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    Defender Thoughts?

    My problem with Defenders is that Vader + FCS + Afterburners feel like a steal in comparison. 3 green dice backed by three force (or more realistically 2 force and a focus) at any speed at I6, doesn't feel bad compared to the 3 green dice with focus = evade at predictable 3+ speeds. That Vader build is 75 points while any named TIE/d is minimum 81 points. The Dark Lord always slots in better for any list I am making. Even if you want a beefcake to tank hits, Redline + Protorps + Adv. Sesnors is 75 points as well.
  2. Everything B with one or two A pilots per faction sounds reasonable to me.
  3. Agreed. Obi-Wan was really good before. and now he is really good for much cheaper. I expect strong showings from Republic in season 3. moreso with Padme, Ric, and another Anakin joining the fray. Imperials and Rebels are still in a good spot and really only got dropped from S tier to A tier. Resistance should do well especially with a new ship and drops in the YT1300, StarFortress, and most T70s. CIS and FO are puzzles to me currently. Point changes in those two faction might create some good lists, might not. Scum, however, seems sunk in a whole. Point changes moved some ships from C tier to B tier, but anything B tier stayed at it's current price which hurt.
  4. I tried this Torani build before the first points update with Old T, Palob, and a filler ship (Spacetug, maybe?) Teroch and Palob ensured no one had tokens and Torani did her best to punish the for not having tokens. It was just okay. Torani's ability only hit twice, but since it was in the same engagement, an Arvel that had purposely bumped died to her shots at another opponent. It felt gimmicky. Lining up bullseye on the Kimo's is a chore.
  5. 5050Saint

    Tie Interceptor

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat here. People keep saying that the Striker is better, but really what generic Strikers do you see? Aside from Sloane Swarm, you only see the named pilots, and as much as I love them, they are only decent to good, but no greats like Soontir. They get more mileage than Turr Phenir (who might see more play now that Snap Shot is a thing) But many Strikers get shot twice and die. Both the Interceptor and the Striker need something to make them better. Cheaper costing is one way, but you can't go too far down that hole before you replace the TIE Fighter in the TIE Swarm. Someone suggested giving the Squints double talent slots like the A-wings as an option, which I think is a decent idea. Give the I1 a single slot like A-wings. And get rid of the double mod slot. what two upgrades are Interceptors going to take that doesn't just spike their cost? As for the Strikers, I have no suggestion.
  6. Hahahahaha, you got me there.
  7. And what of people like me, who started after the final 1E nerf and enjoyed playing that ship, no torps and no astromech? No meta chasing, I just want the ship to be playable. At this point, I think you can fly one JM5K effectively, and that is only because of the title.
  8. It seems that mostly what they did was take any list that performed well, increased it to a 220 points cost for the increases. The decreases mostly make sense, but what didn't change is what seems most glaring as you say. Missiles, YT2400, M3A, most T65s, StarVipers, and maybe Fangs. T65s, StarVipers, and Fangs remaining unchanged seems odd with the changes to the T70s. The I4 Black Squadron Ace T70 at 49 while the I4 Fang stayed at 50 and the I3 StarViper stayed at 48 seems off. Overall, I like the changes to FO, Resistance, CIS, and Republic (Obi-Wan excepting), but some things were just lacking.
  9. Fearless doesn't work on a turret arc, otherwise it would be great for Dengar.
  10. 5050Saint


    I was just thinking about this. Make a Gunner that adds a white reload with a requirement that you have a red reload action already. Call it munitions specialist.
  11. 5050Saint


    Make them medium and large base only to prevent Afterburners abuse on Round 1, and standard maneuvers only as adding a speed bonus on a turnaround maneuver doesn't make sense. I like it. It feels rather Barrage Rocket-ey, and you could put 7 Torrents in a list with those at 3 points, which sounds scary, but no more than 7 Vultures with ESC. No, thank you. That is basically 2 auto damage on 1 or 0 defense die ships. That is a single arc TLT right there. Toss it in a fire.
  12. Yeah, scaling by base size seems like a great idea. The 2 hard blue and white 1 hard would be nice for the Kimo. And being able to turn a JM5K would be wonderful. Medium bases are great. The Firespray, TIE Punisher, and Aggressor all feel great. Scurrg and ARC-170 are nice. The first three have boost which is was makes them feel great, the second two have multiple arcs (typically) while the Kimo is trying to leverage a tiny window on a single arc to maximize efficiency. G1A pilots not named 4-lom have similar problems, but can leverage the hard stop and numerous shields for strength.
  13. This was the largest problem with the Kimo. For about ten more days, the Cartel Executioner is 44 points and the Lok Revenant is 43. If you wanted a 3-die medium base ship, the Scurrg was the better choice. After the points change, the Kimo will have better pricing, but people weren't really taking the Loks just for the 3-die primary. I really want Kimos to be good since they were in nearly every Scum list I flew back in 1E (including Thweek + 2 Kimos like the OP). There are a couple of other problems inhibiting it. The first is the red barrel roll. The barrel roll used to be key for lining up the bullseye arc. But now it is a stressful action, and the medium base requires more room and is trickier to line up. Taking expert handling is four points of bloat (that talent might be over costed on medium and large base ships). Another problem is that it is a munitions carrier that can either take underwhelming missiles that the three die primary probably better than or expensive torpedoes that bloat the cost for which both getting the lock is harder at mid-tier initiative. The dial isn't bad, but every Kimo I flew in 1E had a Unhinged Astromech stapled to it for a better dial. If R4 Astromech wasn't restricted, I would put it on a Kimo, but other than that only the R3 looks decent. Honestly, the small base restriction on R4 Astromech is odd. ARC-170s, Kimogilas, a Scurrg w/Havoc, and a JM5K w/P1 are the only non-small bases with astromech slots, and it doesn't seems super powerful on any of those. Those medium bases it would be pretty good on, and it would give at least one JM5K a dial worth flying.
  14. Beef and Quad Phantoms put it at a 2. Without them, the lack of Scum options puts it at a 1.
  15. Agreed, and that's why I rather just take the bid than a missile. 3 points Ion, 3-4 points Cluster, 3-4 Homing, and 4-5 Concussion would be my suggestion as I try to err on cautions side so we don't make a monster that we just aren't seeing yet. However, the lock requirement really reigns these missiles in, so perhaps you are right. At 2 of 3 points, I'd take them on select ships. Really, I've found that Ion missiles and Ion Cannons should be considered for damage not ion, oddly enough. Your two die primary was likely only going to do 1 or less damage, whereas the Ion secondary will often do that 1 damage more reliably.
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