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  1. You win Legion! Kitbashing a Dewback with tank or AT-ST weapons now (through the magic of magnets!)
  2. ... because she's not riding a Dewback.
  3. Creature troopers cannot embark? I am disappoint. My Dewbacks should ride to battle on the backs of tanks in eternal glory.
  4. Fail. No Dewback color in the Imperial set.
  5. NexuScout and RancorScout have yet to be filled.
  6. Start with two core sets. Then buy the models you like best. And dewbacks. Always the dewbacks.
  7. "Creature Trooper" on the card.
  8. Chewie will be a negative points cost.
  9. Malign, clearly. Love the "firefight in a Walmart" observation ... it's right on. Kind of like why Flames of War is a tank fight in a motorpool ... and the reason I can't bring myself to play historics. I need to suspend disbelief to play. Star Wars allows me to suspend it enough that I don't mind mixed units. I actually base each unit slightly differently so each squad is internally the same, but different from the others so it's easy to identify squad integrity.
  10. Hmmm ... can the StuG transport a Dewback?
  11. Realism? My space wizard wants a word. That word is thematic.
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