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  1. That would be uber powerful. Dropping all locks would almost be good enough, but preventing locks for a turn is strong, too.
  2. The reboot specifically mentioned by Doomcock is the Veil of the Force going back in time to warn Luke not too attempt the halted murder of young Ben, creating a universe where Ben never fell to the dark side, and Starkiller base never destroys the Hosnian system. Sounds undesirable.
  3. I wonder how Thread Tracers will influence missile combat.
  4. Wow. You are seriously getting into detail in that hangar!
  5. If so, that would give the Vulture, the Trifighter and the Eta-2 more agility. Blegh!
  6. I don't see this as problem. It just allows for future instances of a red slam. If one of the new T70 pilots has a red SLAM, it will definitely be justified.
  7. Thrawn - crew, 3 charges, non-recurring (maybe double crew) At the start of the systems phase, you may spend three charges. If you do, pick two ships at range 1-2. They each gain a focus token. During the end phase, you may spend one focus token to regain one charge. Thrawn uses his cool-headed tactics to put his pawns in place. Then he strategizes for three turns to put another plan in place.
  8. For B-Wings, it just seems odd to have two empty cannon slots. But we can forget the B-Wing, if that skews the conversation too much. Let's narrow it down to this: Supposing that a 3 die standard primary will likely always supersede a cannon shot, how about a ship will a 3 die bullseye primary, but a cannon slot to compensate? Like the TIE/rb, a cannon is factored into the build of the ship.
  9. What do y'all think of the Resistance B-Wing being a Bullseye only primary, but it the ship is decently cheaper than the Rebel B, promoting the use of the cannon slot on the ship to get a regular arc? (it doesn't necessarily need to be the B, but I figured it'd be a ship with a cannon slot coming out at some point.)
  10. I'll bite on this, too. Why is there going to be another I5 Rz-2 coming out in the Resistance pack!?! Three of them wasn't enough? This compounds the complaint that rebels have zero ace A-Wings. As @Biophysical said, one Boba is worth 2-3 I5 A-wings. In any case, compare those A's to any other Firespray and your argument falls apart, while any pilot at any initiative on the RZ-2 is decent at evading arcs while still getting shots in. So much this! I watch opponents spend a lock on a completely garbage roll, and my brain winces. Don't turn a bad roll into a mediocre roll. Wait until you have a mediocre to decent roll, and turn it into a good roll. I think it costs too much, especially with Passive Sensors going down in price for most initiatives.
  11. Maybe at two more points cheaper like Moser suggested? He just finally dropped to the cost of Guri, who is infinitely more an ace and has an ability that triggers nearly ever turn once the scrum starts up. Corran's ability is much harder to leverage.
  12. Thread tracers on the any Inquisitor sounds particularly dangerous to me. You can drop Jendon at that point. We'll needs to see what the card text actually says, but if it is anywhere near similar to 1st Ed, things could get harsh.
  13. Honestly, it's a little fuzzy, as this would be a new scenario. Technically this arc would just be an arc indicator for the cannon, being neither a primary turret arc nor a secondary turret arc. Secondary turret arcs count as firing arcs and shut down Outmaneuver, but secondary cannons do not count as firing arcs. A cannon only arc would sit in a really odd game space.
  14. I like all of it. The hull I could give or take, but the rest seems great.
  15. I like the idea of it essentially being a TIE/ln with a droid dial and calc. To @ClassicalMoser's point though, you almost have to give it something more to drive it up to the cost of an Academy Pilot. Barrel roll linked into cal might do it, but it might be too good with a blue hard 2. However, that might be dialed back by lacking Networked Calcs. But the Empire does have Howl.
  16. It's not a bad call. I by no means am championing the E-Wing cause. To say they are great would be an overstatement, but I'm more just saying that the Knaves are usable.
  17. It can be. Why four ships max? A Knave is only 49 points, leaving 151 points for 4 other ships. You can fit Wedge, Blount, Jake, and a Bandit with room to spare there. Unless you meant 4 E's together, which is the wrong call, I think. Rebels strength is their diversity, and should often be leaned into. I'd rather just take Han naked, rather than either of those options.
  18. Yes, but only in four to five ship lists, minimal upgrades. Just treat them like heavy X-Wings.
  19. Give him a 3 die cannon that does straight damage, obviously.
  20. I acknowledge it is just my preference, but one just seems cleaner than the other. I used the text from the 1st Edition restriction "You cannot equip this card if your agility value is 3 or more". Likely that could be shortened to "1 or 2 agility only", but then you'd have rules lawyers arguing that a 3 agility ship has 2 agility. Just skip the whole rigmarole and simply price it stupid high for the 3 agility ships that can take it. The 1 die ships wouldn't be unbalanced with LWF, so I'm gonna assume you mean the 2 agility ships. The Aggressor and Bomber would likely be fine. The Striker could get dodgey, but not unbalanced dodgey in my assessment as crits would hamper them immediately. Pure Sabacc would love to get more than one powerup shot off. The Phantom and the SF seem to be the most enabled by the upgrade. The Phantom could easily have the mod slot dropped. The SF is the one ship were balance might be a problem.
  21. Yes. But when you do get 4 dice, it would be abyssmal to fire against this ship. Every Interceptor or Baron getting Fenn Rau levels of defense dice at range 1 is unwelcome. You could write its wording so that the 3 agility TIEs couldn't take it, but is seems simpler to price it exorbitantly and save text space. The only problem child that I see for this upgrade is Phantoms. Whisper does not need to be harder to hit. Certainly the risk of the first two hit cards getting exposed is big, but folks would need to get past the the upped agility and the shields. You could always fix that by taking away the mod slot which is largely unused, though.
  22. Having no primary is an interesting design space. Things like Outmaneuver would always be on. Making it a 0 die primary to combat that would have the odd effect of having a range 1 one die primary. I'm not opposed to a no primary ship that is discounted with pricing consideration of adding on secondary weapons, but it would need to be run through the ringer to find out what wacky interactions it would cause.
  23. From what? Swarmed Scyks are the only cannon carrier that I see being troublesome at any point. 0 die primary is an interesting game space to play with. You would still get a range 1 one die attack. I'd almost say remove the primary altogether, but that would make out of arc abilities like Outmaneuver very strong.
  24. 2 die turret arc. Pilot ability says that you must put it in the side arc? Can rotate after performing a stop maneuver or while the wing are in a specific position, but not actually on action bar?
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