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  1. Whilst I agree with all of that, I agree much more with Magnus about the Adaptive Aileron movement. Unless you are running Gas Clouds (because Aileron YOLO), or maybe Debris (if Aileron YOLO is followed by a Blue move), I don't see Trick Shot being a good choice. In my experience, I am not getting all that many obstructed shots because the Strikers are so unusual in their movement, and that Obstructed shots are on things that can really dodge when they want (Force Users and Silencers, mainly). I can see this. I have concerns the turn after Range One-close Two attacks if my attacks are head-on/near enough, due to potential of Space Jam... but if I am outside of that, the level of repositioning can be ridiculously good. Duchess can show this very well. I think that I am only changing my Ailerons if an early moving opponent has turned more/less than expected or to possibly dodge a block from something somewhere. I have also very occasionally dialed in a Straight/1 soft turn as a bit of a shotgun approach as the Aileron can vary those end positions so much. I somewhat disagree: Whilst the presence/absence of large based ships definitely changes the equation, you also have to take in to account those lists that prefer close range, ships that work well close together, and medium bases. I can comfortably Bullseye a medium ship on a semi-regular basis. If I am flying against a Swarm of some description, it is easier than not to Bullesye something (whether or not that is your intended target is another matter...). ***** Again, with Bullseyes on Crack Vipers (but relating it back to Strikers, due to some similarity in Crazy Movement, being token-dependent and having 3 Dice Attacks), I have started to tally my engagements again. Last night I flew two games (Maul and Energy Shell Droids, and 2 Silencer Test Pilots with Quickdraw). Forgot to tally my total attacks.... in the 20s over two games? Managed at least 7 Bullseyes over the two games (think I might have missed one or two). I calculated that I could have had 6-7 uses of Predator (4 times with a Focus... Predator does not count if I would otherwise have had all Hits/Crits, as well as Focus if available). This does not take in to account the number of times an opponent completely dodges after the attack dice are complete... probably need to track that too. I had 4 uses of Crack Shot (I used 4 total, but think I had one instance when I was all out of Crack.... other instances when the target was eliminated or had no dodge/would dodge regardless of any Crack in play do not count). I find this interesting. Obviously, I need more games... but this is loosely on par with how I remember the per-game results that I calculated Strikers and T70s to be: roughly 1 meaningful Bullseye per game per ship. I think that, with Strikers, because of more bodies and a lower Initiative local meta at the time, it ended up a bit higher.... but I can not find my notes to back this up. I loosely remember something like 27% or 32% of the time an attack had Bullseye. Of course, this does not mean that each ship will get that once-per-game Bullseye, it could be that one ship manages to consistently nail Bullseyes each turn whilst the others don't (perhaps I should also track this).... In terms of Bullseye Talents... I am not sure where this leaves me. With more dice, I feel that Predator is probably a better choice... but the low chance of Bullseye does seem to favour Crack Shot for those one-off scenarios. More numbers required.
  2. So... I am questioning this on the basis of a different list I am trying (4 StarVipers with Predator OR Crack Shot), but it also really applies here (because Black Scouts are also massed ships with I3 and movement/positioning shenanigans).... If so, does getting a bid/choose the match up help and, if so, what player order would you go? Basically, are you making any form of decision on what to take (Crack Shot/Predator) based on potential for a bid? I am looking at some of the recent Hyperspace results/progress results of nearby, and I am seeing about a third to half of the lists in the top quarter-half of the events have at least one I3. Apart from a few edge cases (Tavson and Seevor), the vast majority of these are Rebel Beef 199+ point lists (so Cassian, but increasingly including Biggs). Are you aiming to try to take First Player to go for blocks (so... probably go all the way up to 200 with Predator or taking First player if you should choose), or would you like to see what that Coordinate/Movement is before you do your Ailerons (so probably going for a bid of some description)? Technically, Predator does a touch more damage to mid-high Agility ships (if you can catch the slippery things), has the longevity with multiple chances to assist you, and I feel better about being able to do something with a blank attack dice... but I am starting to come on board with the idea of Crack Shot on the Vipers (to be able to dodge arcs, gain a focus after repositioning, but can also rely a little better on the Shield and extra Agility) but not necessarily on the Strikers (because, with numbers on the table, I am happy to block with Aileron repositions and more massed firepower potential... and a Tokenless Striker is a Sad Striker, so moving first can be critical to getting that token). Crack Shot Blacks will also get you Crack Shot Duchess at 199 points.... this also seems pretty good (if you don't want to run all generics.... Duchess is Very Good if she is not targeted early). ... How often do you feel that you dial in a manoeuvre with the Striker with a specific Aileron in mind but choose a different one (based on earlier opponent movement or the end position of another Striker)? It is something that I am going to have to pay more attention to. Maybe once a game, unless I am getting blocked (in which case, it can end up being all of them)? I am possibly heading to a Hyperspace in a couple of weeks, and I am probably choosing between 5 Black Squadron Strikers and 4 Assassin Vipers.
  3. I have not thought of the Crack Shot/Duchess version before.... could be interesting. Recently I have been playing 2 Reaper/3 Ruthless Strikers. It is interesting.... It is a non-trivial matter of getting the Reapers to jump in and block something. If they do, and you manage to wipe something on the first engagement without losing a ship, you are usually in a good spot.... especially if you are blocking an action dependent ace. You have to know when to start slow and when to gun it from the start. If your first engagement goes wrong, you are Super Dead. If your opponent can Initiative Kill a Striker without it firing, you are Super Dead. The game can be clawed back if you lose one Reaper without losing any of the Strikers, particularly if the Reaper "helped" the Strikers, but it is an uphill battle. Today, for example, I went 1W 4L (and a bye) at a Hyperspace Trial, with at least two games being decided on the initial engagement, and one being partially dice dependent (if I throw 12+ shots in a game and deal only one damage total to mostly Agility 2 ships, I think it is fair to say dice variance was a factor in that game)... but 4-4 in our monthly league (and felt that I should have gone much better, except that I choked in the last two games). It is easy to risk a Reaper by overcommitting with Ruthless, but if you can keep them both alive for one turn, the opponent has to find a way to deal with it the next turn. It is also something I am looking to not do ever again
  4. @Frimmel It's all good That's true too. In terms of how I feel if/that this works, I am neutral. On one hand, I agree with your points on potential for this getting out of hand (though I think that they wrote the rules well enough that it probably won't get out of hand between two ships as you can not infinitely take the actions.... as was mentioned in the most recent Gold Squadron podcast, I think, with the non-potential of Nantex infinite Tractor up the board). As noted above, the Sai interaction (which I had not thought of before then) is potentially problematic. For me, realising that this could be a possibility has opened up some potential with the list I am currently testing. The shock value once it is initially realised/achieved could be something both positive and negative (in that it could show an entirely different way of playing... or someone might want to slap you). It is a bit of beardy rules lawyering.... but if it is there relatively clearly, I see no real problem with it... yet. It is an edge scenario, but it is good to know if it is a possibility. @meffo Ever tried to keep a fast-moving ship from moving fast? It's hard work. Some ships can do with a little extra push in the slower direction
  5. That is not what the Coordinate rule says. It specifically states that the ship that was the target of a Coordinate Action must perform its Action as part of the Coordinate Action's steps. If I am reading this correctly, at worst, it could be stated that the Coordinated ship's Action happens simultaneously with the end of the Coordinate Action's step (meaning you would choose which happens first anyway). If the rule was to be written using the method you have just described, it would be written similar to Jam... whereby the effect of the action/token is written after the steps of the action, rather than having it self contained within the steps of the Action (as Coordinate currently is written). An action is not performed until all of its steps are followed through to completion... If you have multiple steps to complete in order to perform an action (such as the movement abilities and Coordinate) then the action is not yet performed. As for principles... *shrug* Basically, I am seeing if the rules allow it. I think that they do. Those ships with explicit bonuses/rules for Stress notwithstanding, there are definitely movement shenanigans to be had with being stressed after the beginning of Activation.
  6. I have a question about the timing of receiving a Stress token on a Red Action that may come up with two ships with with at least one Red Coordinate. Consider Two Coordinating Ships, both with Red Coordinate. ONE moves and performs the Red Coordinate Action, to give TWO an action... which chooses to perform Red Coordinate. Does ONE gain the Stress prior to TWO performing its Red Coordinate Action (therefore making ONE not a valid target, in normal circumstances, for TWOs Coordinate)? I think that ONE does not gain the Stress prior to the resolution of TWO's Coordinate... and, in fact, TWO gains Stress prior to ONE.... But it is a bit ambiguous to me. My working: Under the "Action" heading of the FAQ/Rules Reference, it states "As a cost to attempt to perform a red action, a ship must gain 1 stress token".... but does not specify the timing of this. The ambiguity arises as it is uncertain as to when that cost is applied... Under the "Stress" heading, "A ship receives one stress token while it executes a red maneuver or after it performs a red action." (emphasis mine) Here, it seems as if a Red Action must be completed (or failed) prior to the addition of Stress. Moving to specifically the Coordinate Action, order of operations is as follows - "1. Measure range from the coordinating ship to any friendly ships 2. Choose another friendly ship at range 1–2. 3. The chosen ship performs one action." As far as I can tell, this then nests the chosen ship's action prior to the end of the first's Coordinate, as the ship being Coordinated to must perform its action as part of Step 3 of Coordinate. Chain of events as I see it, given the above: - ONE chooses Red Coordinate action - (ONE measures range, chooses to Coordinate an action to TWO) -- TWO chooses Red Coordinate action -- (TWO measures range, chooses to Coordinate an action to ONE) --- ONE takes an action (say... Focus) -- TWOs Red Coordinate action has now ended, giving TWO Stress - ONEs Red Coordinate Action has now ended, giving ONE Stress. Specific reasons for performing this convoluted set of events, rather than ONE performing a simple regular Action to begin with: - Movement Shenanigans for TWO - Maybe there is a case for Squad Leader, on either ship, with Stress mechanics or something. I am new to Coordinating, so I am not sure how this interaction plays out.
  7. Apologies for the De-Railing. Back on topic. How much experience do you have with Strikers? Do you find that you are taking more token actions or re-positioning actions with them? I have found that when I spend more time on repositioning them I am failing more. I get the feeling that they are very dependent on their token actions and initial positioning rather than making their Barrel Roll do work for them... unless blocking or making a massive spread. How about Maarek?
  8. The Juke maths assumes that one Striker spent their Evade token, as it would be if focus-fired upon, and so did not have Juke active. Using an Evade action and a Shield Upgrade, you are likely to still have all Strikers alive if the opponent does 4x two hits prior to your shooting, though you probably lose one if the opponent manages 3x three Hit/Crits. It's just shy of 50-50 survival if they manage to land 2x four Hit/Crits. Of course, that is irrelevant if you are shooting first. Assuming 4 Strikers attacking at Range 2, all Evading: You need to have 2 Predators active for it to beat 3 Jukes active against 1 Defense with a Focus. You need to have 3 Predators active for to break even/near enough (when compared to 3 Jukes active) against 2 Defense with a Focus. You need 4 Predators to break even/near enough (when compared to 3 Jukes active) against 3 Defense with a Focus. If you have only 2 Jukes active, that is loosely equivalent to having one less Predator (worse if you are attacking 3 Defense with Focus, about the same with 1 Defense). If you have 4 Jukes active, it is close with 2 Defense. Predator significantly wins the Low Agility match-up, but Juke nails the High Agility match up better. Gut instinct says I want Predator... but the Maths is coming up maybe Jukes. Of course, maths also ignores the times you want/need to Barrel Roll, don't get an action, get out positioned etc... I can also get 5 Predator Strikers vs 4 with Juke/Shield upgrades, and I am a biased towards More Strikers than Less (unless those Less are Named Strikers). They pop too easy for my liking/ability. It might come down to what you expect to face: - The Higher Agility, better repositioning ships do not like Juke against them but are probably pretty happy to dance around Predator. - The less manoeuvreable Low Agility ships can't stand up to constant Predatory attacks but tend to shrug off otherwise unmodified Juke Shots.
  9. On top of the above comments, I do not think that Juke is that strong on the Strikers as they only have one action and no way of getting an attacking modification/persistent token (like Locks). 4 Jukes are good.... but, if you are not modifying your attack dice, you are as likely to have a poor attack as a good one. The Evade might keep them there longer, but then they are not using Juke. If you wanted to run with 4 Strikers, consider using Predator instead: They can Evade for Defense and still potentially modify their attack. You then also potentially have a way to modify after a KTurn/SLoop. With the points saved there, you can have all of the named Strikers with Shields/other 6 point upgrades (Afterburners or Bombs come to mind). You have (slightly) higher Initiative. I have been running Predator Strikers for a while and, though they disappear fairly easily, it is not that hard to get at least one bullseye on an average ship. Running some numbers for Range 2 and, if you think that you can get two bullseyes, then.... Huh. The numbers are almost identical against a 2 Dice Focused Defense. The Jukers are actually significantly better against 3 Dice Focused defense. Did not expect that. .... I stand corrected. Four Juke Strikers with Shields could be alright... just be aware of attacking dice variance. Second List seems alright. Blockers/Herders, a sneaky ship and a ship that can Punch holes once shields are gone. I think I prefer the second list, but now the first has me curious. If you drop Duchess (I wouldn't), you can outfit one Juke/Shield Striker with a Seismic Charge.
  10. I have done a lot of Regen Ships. For the first two or three months of this year, I flew four R2 T70s. I found that they were Great, won something like 65-70% of my games... until the rise of Rebel Beef and Quad/Five Ys. Once Resistance ARCs came out in force, I knew that their time had come to retire. They are pretty good at bullying aces, but can not stand to massed Initiative 2 (who are trying to do the same job they are, only at higher initiative). Bumps can only get you so far. The trick is to know when to bug out. I found that being down to anywhere between 1 Shield remaining and 3 Hull remaining was a good choice: You are not so injured that someone is going to chase you but you are injured enough that they have to consider it. With 1-2 Hull remaining, you are too weak to stay in the fight but Regen won't save you against a concerted attack. If the opponent splits their forces to chase you, that is a plus... but I wouldn't count on it. With 2 Shields remaining on a T70, you are back to being a regular XWing, so you press the attack. 1 Shield is a little sketchy to get out, because you are still mostly healthy and so might be able to survive another attack round, but a concerted attack has a good chance of snuffing you... this is a bait or block ship. I have an itch to scratch with Predator R2 Red Veterans. Having run Predator Strikers for a few weeks, I am interested to see how the Pred Vets hold up, with the lower manoeuvrability but significantly extra tank. The Focus/Boost is better at getting you out of dodge than the T70's Focus/Barrel Roll. I have concerns against anything that can throw multiple mostly/fully modified 4 dice attacks. T70s can reliably tank two fully modded Proton Torpedoes or three fully modded 3 dice primaries, T65s can not. I have less concerns about facing massed I2: I should be throwing considerable damage out to them prior to retaliation. Seeing some good things for your Crack R2 Reds, so that is promising.
  11. I agree completely. I am still yet to work out when the best times are to use the Evade (most of the ships I have used in recent times do not have the Evade action or get it automagically) when you otherwise could Focus for Attack. In other news, tonight I got a chance to test the following: Vizier - Ciena Ree (55 points) Pure Sabaac - Predator, Shield Upgrade (52) Countdown - Predator (46) Duchess - Predator (44) I am not going to go through the games, but I will go through the general thoughts. For starters, I am Not an ace style player at this point/ever, nor am I a co-ordinated co-ordinator, so I probably am not the best to judge this list. Predator Duchess is something I have wanted to try for a while and she does Work. Well. Will keep trying things here. Sabaac with Predator is nice. Going to keep a go with that. Never flown Countdown before, but had it used against me in first edition. I like it a lot, though you probably want to be careful with the initial engagement. I flew Countdown and Sabaac together. I think that this is a nice fit: Countdown goes up the front and dares you to waste a shot. Sabaac comes up behind Countdown and generally will have an additional defense die or one less attack die coming in (if enaging head on). Ciena Ree is.... ok? It is really going to need someone with good Ace skills to use well. Works surprisingly well in probably second or third turn of combat. I, on the other hand, was using it willy-nilly and so did not give myself the best opportunities to test it. Though I suspect that it will work better with something like Soontir Fel, Duchess is a nice target for such shenanigans. Did two interesting moves: - Got Duchess to Barrel Roll and face 90 degrees in such a way that my opponent's fast move jumped right past her... forcing Anakin to double reposition to avoid arc at R1, leaving him out of range of shots. If I was unable to do that 90 degree turn, I would not have been able to get to that specific position with that specific arc to do such a thing. - Managed to give Countdown a much needed bump when he had a Fuel Leak by turning 90 degrees, having the opponent overshoot and the now stressed Countdown forced to do the blue 1 Soft into the back of said opponent. Honestly though, I did not utilise it well and basically did it just because I could. I am still on a learning curve with Strikers (managed to choke my own lanes again, though to be fair that was also largely because I have also not gotten the time in with the Reaper), and the added Coordinate party tricks adds some serious time to the Planning Phase. I get the feeling that the cost is only really worth it if, and only if, you get it off that one or two amazing turns per game whereby you turn a certain joust into a certain flank from the ship you coordinated. Say a Duchess or Soontir running up the middle of the board with a rock directly in front/to their side where the opponent is coming from. Clear it by barrel roll/direction change to an impossible position, then Blue Move past it as the opponent floats directly into the trap.... or change direction so suddenly that it is impossible to really react to it. I am not going to be using this again any time soon due to a Hyperspace Trial being announced here for the end of May. I am not going to get to speed with such a challenge in that period of time and need to start focusing in on what I want to do for that. However, I am strongly considering ignoring Coordinate and going for a Feroph/Death Trooper variant. A long range Bump threat with the Reaper seems like Fun, and I enjoyed playing the named Strikers. Given that my past month or so has been flying the small winged ones, I think I can adapt to this. That leaves me 5 points... could give me Hull Upgrade, a bomb or I could drop 1-2 Predators somewhere for Crack Shot and give another Shield or Afterburners somewhere.
  12. Oh, absolutely. I relearned that the hard way in that game. I don't think I got defensive bonuses for it as the ship targeted was not behind cover, it put me in a bit of an awkward spot for next turn. Was not my most intelligent set of decisions. Game Three Lando with Leia, Nien Nunb and Cluster Missiles Wedge with R2D2. Dutch with R4 Astromech, Dorsal Turret and Veteran Gunner. Gameplan: Keep Wedge and/or Dutch out of it as much as possible to begin with. Kill box the first thing I can, preferably the Big One. Oh, and Legion players finished their games and handed out their bonuses. Both my opponent and I received a Surface-to-Space bombardment: Declare at the End of the End phase. All enemy ships roll 3 Attack against, and may defend as normal. After this game, that was revised to a maximum of 3 attacks total.... for possibly obvious reasons. Gas Clouds and Debris litter down one side of the board, a significant opening on the other. So I set up in a slight variation of the box formation on the mostly open side, having the Striker on my board edge nestle against the Diagonal Cornerpiece. I chose the corner with the most open space, thinking that my opponent might choose the other corner and roll on through the gas clouds straight up for no consequence. Nope. Not even close. Wedge and Dutch pointed towards me, Lando midboard. Well... this is not going to end well. Then the bombardment hit. One Striker took a Hit Crit (Stunned Pilot, I believe). 3 others took a damage. My return bombardment dropped two shields on Dutch.... who I was not gunning for anyway. Face, meet Palm. I lose a Striker before my engagement against Lando. Did manage to get him down to half, so that was something. Also Dutch to half in my final shots. 200-72 loss. I did manage to keep Dutch out of the fight quite well - First engagement/attempt at target lock was out of range, second engagement I blocked him with a wounded Striker, third engagement at R3. Wedge was a little trickier, in that he just managed to steal an R3 shot in the first engagement and didn't move as fast as I thought he would in the second. I did manage to make a R2-3 box for Lando.... so those are all good take away points for this game. No pics here (the forum appears to have a cute thing whereby you can only post half as much kB as the previous post, and they only allow 500kB in your initial post). I should have set up on the Debris/Cloud side or even just a spread line across the middle. I feel as if I lost this game in the setup, and the bombardment just cemented that. I had the bye next game, and the next day we were allowed to change lists (2 Wins 0 Losses with 4x Predator R2 Red Veteran T65s). Was a good laugh Looking forward to trying out some more Predator Strikers.... maybe that Ciena Ree/Duchess combination... That looks hilarious.
  13. I know, right? This one only took me 3-4 minutes to work out and 3-4 minutes of second guessing. I must be getting better. I wasn't even planning on far left's barrel roll, but super glad I did. Predator really makes that a good option, rather than just an average one. Anyhew, round two now. This time, against a relatively new/casual player who has just picked up their Republican gear. Anakin with Delta 7B, R2 Astromech, Obi Wan loaded with Stealth Device, Brilliant Evasion and R4 Astromech and a generic ARC with Tactical Scrambler. The Plan: Annihilate the ARC and/or Anakin. Obi Wan is a distraction that I may not hit if I don't have Bullseye... he also doesn't deal damage like Anakin. He planted the ARC down with a nice tramline between a debris and gas cloud, so I plonked the Box down that corner. Anakin looked to swoop in behind the Big One whilst Obi Wan started on the opposite side of the board. Turn Two saw this rather nice situation crop up at about R3 off his board edge: And yet, for all that Predator and three dice attacks, I managed only to strip its shields.... In return, I lost the Front Focused one. Clearly, I had used up my luck last game. Lack of Focus did not help (spent actions Barrel Rolling to get Bullseye and further away from Obi Wan/behind debris from Anakin... which netted me only two of the 3 Bullseyes I was after.). Next step was to block and isolate Anakin, doing something like this: From the previous picture, Top one Ailerons Left, Hard 2 Right. Next one down dialed in a 2, aiming to use Ailerons to get around in whatever direction seemed appropriate (as it stood, an Aileron left would have also bumped into the ARC, and then maybe set it into the Debris, but the 2 Straight probably would have enough angle to catch Anakin). Bottom Striker Ailerons Right then Soft Ones the other direction. Next Striker up Dialed in a Hard 1 Left, aiming for a bump if the Arc moved Straight, but instead seizing on a Right Aileron to point directly at Anakin. Middle Striker was Sir Disappearinglastturn. ObiWan is out of the picture, largely because he was out of the picture: my opponent thought I might try to swoop in and wipe him out, so he was launched out of the fight. Unfortunately, only two shots from this block..... and I lose one of those Strikers. Apparently, the ARC shoots out of it's rear arc... dropping a Hit Hit Crit onto a tokenless Striker, which dutifully rolled double eyes... because, if you are going to die, die rolling your eyes in a hilarious pose. From here, Anakin jumps out and regenerates twice whilst I can only manage to strip the shield each turn. The ARC stays out of the fight and Obi Wan tries to swing back in. Final turn is me making a desperate attempt to half-point or outright eliminate Anakin whilst not losing half points on any of my remaining Strikers. Half Succeeded the first, fail miserably on the second. 120 - 41 loss. I felt that I had the right idea, and the right engagement.... but the statistically wrong outcome. Afterwards, I made a point to tell him that I deliberately chose to not go for Obi Wan on account of I am not really afraid of him: he was way out of line and I can bully him at the end if my Strikers live long enough (which they didn't). He agreed, then proceeded to show what a Stealth Device and Brilliant Evasion can do on a Delta 7 by not losing Obi Wan all day (I think). Shows what I know. More to come.
  14. Casual Tournament Story Time! Over the weekend, I took part in a small casual multi-linked tournament. "Multi-linked" because the XWing games would influence the Legion games, which would then influence the XWing games, which would then influence the Legion games (sadly, there was no Armada on the first day... but, if there was, there would have been an influence between all three). Day One, I took the 5 Predatory Strikers, with Debris. Game One vs a TIE Swarm (Howlrunner, Mauler Mithel, Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Night Beast and Wampa.... there was some Crack Shot in there somewhere too). The Plan: Take on one corner and spread as much as possible, preferably Range 3. Try to wipe one in the first turn, preferably Howlrunner (but obviously accepting the best target possible at any time). Iden spends charge as early as feasible. I started off in my box... Coming out of my cage, and I was doing just fine as he went 5 Straight to try and dodge the Debris. At this point, I lamented about not having Afterburners, thinking I was being too cautious from the get go (everyone had dialed in 1 moves, trying to see what he was going to do).... then realised that I probably didn't need them if he wanted to do a Soft 3, and probably still would catch the edge (Wampa) if he did a 2 Soft.... he graciously obliged with the 3 Soft. I pushed most of my Strikers as hard as I could, and managed to be in Range 3 with three of them, whilst taking only two shots in return. This forced Iden to spend the charge one turn earlier than planned, with Wampa down to 1 Hull, for the cost of one Striker taking a hit and Damaged Sensor Array.... That was unplanned at R3 of Two TIEs. Therefore, next engagement, that one ship is to be my blocker. In the image above, it is the ship second from left (focus token, in front of the Striker that narrowly bumped). Guess where it ended up.... Before you do, the following is how not to move Striker 14 (second from right)... ...taking a Wounded Pilot for his failure to perform basic astronavigation.... ... .... but how to win the war. Wampa jumped away as far as possible, aiming to either be out of arcs or block a slow-move. Sensor Damage Striker 1 Aileron Left - 3 Soft Right into the middle of the pack, blocking Howlrunner. Del Meeko (?) was narrowly blocked by the far left Striker, who barrel rolled into position (I initially thought that this was going to miss as I thought that he may have tried a 3 Soft towards the fight or, given that Iden did a 3 Straight, jump right over the top). Mauler did stop short of the damaged Striker... but curiously did not attack it, going instead for the unfocused Barrel Rolling Striker, who rolled natural evades. In return, Mauler and Howlrunner both were eliminated. The remaining turns were me mopping up... though Time beat me to it. 134-40 up after losing one Striker and half on another. From about the midpoint of the game onward, my dice were supernaturally hot. Attacks routinely threw up at least one Critical with two or more hits (or at least eyes that I could turn). Predator more than made up for itself, almost always re-rolling to a hit or crit. Predator into blocks of units is good. 5 Predators into Blocks of Units is Fantastic. Strikers as blockers against a block swarm is Pretty Good. That was the start to my day that I wanted. As a bonus for winning, I got to select a bonus for one of the Legion players. As the first person opted to help someone with some form of double attack (I don't know Legion, but apparently it was really good: I heard later that guy eliminated an AT-ST with a double bombardment or something), I opted to help his opponent with the same (the alternative was to give the play a Cancel/Nullify of an opponent's effect... but where is the fun in that?)
  15. I have thought of the combination with Duchess.... I think that definitely bears looking in to. I have not had much of a look at anything that can Coordinate effectively (tried Feroph & Maarek and Vermiel & Maarek in the first time I tried Reapers, to get Lock/Focus on Maarek in the initial engagement. Was unimpressed... but, that was probably more due to learning a new way of flying). Duchess and Ciena Ree should go Well for someone who can coordinate effectively. The sheer variety of moves you can put on there is utterly ridiculous. As a base, that's 107 points (Scarif Base Pilot with Ciena, Duchess). You are probably going Predator on Duchess, and upgrading to a named Reaper... that's now only 101 points to play with (if Vizier). You would want to hope that you get Duchess in to a ludicrous position that no one else in Hyperspace could legitimately get to... What else could you throw in there? Mini-swarm? Something with a bit more direct teeth? For Hyperspace, you can not fit 3 Barrage Bombers... though Jonus + other with Munitions Galore are options (I'm thinking Clusters or Proton Torps). Vader and a named TIE/ln fit. Both other Strikers fit, with reasonable change. Soontir Fel+Named Striker fits.... A few options. Just another thing on the large list of things to try.... EDIT Just realised that you can make a Striker stay in the one spot with a 90 shift in facing and still get their Focus or Evade, or get a 1 Soft to stay near-enough in the one spot with a 45 degree rotation + Action. I think that the only other TIE variant that can do that (stay in the one spot with a 90 degree rotation and take an action) is the TIE Bomber. That seems Nice. Sabaac and Countdown can use that well to keep at a range they feel comfortable with. Can even potentially use that to hang behind an obstacle for the extra defense (Trick Shot optional). Tactical Stress is your friend.
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