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  1. ...so I just got back on this post today....and idk why armor came up as an issue lol. My core issues are these: 1.why should I play a game where I have to play based on multiple answers from dice? With ffg players GMs and players can potentially fudge story like crazy with bad positives and all the combos you can get, while saga it’s a “roll” yes or no answer and continue. 2.its about the grid, the setup for me. I get that’s work people don’t like but it’s the main difference from sitting there telling stories to actually playing a game. I as a gm can give you a story and set up armies ready to take the party on the board. That’s how I want to play, but I don’t understand why FFG role play game doesn’t really have something like that. idk I don’t like the prospect of people narrating and doing whatever they can based off of the dice rolls. That’s far more powerful than any ability or Jedi at all. D20 system was good for a “I want to do this ‘roll’, oh I guessed I failed/or succeeded” ffg is “ok I try this ‘roll’, it failed/succeeded, but this also happened, and that bad thing happened, and this happened too. Do y’all get what I mean?
  2. See I’m ok with spellification, in fact I WANT spellification of the force powers. Kotor wasn’t my first Star Wars game but it was my first rpg, and the force power spell list worked for me, it simply makes more sense for me than ffg. (That and I’m trying to start a Star Wars rpg playthrough with my friends and I’m the only one who’d dare try ffg over the others so d20 it is) there are two PDFs available, but I don’t have the printing power and it contains extra pages plus they’re literally pictures of each page so there’s glare and folded pages in the shot that weren’t in the book etc. I’m a collector so I don’t mind getting the original copies but I don’t want to pay 120 for the kotor book and 50-70 for the corebook (plus a LOT more for hunting minis down). The main issue for me is the flow of ffg And WE, and Saga d20. I want to move people on a board with abilities skills and force powers. And I want to use the kotor universe because I have a big campaign story I want to use where the peeps start in empire era, wind up through one of the gates of time from rebels, end up in kotor era, and spend most of game time going through that era finding clues and taking over star forge, and using it to either dominate the galaxy or go back in time to wage war with the empire with the star forge d6 and ffg seems far more limited in that ability, and it seems those versions are anti mini usage. I want to know if that’s wrong and see if they really are better, but online sources and etc. keep seeming like ffg can’t hold up to my friends and my expectations.
  3. Ok two things: (I know I’m late but.....) 1. I have not played the other systems, and I should be considered a young table rpg player, BUT, as a Star Wars fan (and Revan fan) I am extremely ticked off with the diehard fans of the ffg system. When I see the undying support for ffg, I see fans who want to play these games to make their own Star Wars stories and make adventures of their own....and it’s annoying me greatly. Why would I want to play a game or combat scenario rolling dice to let me twist the scenario to my favor or make funny things happen based off of dice rolls. Why play a game for that I can do that for free when I’m making jokes with friends making hypothetical stories. the point of DnD was the dice, hp, and proficiency bonuses to change narrative stories into an actual game of combat and war and adventure. I get the system wasn’t perfect but it’s still fun and is a far better Star Wars experience than what I’m seeing with ffg. WE is different but ffg I don’t like. I need minis, a map, number dice, true combat. i think the other issue bias for me was my first true rpg game was Kotor. I learned about stats and that kind of system from kotor. It is the perfect game if Star Wars and rpg mixed together. thats my 2 cents. 2. Can I buy those saga edition books off of you please if you’ve gone to ffg? I’m trying to setup a game with a bunch of people for Star Wars d20.
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