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  1. Value is everywhere and it can be created on everything. So yes!
  2. So just wanted to ask one question here after playing this epic scenario yesterday and we had some issues that we countered along the way or so they seem. So the idea is that defender will set 7 priority targets in his ships and tries to bring them safely to exit area that is showed in the scenario section. So our defender had Gozanti that had four defenders that had those priority targets in them so he easily won the game protecting his priority targets inside Gozanti and after dropping TIE Defenders out and flying to the exit area. So this was our sense very OP and wanted to ask if this is even allowed?
  3. Yes! Thanks! New rules are still bit confusing to me.
  4. If i would fly wing of Vulture Droids with Energy cell charges, they cant reload those after they use them right? If so, I feel like it would be better idea to fly generic ships and have wing leader with good pilot ability and maybe some upgrades that would help those.
  5. If I just had the buck for 3x6 vulture wings..
  6. Zazaa32

    C-ROC Preview!

    We get upgrade card packs for all the factions maybe!
  7. Funny to see that when Nantex came out it got so much s**t being overpriced and all that and few weeks later it is NPE! Well im still yet to try it out, so I cant say anything on that, but it is pretty funny how fast opinions change.
  8. Grevious + Outmaneuver is excellent in my books, done well with it every single time.
  9. Well for me Scum has slowly died in 2.0. I have not be able to build anything that would be fun and do well same time even in casual games and restart kinda killed new ships from them for longest time and now CIS etc factions get more for good reason. So now I am playing CIS because it is fresh and fun for me in casual games. I have been playing with idea that I would sell my Scum 2.0 and invest that money for upcoming CIS and for those ships that I still miss. I have sold my Rebels and Imperium long time ago! I had before all those original factions but now I cant afford them with higher prices and Im less crazy about having it all! I do like 2.0 and it has been made changes in mind.
  10. Has people be Gonking around with Count Dooku by using his ability etc? I had good time with Dooku and he seems pretty strong. I was able to clean Inquisitor and Whisperer with Dooku as he wad my last ship at the moment.
  11. Im sure it happened like that too. But would have been pretty awesome to get noticed about it. They dont have dev blog or anything where they could address advance in these things. Would have been way less confusing and less of a shock. Being open in advance for customers is always good thing! So much secresy around expansions before reliese.
  12. All in all after sleeping over night on this thing. I was close enough, just 10p under that I said would be the absolute max points for Sun Fac. Still bummed about modification slot and all the indicators that it would be there, like quick builds, article photos, etc.. I hope that ffg would address this confusion here before that Friday 13th.. Game devlopement should caught these much earlier and I am pretty sure that last moment changes are never acceptable without notice when there has been content relese. This would be responsable thing to do. Good thing is that ffg uses that app, we can see those changes made smoothly. Dont get me wrong, im still stoked about Nantex and Sun In Fact also, still gonna get one of them like I was prepared to do before knowing any this. It will be lot of fun to play with in casual scene and that is the best for me! Competitive scene is another story..
  13. There is no single ship in Separatist faction minus Nantex who would need a Targeting Computer and it cant use it. Im calling mistake, it would be pretty dumb otherwise..
  14. That would make a wonky salsa class middle of the asteroid field..
  15. But hail to the Petranaki Arena Ace who goes with ensnare and predator for 50p and has I4! Im still bit baffled by that missing modification slot that I was auto including in my head for some reason?
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