitively say this list is gross. Not being able to block them is much more of a deal than I thought. Several turns I would have been taking about two less shots per turn due to blocking them, but instead they just bounce off. Being able have 100% time on target is absurdly good. They always had shots. Blocking them is still good as they lose their green token, but Crack Shots help push damage through when they don't have it. Despite getting decent engagements and strong dice luck and crit luck (double weapons failure on teal), I felt helpless. I think I'm going to have to go to high initiative and force to beat this. I doubt this will happen, but I would be ecstatic if it did. They have only done emergency points adjustments once.
  21. How could I forget the Lambda!?! This is almost a must for Empire. Get this one.
  22. It looks even better when you give Luke all 4 hull.
  23. Be warned that these ships are incredibly hard to find/expensive. Also, the TIE Aggressor hasn't fully proven itself, so hold off on pursuing any of those. The HWK is a decent suggestion as @Bucknife said, it's in two factions. For Rebels, a U-wing is a solid buy, and if you get the Saw's Renegades version, it comes with some 2nd Edition stuff packaged in. Get a StarViper for Scum. For Empire, definitely a TIE Phantom.
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