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  1. I'd imagine you would want pattern analyzer on her if you are planning on doing a lot of red maneuvers.
  2. What first order lists were people running?
  3. I'd agree, if FFG was renting out the space to run our local wednesday night kit tourney. They aren't.
  4. Not really, the venue allows it or doesn't.
  5. Point taken, but for the gun discussion I'd guess it doesn't apply.
  6. That's just not true. FFG doesn't even organize their own SOS.
  7. For me, it should be left up to the venue to decide what is allowed/not allowed, and left at that. I just am not a fan of ffg telling stores how to regulate this, and not a fan of the position it might put judges in.
  8. yes. And that would be a reason to revoke the cc. congrats, you've made his point for him.
  9. A - conveniently there are already laws against shooting someone. B - I'd take the time to educate you about our gun violence rates, but you don't seem very receptive to alternative arguments.
  10. Has there been some mass outbreak of gun waving at tournaments that I am unaware of that has provoked this rule?
  11. If FFG actually cared about limiting items that might lead to altercations during their tournaments, they would also ban the sale of alcohol during their events. But they haven't. Gee, I wonder why.
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