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  1. And here I thought you'd admit to painting and preferring Dewbacks!
  2. I'm fine with the line of sight template ... even if the size (42mm x 27mm) seems oddly arbitrary (why not 40 x 25)? Glad to see strength of schedule go, but their MoV scheme rewards "baby seal clubbing" ... getting randomly paired against a significantly weaker opponent and trouncing them is better than a hard-fought game between players of near equal skill. Since I don't have a better idea, though -- it's still an improvement, and at least we aren't totaling victory points like they do in Armada.
  3. Solved by Boba Fett sidekick.
  4. Meh. They're OK, but they'd be cooler riding Dewbacks.
  5. Buy Dewbacks! Many places have them in stock ...
  6. You caught me. I bought all the Cassian supplies so they won't overshadow my Dewbacks.
  7. The answer to this is always Dewback.
  8. This. Don't limit activations, but give the player with lower activations a pass option. They did this with Imperial Assault and it worked well.
  9. Isn't the answer always Tauntauns or Dewbacks?
  10. Tusken Raiders? Will we get Banthas and Jawas to match? Now that we have C3PO and R2D2 coming, I need a farmboy Luke and old Ben Kenobi, so my Sandtroopers can go searching for droids, destroy a sandcrawler, and raid a farmstead.
  11. For Captain Terro: "Boots and Saddles", "Mounted Volley", and "Dewback CHARGE!"
  12. There's a Darth Python skit in there ... "All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men. The two things I am surrounded by are fear and dead men. And carnage. The three things I'm surrounded by are ..."
  13. Yeah, some "civilian" figures of aliens and other Star Wars folks would be cool to use as objectives, hostages, scenery filler, etc. Human figures are easy to find, but right scale and thematic equipment is something else, much less classic Star Wars alien species. But give them to me as singles and I can choose to make area terrain or not. I need some livestock, too. Dewbacks! Plus eopies and other critters.
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