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  1. Buncha new keywords. Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian, Clone, Droid, Freighter, Spectre, Y-Wing, B-Wing
  2. Palob definitely is the cause. But I'd imagine Palob would greatly different in the meta now. He was great against Soontir, Phantoms, and Barrage Rocket Bombers that all loved their focuses and evades. Jedi are largely immune to him, droids are completely immune, and Barrage Rockets don't exist. I won't argue that he deserved going up in price and still deserves his price. I just wonder if he is anywhere near as effective. Moldy Crow was also too cheap at 12 points. But 18 points feels like too much. 15 sounds reasonable, but 16 is likely fine, too.
  3. You're looking for a new faction? But we already have 7! /s Republic has an exciting future ahead with all the new toys they have coming out. They also have Y-Wings which seems to be a thing for you, so they have that going for them.
  4. Presumably September 25th will have the RR update, since that's when the ships drop, and at the very least Sideslip will need to be put in there.
  5. Would it be fair to say conversion kits were bad for gameplay balance, but to not do conversion kit would have been bad for the game? I know that many people would not have stayed playing the game if conversion kits hadn't existed. But I also see that Rebels definitely seem like the first designed faction. And at the risk of annoying some folks, I'll reiterate that many of the scummy stuff that Scum does gets done better by CIS as if Scum had been the testing ground for that faction.
  6. I vehemently disagree with the "equally oppressive" part. The winrate for this list is bonkers. @GreenDragoon knows the numbers better, but I believe it is in the high 60% with mirrors, and around 77% discounting mirrors. As @Sunitsa said/implied by the words of the Italian champion, you don't even need to be particularly good to win. We had a local that has never done better than 1-5 at a tournament get top 32 at Concord Down Under. Put this in the hands of a competent player like Nicholas God, and they will practically guaranteed the top table. We should not look at this as just another OP list. In Second Edition, it is a league of its own. This will come as no surprise, but I support Heaver's call for #bantex. You can ban the whole chassis and it's design flaws, but just banning the PWA is likely good enough. I wouldn't push Dion for Crait, Ryloth, or Mustafar, but I would suggest the ban for Coruscant. Let folks who earned their way to the Galaxies Final by Spamtex prove their worth with a different list against those that had to push past the bugs to make top 32.
  7. Wow, @gennataos got spicy last night. I love you, bro. Weighing in, I happy that folks are advocating cooler heads, but I also share Gennataos' sentiment in that we don't want NPE lists on top with folks defending the lists, saying they are fine. It was before my time, but I've met plenty of folks that left the game because of the Jumpmaster meta. I really don't want something like this and the atmosphere that it generates to push folks out of the game. There is an end in sight in November, so at least we have that going for us.
  8. They have Angled Deflectors build in. It had 1 shield, but then they hard baked the upgrade in, giving 0 shields.
  9. My thought, as well. But it give some time to consider actually doing it. Also, you don't need to worry about all of the Galaxies stuff going on right now. The Epic Tourney that recently happened I opted out of because I was gong to be playing in all the Galaxies tourneys.
  10. Sensor Buoys have two hull.
  11. As a general rule, don't put your ace that far from the rest of your list. If the enemy closes fast, it either leaves the rest of the list alone to face the enemy, leaves the ace alone to face the enemy, or forces the ace to run from the enemy. Try to keep them around range 3 at the farthest. Some pilots can break this rule (Kylo comes to mind), but in general, a full board length is too much. Also, unless you think you can win a joust, don't set them all up together. Sai and Rhymer together are fine, but use Rexy boi to make the opponent consider a flank.
  12. Yup. Invoking Nantex again, but even if Nantex weren't winning events, they are invalidating a lot of lists. 6X would do that, too. 6 Strikers is an okay list, but give them all 2 shield upgrades and they'd be dangerous. Being able to take 6X also would open up taking 5X + something, or 4X + 2 somethings. I think that is something that Triple Defender apologists don't often acknowledge. Maybe 3 i1 Defenders is wholesome, but 2 i1 Defenders + Vader probably isn't.
  13. Tri-Fighters might actually be an enabler for the Swarm, as well, since they are the same faction. A Tri with Thread Tracers from the same pack giving 5 Nantex lock on targets might supe the list up even more. And finding a cheap relay carrier for Kalani from the HMP pack might benefit them, as well. Jango + 3 Nantexes sounds strong. 6 Nantex is still probably the better call, but these releases only give them more options. Herald of Hope gives another i5 RZ-2, giving 5A a renewed fighting chance. 5A is the only list I know that can at least somewhat compete with the 100% time on target of the Nantex. The LAAT/i and the TIE/rb I don't think will do much. The Actis and V-wing however might give Republic a chance.
  14. It was secret until... well, ya know... it happened. Once it happened, it was public.
  15. I love Graz. He's too expensive for my taste, but definitely Scum fun. Try him out. His ability is cool, but hard to pull of in a ship without boost. However, it is fun to shoot at RZ-2s that are running away and shooting you, since your ability still applies.
  16. One use I had not considered for this upgrade is that you can take a focus and use it defensively. Then still get 1 or 2 calcs when you attack.
  17. Definitely not interpreting that way. I think we are all calming down from the initial emotion and actually working on the problem, and I appreciate your contributions.
  18. After the first round of combat, I think getting the lock and keeping the enemies in arc will be fairly simply. The trick is going to be keeping those enemies at range 2-3 to get the calcs. Rampage will be fine, the other guys will have a harder time.
  19. They were all suspect. Clearly from Alphabet Squadron, you can see that it isn't totally fine. Yrica is made an exception because she has specific intel and connections, not because she's an elite pilot or officer. And she is still treated as if she might betray the New Republic at any point. It's less clear how Iden was treated during her fledgling time in the Alliance, as we get less context (video game vs book). She may have gotten the same suspect treatment that Yrica got, we don't know. The game goes from "I surrender" to six months later, so we don't get to see. Leia does dress her down, but likely turning over an entire Imperial Raider to the Rebellion helped earn some good will. I'm not saying it's fair. I am saying that they didn't just wholesale take anyone into their military, no questions asked. Invoking Godwin's Law, Nazis that defected before Hitler's death were accepted. After however, they were treated more suspect. Exceptions were made for Nazis with special intel and knowledge. Apply this principle to the Space Nazis, and it plays out similarly.
  20. 1 point selfless might go too far. 2 points would be a good trial costing. I'm gonna plug instance scaled pricing here, since Selfless gets better the more that are on the board. 1 point for 1 Selfless upgrade in a list. 2 points each for 2 Selfless in a list. 3 points for 3 or more Selfless in a list.
  21. While I agree that it likely won't be taken for 8 points, I don't think 8 points is out of contention for the price. FFG priced Punishing One at 8 points for the first year and a half of 2nd Edition, and it didn't have the range denial caveat. My thought is that 6 points is a good starting point as 50% of the ships that can take it already have a 3 die attack and only get true value out of it is the double tap or by not spending calc mods.
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