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  1. Hehe! Thats nice! Luke Skywalker - Old and bitter mentor - Ability: Subversion - When you become the defender. Spend one force charge and place the subversion token next to your ship. All enemy ships must attack you with every weapon option they have and all attacks against you automatically misses. You may then remove your subversion token and setup anywhere on the board. 😜
  2. Just as you say @takfar, he was never on a ship in ep VIII, but he was messing with Kylo on a great distance so I´ve also been thinking about some sort of decoy-oriented ability. And as you say @RuusMarev it should definately work at or beyond range 3. The question is: Is he actually on the ship at all, or does he just trick the oponent thinking that he is ;P Luke as a force-ghost in ep IX is probably one of the safest bets you can make ;)
  3. How many of you would like to see an old Luke as a crew upgrade for Resistance, and what should his ability be?
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