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  1. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the responses, and I'm reassured this is going to work and be fun. We don't have access to Akachi or Sefina (yet!) but I can suggest Agnes over Jim. I like the idea of prebuilt decks, although our peeps will want to pick their own characters, but I think there's a official set of starter decks for each character someone as well. I also think the idea of getting the newbies to pick first, then my partner and I to manage around that will work. Once again, I appreciate everyone taking time to respond. Feeling a lot more confident about this now!
  2. I'm about to start a four-player scenario game with friends, using two cores + Dunwich + Forgotten Age. The group's been playing coop games together for a while, and we're comfortable with each other, which also can mean we get tetchy sometimes. Two of us have played a little of Arkham LCG before, two haven't. We can start on Easy. What I'm concerned about is making sure it stays fun, by minimising conflict over cards, and trying to avoid one character ending up useless for the duration. So far I've strongly suggested we play a different character class each, and try the three scenario intro before committing to a full campaign with the characters. One person is very keen to play a mystic. Investing in more cards isn't an option at the moment. Can I ask for any suggestions for class and/or character options to try, or ones to avoid? Any tricks with cards? If we need to, we can use the odd proxy but it makes it all more complicated. Any help appreciated :) I kinda love this game, and would love it if the bug spreads...
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