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  1. Like I said, I got mine a few weeks ago so I think it's a mainly a warehousing distribution issue. So keep checking your local stores.
  2. Jinyo looks at the tattoos more closely, clearly admiring the work. "As they say, a journey of 10,000 ri starts with the first step. And of course the Way which we call the Way is not the eternal Way. Whatever path one chooses, enlightenment is possible."
  3. Jinyo laughs. "What are names really, in this dusty world of illusion? But if it's a name you must have of me, I go by Togashi Jinyo, of the High House of Light. We must certainly talk more of your tattoos. I admire the work. Please join our small group here. It seems your arrival has ruffled feathers, and not just those of the Phoenix."
  4. After a few moments of concentration Jinyo smiles at Ayaka approvingly, "I admire the work of your tattoos. I see you look to Bishamon for strength. We need such assistance in these dark times for I do not think we've seen the last of our foe."
  5. I passed too and the GM gave me the result of my opportunity so I'll post it up on the site. We can go spoilers or here with our rolls. I'm actually using real dice for mine.
  6. Jinyo studies the tattoos, combing his sake-addled brain to discern their meaning...
  7. Jinyo stands, sake cup still in hand. "I, too, fought beside the Crab. But I know of the Seven Spears only by reputation." He places his cup down, then encloses his right fist inside the left, offering the standard salute of the Togashi Order while bowing slightly.
  8. Jinyo looks around to ensure the trio is at least theoretically out of earshot of other revelers. "We were just discussing that when you came by. I was of the mind that our Phoenix host might be inclined to meet somewhere less formal; perhaps an apricot tree in one of the gardens? But my esteemed Crab friend here suggests we go straight to the Isawa and request a more formal meeting. Have you any thoughts on the matter? My upbringing makes me ill-suited for courtly graces though I'm also for discretion in this matter. The forces of shadow have eyes and ears everywhere, as I'm sure you most definitely are aware."
  9. As you can see, it is made of red jade, in shape of a dragon's claw, about as long as an index finger. I found it in an abandoned shrine in the domain of the enemy during the war. At one point, when an oni attacked me, a fire kami seemed to appear and protect me. So I think there must be an invocation embedded in the stone, but I have not divined how to unlock it yet. My father was studying the properties of jade when he was killed so I think this is somehow connected to him. Perhaps his ghost even led me to it. With all due respect to my esteemed Crab, I believe the signal expertise of the Isawa may avail us in this matter."
  10. As a humble monk, I should not know such things of course. But might they all be married?
  11. "Fear not, friend Crab. One simply needs to keep polishing one's mind and the Way shall become clear. Shall our Scorpion friend partake of the sting of the Isawa with us? I can attest to its refreshing qualities."
  12. Even a sleeping scorpion keeps its sting.
  13. "For now we are safe and we should take advantage of this. There is much wisdom here and it is a good place to re-center one's ki. But darkness shall once again be our path. But we shall not be alone. I saw a scorpion in my vision. And we both know that can be a mixed blessing...."
  14. "My friend I must instruct you in the arts of meditation. All experiences can be channeled into something positive and in the Void there is insight, should one only realize it. Enlightenment can be the thunderbolt that awakens and cleanses the mind. As for her Highness, I fear serenity may not be at the end of our journey for Lord Togashi grants me insights into what may come."
  15. Jinyo motions for the servant to leave the sake, nodding ever so slightly. Admiring the the bottle he turns to Kamaitachi, "So pleasant to find fruit in winter, particularly in liquid form. I know Kyuden Asako is famed for many things, its library and gardens among them. Certainly the former can wait for the morrow. But I was wondering if you are familiar with the gardens? It is said that rare birds sometimes roost in fruit trees, even in winter. Perhaps a stroll may be in order after our sake."
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