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  1. D'oh. Thanks for reminding me. I was so used to PTL on Tycho I thought that's what his ability was.
  2. I'm not a fan of the same pilot having two different initiatives in one faction. The two Anakins stymie me as when I use I6 Anakin, I4 Anakin always seems to check all the boxes for what I am looking for in a wingman/support ship. If Wedge, Hera, and Shara move to the A-wing their initiatives and abilities should be copied as is. Also after further thought on potential A-wing pilots I'd like Tycho back (even though he's still in the game, just renamed as "Poe Dameron") and add in Pash Cracken who could maybe synergize with his dad...
  3. I find it odd that people keep wanting Hera in more ships, but that there were also complaints about Oddball being on most of the Republic ships. For Phoenix Squadron I would rather have Wedge and Hobbie (with his 1e ability) in A-wings than more Hera, Ezra, or Sabine. I'd even encourage Shara Bey in an A-wing. More Y-wing pilots (Tiree and Pops) or B-wing pilots (Adar Fox,and Nera Dantels) would be nice as well.
  4. The ships look faster than they were in X-wing and TIE fighter. An X-wing used to top out at 125 with everything in the engines and an interceptor was 111 at even engine charge, 125 at increased engine charge, and 139 at max. This interceptor is way over that with what appears to be neutral charge. Hopefully that means TIEs will be super frail, but super agile like they're supposed to be and not directly balanced against the rebel ships like in Battlefront. Also they've already given some of the game controls in this picture. D-pad left for engine, up for weapons, right for shields, down to reset.
  5. Asaverino1019

    Rebel ships

    -Arvel (Daredevil, Intimidation) -2x Green Squadron A-wings (Daredevil, Intimidation) -2x Blade Squadron B-wings and -2x Blue Squadron B-wings (FCS, Tractor Beam, S-foils, Electronic Baffle) -2x Blue Squadron B-wings (FCS, Autoblasters, S-foils, Electronic Baffle)
  6. For Kuiil I would like it to be something including repairing, but that gets tricky without turning him into the Scum version of Impervium Plating or an R5 astromech. I think being able to return a ship to half health when it gets down to 1 hull could be cool, but that would be pretty broken on Tel Tevura. Instead I propose the following based on his catch phrase. Kuiil 2 charges, non recurring At the start of the Activation or Engagement Phase you may spend 1 charge. If you do, you the ship with Kuiil may activate first.
  7. IG-11 (gunner, dual sided) Assassin Droid (calculate action)- Setup: Equip this side faceup. When you perform an attack you may spend one calculate to change one focus result to a crit. After you are dealt a face up damage card flip this card over. After you perform a calculate action gain one calculate token. Nanny Droid (calculate action) - when a friendly ship in your firing arc is attacked you may spend two calculate tokens to perform a bonus attack on the friendly ship’s attacker. After you are destroyed each other ship at range 0-1 suffers one critical damage. After you perform a calculate action gain one calculate token.
  8. On a tangential rant, I believe the costing of Veteran Turret Gunner has been handled poorly. In cases where a ship only has a native bow tie turret Veteran Turret Gunner is way over costed. At that point it is essentialy the same thing as the other VTG, Veteran Tail Gunner, but at more than twice the price. Veteran Turret Gunner should have two costs: a higher cost if a ship as a primary \/ arc, and a lower (i.e. the same cost as Veteran Tail Gunner) cost for ships with only a bow tie arc.
  9. If TLT came back with a bow tie arc, regardless of its capability, it should take up a turret and a gunner slot. The double slot requirement should be true for any bow tie arc turrets that get added.
  10. Along this line of pre-activation movement of ionized ships, what about N-1 Anakin? His force barrel roll doesn't count as an action, so can he still barrel roll when he's ionized?
  11. I’ve run a similar list but I drop Tallie for Rey, VTG, and Prox mines on Vennie. Vennie with Rey is a surprisingly strong late game ship. Another fun list is Finch Vennie Finch-Seismic bomb, proton bomb, VTG, Paige, perceptive copilot Vennie-proton bomb, prox mine, C-3PO, collision detector, VTG, Rey
  12. Dash is heap of points that people gun for and does not like being at range 1 of people. In that vein I've had good success with this list. Dash (91) Magva Yarro (8) Shield Upgrade (6) Outrider (14) Norra ARC (55) R2-D2 (10) R5-D8 (10) Hull Upgrade (5) That leaves 7 points to flavor as you like...Lone Wolf on Dash, APT or expert handling on Norra...
  13. Couple of Discord Missile bugs. Launching Discord Missiles causes the code text box thing to pop up like when the game crashes, but you can keep playing. Buzz droids don't attach to ships or perform attacks on the round where they are deployed.
  14. I’ve been messing around on FlyCasual with lists I could never fly IRL and came across a gem. 5x Rebel Scouts Rebel Scout with Moldy Crow Six HWKs is a riot! Focus->rotate and lock->rotate gives you mods and time on target similar to 5 RZ-2s but with more health, plus the focus reserves on Moldy Crow are always a bonus. I had so much fun with this list I actually considered buying 5 more HWKs.
  15. I've had good success with a somewhat similar list Luke with S-foils 2x Gold Squadron Vets with Proton Torps and Proton Bombs Arvel with Intimidation
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