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  1. Zero speed (hard stop) is a maneuver in X-wing, as well, and does trigger any effects from an obstacle that you are sitting on.
  2. It's been July for like forever. It was July a year ago, and it is still July. How much more July do you need to be!?!
  3. The difference being that we X-wing players expect news on occasion, while Armada players are neglected so much that the fact that they get news is a surprise to them. Our expectations are different.
  4. JB said similar sentiments after The Last Jedi. I wonder if TLJ just wasn't fun to work on.
  5. Didn't John Boyega say that Finn would be in future projects? Doesn't that directly contradict the article's conjecture?
  6. T Sync definitely. FerroPaint is a really good upgrade, but at too high of a cost. Great tech against Vader, Passive Sensor Whisper, and TC Soontir, but is double the cost of Passive Sensors and Targeting Computer. That's a hard sell especially when you come across lists that don't need to lock to be effective. FerroPaint to 3, and see how that works for six months, then reevaluate. Surprisingly, JM5Ks are doing well with them. So we can put them into the "acceptable territory". I am loathe to really suggest this as the just went down 3 points on average, but maybe bump some of the Scyks up a point? Maybe just the generics then drop cannons a point? That keeps the Scyks builds viable while other cannon users can take them. I've loved me some IG's lately. They are almost viable.
  7. Well, I just went from "FFG making a race format would be okay" to "why isn't FFG making a racing format?". They could have released it with the Fireball expansion. If they ever release any more of the racing ships, they should add simple rules and small obstacles representing the "hoops" that they flew through.
  8. Honestly, because I thought the base Aggressor cost was at 25 points. You could even dip the uniques even more and no one would notice. I will disagree that they are less maneuverable than a Torrent, but more comparably maneuverable for different reasons. But nevertheless, I agree in the price dip.
  9. 5. If they focus an Aggressor, they're ignoring Howl. If they focus Howl, they are ignoring 3 Ion shots and 4 regular shots. Probably not great, but not great is par for the course for an Aggressor currently. So no harm in giving it a Sensor slot, I guess. It was what I suggested in my Fall 2019 points change article, so I think I have to agree with @Woorloog on principle.
  10. "and X-Wing" is two words and is the difference between "are we even important" and "yes! the promise of news!".
  11. This was absolutely the reason. Snap and Sabine were still just caught in the mix. In any case, Snap is still good with double action economy but may be slightly overpriced, now that they combo doesn't work. Sabine can still get triple action economy is she does things right, she just actually has to complete here barrel roll, now.
  12. Deifnitely. One clean rule, instead of a rule that has things that fall through the cracks. Explaining that Old T has no range or arc "requirement" only because it isn't an attack and doesn't have "if" is odd. It's a requirement in the non-X-Wing sense of the word but not a requirement in X-Wing rules.
  13. Not to sound ungrateful, but why did we need to find out from Crabbok instead of the in-flight report announcement? Also, hooray!
  14. With a Sensor slot, you could potentially run Howlrunner with three Seiner Specialists w/ FCS, Ion Cannon Turret and VTG, and an Academy pilot for a blocker. Once you establish locks, the Aggressors will have two rerolls on primary and one reroll on secondary. Might be gross, but might not as establishing lock at I2 isn't super easy.
  15. This was frustrating to play against.
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