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  1. On 4/5/2020 at 7:01 AM, Farseerixirvost said:

    TONS of help, yes! But doesn't it also require an API or something? That's another hurdle I can't seem to get over.

    Nope, not to my knowledge. All is prepared as long as you use that character sheet (the other one doesn't work).


    I can offer you to have an online-call the next days and I'll show you around 😉 I'm not employed by Roll20 by the way, however, I really like that platform. so if you want, shoot me a PM, we discuss a time and have a small ZOOM-Meeting and then I'll show you around :-)

  2. 10 hours ago, Farseerixirvost said:

    I can't find any L5R assets in Roll20. How were you rolling dice there?

    When you create a new game, you can choose to use Legend of the Five Rings Character Sheets




    here I choose the Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition Sheet




    This is how the caracter sheet looks like:


    When rolling (for example Earth / Fitness) you go to fitness, change the approach to the stance you like and press the die symbol next to it. This is how it liiks in the game chat afterwards:


    if you want to roll the exploding black die now, you can do so by clicking "Roll RIng die" in the character sheet


    Hope that help!

  3. Just a quick update - so we played via Roll20 in combination with Discord and it worked fine.

    Unfortunately, I've prepared for voice chat and implemented a music bot that can play my Spotify Playlists (Hydra), but it doesn't work in video chat. We first planned to do video in roll20 but that didn't work as planned (two camera's wouldn't start), so we switched to video chat via Discord.

    Dice rolls were done in Roll20 as well and it turned out fine.

    I just have to search for a possibility to stream my Spotify playlists to my players now ^^


    EDIT: Solved.
    I have two Discord Accounts now. One account opens the video call, shares his screen (in this case Spotify), toggles "music on", mutes himself and all the other participants can listen to the music. With the other Account, I join the call, talk and have my video on. Granted, this is a stupid workaround, but it works 😄

  4. We will be trying Roll20 tomorrow. There are two Character Sheets available at the time, "Legenf of the Five Rings (Fantasy Flight Games)" didn't seem to work for me, dice rolls couldn't be managed. However, the other version "Legend of the Five Rings 5th edition" works just fine. The only thing is that you have to roll exploding dice one by one, but that seems to be a minor drawback so far - I will report after having tested it.

    What I really like about the character sheets is the ability to add your techniques and share them with the others in one single click.

    However, I really have to get back into using Roll20, it's been a while 😉


  5. 28 minutes ago, Diogo Salazar said:

    I mean, can you blame him?

    The rules are written poorly enough that if some people, for some reason, decide to start playing RPG for their first time and they decide to pick L5R, they are in for messy game sessions, with the group not having experience enough on how to handle anything ad hoc. 
    And woe be them if they try to come here to ask questions. I joined at the beginning of the month and started joining threads and they would all show a message saying that I needed moderator approval before posting. I had to pester 3 members of the staff until one of them finaly answered my PM and allowed me to post freely, after 6 days...
    The game has potential, I totally agree with that, but it needs so much polishing that it’s not funny.

    Funny, I've never had these problems with the rules and I have two players at my table that never played Tabletop RPGs before. So maybe, we are a strange bunch of people or we have a different approach to playing this game or we simply overlook certain things? 🤷‍♂️ I really do not know, however, trumpeting out one's frustration repeatedly does not help either. Just play with the rules you like (adpat the game to Savage Worlds or keep playing 4th) or walk away. But hijacking topics to repeat the same complaints over and over is not doing anything.

    Concerning the  moderation approval: seems as if things were running a bit chaotic here the last weeks - I've got mine pretty quick "back then" (a year ago or something like that)

  6. I am happy to read that the RPGs will be continued and I've read the name Edge before in context to other RPGs and from what I remember, they have high quality standards. So I am a happy little klatschi0212.

    And look, Avatar111 immediately uses this threat to complain about the rules, what a surprise, haven't seen that around here before 🙂 


    From my perspective, they can simply go on producing the books, me and my gaming group are not in need of a revised edition - maybe we just implicitly play around certain problems others have (and we somehow do not), I don't know. We are happy with the system and how it turned out.

    I am really looking forward to other clan books, for someone getting to know this system with this installment, I really enjoy the amount of detail they've put in the clan books so far. Not too detailed with lots of open space for own ideas but with a good scaffold (thinking about details, I have flashbacks to two popular German RPGs, that are nuts in terms of detail. The last session, the GM and a player discussed whether the GM's decision is feasible because the postal system in that fictional country works a certain way that wouldn't enable it. After that session, I dropped).

  7. Hey forums,

    I couldn't find a brief overview of all techniques, so I started one myself. The idea was to give it to my players, so they would know where to find that sweet technique they all crave for (only I own all books). I figured that it could be useful for you as well.

    The spreadsheet is by no means perfect, especially the short description of the effects is not ideal. However, I think it's enough to get a grasp of what the technique's about and read afterwards. Didn't want to be too specific because of copyright.


    Have fun!


    PS: Path of Waves is not included yet. I've received my book last week and hadn't had time to go through it all 🙂

  8. It's basically up to you, I agree with @Alisair Longreach here.

    If you play it in one go, it can work but you may have to have a rush, especially when it comes to the challenges. They are described in general strokes in the Beginner Set and you can do them all by just rolling, seeing who wins and then going on. Since I've played with some people that never had played a TRPG before, I decided to change the pacing and give them the liberty of exploring role playing. They described their approaches, had a look at the other combatants and interacted with them in one way or another. This way, they learned about the Great Clans (we are all new to the gaming world) and they had moments to display their character's strengths.

    Took us three gaming sessions of 4-5 hours o come to an end, but I believe it was time well spent, especially for the new players. However, we really took our time 😄 

  9. On 3/15/2019 at 5:29 AM, Black_Rabbit_Inle said:

    this sort of thing is why gm's should always read through adventures a few times before actually running the adventure. read through it once to get familiar with it, and again as if you had a character going through the adventure so you can try to figure out what important details the PC's might miss and what unexpected actions they'll take that will just completely run the whole adventure off the tracks. Read the adventure a third time to fill in holes and decide what information should accentuated for the players and what stuff should probably be played down.  Then read the adventure a 4th time because they're short anyway and you want to be certain.

    Definitely. Reading an adventure repeatedly with a notebook to make some notes is super important.

    On 3/14/2019 at 7:15 PM, Schmiegel said:

    Thank you Klatschi! That's not confusing and is actually just the information I was looking for. And thank you for the welcome, as well! At the end of the day, I now see that I bumbled into deeper water than I expected to be in. There is really quite a bit of work involved in being the GM. Way more than just being a player. It's not so much that I mind that, but more like I didn't really fully understand where/how to focus my attention, leading to all of these stupid questions I've been posting on this forum.  Thank you again for the helpful and detailed response!

    Glad I could help!

    From my perspective, it may seem more complicated to you than you've initially thought since you started with a more complex roleplaying game 😄 
    When I started playing roleplaying games it was much more of dungeon crawling, straightforward adventures with little complexity. The amount of time invested in these adventures was far lower than prepping an L5R adventure. The world itself is complex, investigations are more complex than straight-up fighting adventures and the social aspect of the adventures is also quite complex. This shouldn't sound as if you couldn't have such adventures in L5R but it wouldn't feel like samurai drama to me. Rather like DnD with fancy rules.

    Anyway, it's quite normal to be insecure in the beginning and you want to do the right thing, providing the best possible story for your players. But it's something you can learn and get better and better doing it, so nevermind making mistakes in the beginning - as Bob Ross says, they are just funny little accidents and you will learn from them. 

    And there are no stupid questions, quite the contrary 🙂 

  10. On 3/14/2019 at 4:42 PM, Magnus Grendel said:

    Yeah. 40krpg games often devolved into standing in a straight line firing semi-auto bursts at stuff until it went away until I had them play Only War. Being detectably worse one-on-one that....basically anything else made them actually learn to use the tactics available. 

    Probably the most important thing I can think of is having all the "stuff" you can spend an opportunity on in a given stance and scene type in one place would be amazing, but that's a lot more awkward once you start throwing in 'opportunity techniques' like Striking-As-Earth. 

    Hehe, I've been introduced to TRPGs with the German classic "The Dark Eye" with endless combat that's been absolutely boring since you can attack and have a way to parry and then have around 30 health points while a sword will do 7 damage on average (and armor is subtracted), so yeah... combat without tactics and asymmetry is pure pain.

  11. First of all: Welcome to the wonderful world of roleplaying games and especially warm welcome to the beautiful job of game mastering. From my perspective the most interesting thing about our hobby is the openness and the variability (which isn't of much help when you are searching for direct scaffolds how to provide certain information) and it's exactly that, which comes in handy regarding your question. Basically, the information in the black text is provided for you and for you alone - and you give this information to your players indirectly through playing the world around your samurai player characters. Let's have a look at the Hennery:

    • The characters are provided with some basic information in the text you read with an incentive for them to interact (Oji is adressing them)
    • The following text provoides a lot of information, the characters can gain by interacting with Oji: The hens did die they did so the day before the emerald Champion died, Doji Satsume visited often, and they can find some information and note by checking more closely (the text states that this can be done at night).
      This is a relatiively straight forward scene, Image you being Oji. You are sad about your departed chickens, especially since you believe that they portended Doji Satsume's Death. You take some pride that the Emerald Champion visited you and your hennery to talk. So, maybe you want to portray Oji in a boasting way, so he's telling a lot of people about that fact - such a high Samurai coming to you, talking with you about hens and eggs. Clearly that has to do something with the incredible quality your eggs have due to your skills. In this case, I'd play him in a humbly manner (because he's just a Bonge) that explains his dead chicken and how sad he is because Doji Satsume clearly was very fond of his work. This way you can give leads to the samurai investigating about Doji Satsume's visits and by interacting, the Samurai will get all the information they can have in this scene. You could also decide to play Oji in a more contemplative manner, very religious and not all too confident. This Oji would clearly highlight the fact that he's worried about the fact that his hens did die the day before the honorable Emerald Champion and by interacting, the characters will find out that he visited Oji repeatedly.
      In the end, the characters will get the information they need by interacting with Oji. But your portrayal of this person will lead them in different directions and will support a different picture. Maybe Ojialso lets something slip that he cannot really put into bigger context. I could imagine the Samurai asking about anything Oji can remember and maybe he says something about once encountering Doji Satsume early in the morning; to Oji, it seemed as if the Emerald Champion had been on site for quite some time which underlines his fondness of the Hennery. It may raise your player's awareness to have a closer look by night, though.

    This scene is much more straightforward since there's a NPC with lots of information, however, the principle is the same for a different scene, for example the cave. If the players encounter the scene and begin to look around, they can find the strangely placed boulder. If they are not interested in the scenery at all and do not tell you that they have a look around the cave but just enter and leave it (which would be irritating, but it could happen, of course), then they do not find the information - simple as that. If you really want them to find the documents, you could provide another hint and simply just change the scenery spontaneously. When they say they leave you could tell them that they see some footprints in the sand that are clrealy theirs - but there are other footprints as well, leading to another part of the cave, but they can only see it now. Or someone else in the castle mentions, that Doji Satsume was really fond of the cave and sometimes spent hours there, contemplating.

    To put it in a nutshell: Use the information given in the black text to get a better image yourself and decide which information is epecially important for you. You can always find ways to provide this information. If the characters do not go to the cave, the letters could also be found in a loose board below the Hennery or in a hidden compartment somehwere in his private chamber or in a small pavillon in the garden. It's often the case that you can provide the most important clues anywhere you like. And by not pointing too obviously to certain points ("But the cave is super interesting, have a look at it, come on, guys!"), your characters will have the feeling of agency. They do not want to investigate the cave? Fine with you. But they will get the information - somewhere 🙂 

    Hope that helps and doesn't confuse you more 😉 

  12. 10 hours ago, The Grand Falloon said:

    This is why I'm making cards.  Otherwise we'll have 6 people at a table fighting over the Core Book every round of combat.

    Exactly. Also, I believe that certain rules will often be forgotten due to the intensity of the moment and out of habit. Fights tend to become pretty much "I move, I attack" when you are not reminded of all the beautiful possibilities you have (I'd rather assist that round). 

  13. I've created the cards in GIMP. It's always a bit of a problem creating something like that with non-commercial programs, text editing in GIMP is pain in the bum, but I am not confident enough to create the cards in GIMP and editing them with something like Scribus afterwards. So I decided to do everything in GIMP instead, I've got some experience with the basic functions of the program (created a Space-4X-boardgame with it and lots of other gaming materials).

    The resolution should be 300 dpi and the cards are slightly bigger than the original, due to the cutting process. I've ordered them at a print-on-demand shop here in Germany (https://www.printerstudio.de/fotogeschenke/personalisierte-spielkarten.html) and I believe there could be similar shops in your area. The print-on-plastic-version cost 3 € more than linen, so I went with this option, it's safer on the gaming table 😉 If I remember correctly, it was around 18 € per deck of cards.
    Having such a printer on my disposal would be a dream come true... I am currently doing something similar for another TRPG I'm am running a lot (Symbaroum) and in the end, I think I will have more than 100 cards per "deck", so yes... that would be super awesome 😂

    Well, I really do not know whether I am allowed to share the cards with all the rules printed on them, probably not. If there are more people interested I may considered asking FFG about their permission if I check you having a copy of the rules or something like that.

    I'd be glad to see your results, especially the technique-cards - it's still in the back of my mind to do them as well and maybe just start with the ones my players are actually using 🙂

  14. Hey lads and ladies,

    I just entered Rokugan and I am completely sucked into this beautiful world of intrigue and samurai fighting. Since I haven't played trpgs in a long long time and my group consists of mainly boardgamers, I've decided to create some little helpers for us to memorize the rules: I've designed cards with images I found on the internet and took the text from the rulebook and printed them on plastic cards (due to beer and other happy little accidents on the gaming table)

    They have some easy advantages: You can reference the rules in an easy way, they help getting into the mood due to the images and they help keeping track of all the options. Basically, I am a big fan of mixing TRPGs with cards... Unfortunately, I've read the Errata only AFTER I designed everything. Me stupid is...



    Decided to do smaller cards for the different conditions as well.


    I was thinking about doing techniques as well (maybe on horizontal cards) but I then realized that would be too much of work - there are just too many techniques to keep track of.

    Hope you like them and maybe  inspire other GMs to do similar. Did you design anything like that or something to support your group? I'd be happy for more inspiration myself :-)

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