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  1. But the Mag-Pulse reads that "the defender suffers 1 crit damage and gain 1 deplete and 1 jam token" and because the defender "suffers" damage in the Deal Damage step, I am not that sure if you can add a second crit
  2. Sure, you have to hit first. But with Mag-Pulse the question is if your crit (the one from the ability) is added before the one from Warheads and thus he is then cancelled or can you add it after the resolving the Mag-Pulse, thus adding a second crit.
  3. In my opinion, you are right! I have just posted a question if his ability also works with Mag Pulse Warheads
  4. The Mag Pulse Warheads card reads: "If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 crit damage and gains 1 deplete and 1 jam token. Then cancel all hit/crit results" . The Fifth Brother (pilot) ability reads: "While you perform an attack, after the Neutralize Results step, if the attack hit, you may spend 2 force to add 1 crit result". Assuming the the missile attack hits is it possible for me to trigger as first Warheads' ability (the defender suffers 1 crit damage and gains 1 deplete and 1 jam token and then I am cancelling all remaining results) and then to trigger Fifth Brother ability and add additional crit? Or the Fifth Brother ability should be triggered as first and thus I am just wasting my force charges.
  5. But if the defender spends a focus during the defense, and then he is getting it back due Obi's ability, when does that happen, in the Modify Defense Dice step, or after it?
  6. Quick question. How does Hotshot Gunner ability affects Obi's pilot ability? It is rather question about timing. Hotshot Gunner triggers "after the Modify Defense Dice step". But what about Obi's ability timing. It says "After a friendly ship at range 0-2 spends a focus token, you may spend 1 force . If you do, that ship gains 1 focus token" Is this still happening in the Modify Defense Dice step, or there is a different timing for that ability? Because if it triggers in the Modify Defense Dice step, then Hotshot Gunner would trigger also.
  7. I had this discussion today about the Structural Damage. If a ship with 0 agility (e.g. Decimator) has structural damage and defends at r3, does he still roll 1 green dice (opinion of my oponent) or should not roll at all (my opinion)?
  8. Yes there is - page 15 "Although the range bonus applies at range 0, a ship cannot normally perform a primary attack at range 0."
  9. Thanks. I though that maybe here the same rule applied as to the range bonus, because in the original rulebook it is stated: "While a ship attacks at range 1, it rolls one additional attack die." And only in the Rules Reference it was changed to "For attack range 0–1, the attacker rolls one additional attack die during the Roll Attack Dice step"
  10. Hi! Quick question. Does Fenn's ability as well as Concorida Faceoff works at range 0 - e.g. in a situation in which he is facing a ship with Zeb Orelios (crew)?
  11. I've played today a list with Kagi and I really liked it. But I have a quick question about Sai. I do not know exactly how you can get with Sai focus, lock and reinforce. Because if you use Inquisitor to coordinate, that is a red action, so Sai should get a stress token, and even though she potentially could make the same action as a ship she coordinated (due to her ability), she can's because she is already stressed. Or am I getting something wrong?
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