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  1. powersink

    Inert Fat Han

    Presumably to win?
  2. Two core sets, a y wing, and a tie advanced will give you some.good options, and having extra dice and an extra damage deck/templates is great to have as well. After that you can add saws renegades and a reaper or decimator
  3. I converted my empire, rebels, scum and FO, and have bought into republic. I'm only going to keep buying new stuff for Empire, FO, and Republic though. Might try to sell my scum and rebels.
  4. This was the issue here. It cost us probably 1/3 of our regular players. We've gained maybe one new player since 2.0 came out.
  5. powersink

    Sigma Jukes

    Upsillons are pretty good against it.
  6. Not sure, I was told it would be put up. I'll ask the to.
  7. cute... I have several degree's in economics, and am paid to teach economics
  8. Did you keep reading baby's first econ book after the first page?
  9. Alternate Opportunity Cost: Person does something else rather than standing in line to scalp product, with no loss of funds. Lost Opportunity: A unit designated for the Chicago market is now in Italy. Chicagoan loses opportunity when Italy now hosts Limited Edition product sales. Alternate Value: Person who makes 25K per year can have product at MRSP, but not at scalper costs. Person who makes 75K gets miniature because he can. Both want it with the same level of non-monetary interest. I mean, we can do BS fuzzy ethics all day. This gives it a run for its money though.
  10. This is the least intelligent thing I've ever read on the internet.
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