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  1. I have the Core Set and would like to have it painted. I live in the Bay Area, California. So if you live near by, and would like to talk, please feel free to message me!
  2. Hey guys. So we just finished playing the Intro mission (Aftermath), and are a little confused about choosing the next mission. The Rebels won so "A New Threat" is the Story Mission and the 2 Side Missions are "Temptation" and "Friends of Old" (they chose Temptation). So does "Friends of Old" get shuffled back into the Side Mission deck? And do they play the missions in the order its written down on the Campaign Log (Temptation first , then A New Threat)? Or do Story Missions always take priority? Just need a little clarification. Would be much appreciated. Thank you! 😄
  3. I just got bought the core set a few weeks ago. If u want a new copy, Amazon is definitely the way to go. Cheapest by far.
  4. This was awesome! Def gonna use this as needed. Thanks a lot!
  5. Amazon bro. I just bought the game and I did a lot of research and they by far have the best prices.
  6. I just bought the core game and love it! Only thing that interested me was the campaign though. But my roommates and I are having a great time with it! Going to buy the next expansion once we finish our first play through.
  7. I just bought the core game and all the ally/ villain packs for it. Got my roommates to play and they love it! I'm going to buy the first expansion when we finish our first campaign. So I think it still has a tons of popularity.
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