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  1. Oo, I really like the idea of backup plan NPCs! There were a few points in storytelling where I had to kinda steer things in a direction (a Stormtrooper Lieutenant really wouldn't give directions to highly classified databanks to a bunch of rag-tag pretending-to-be-lost riff-raff), and really didn't have anything planned to get them where they needed. I'll definitely work on some plot points, scenarios, and NPCs that can guide or adjust the story to head in the best direction for everyone and keep things on track.
  2. All of those sound great! I'll try to get more creative with working on what they throw at me and building a more open-ended experience. The 10 year old is gonna be a challenge to cater to though. He built his character as a Tech guy solely because he liked a little comedic character idea somebody spouted at the table in passing, but he also wants his guy to be an action god because... y'know, he's an IG model assassin droid (on the fritz). Not to mention he's a VERY headstrong and argumentative little dude... But throwing him a proverbial "chew toy" may just pacify him and keep him from shooting Joe Nobody walking down the sidewalk because he wants to be funny and cool. XD
  3. That's not a bad idea. Throw out some options or hints to get the ol' brain juices working. I'll use the next adventure as a kind of sandbox tutorial to ease 'em into that and get them comfortable with thinking on their feet.
  4. So my family (my current beta RPG group) and I just did our second session, in which they had to deliver a shipment full of illicit and unknown goods to an Imperial Officer for his own "independent business venture" and as an extension of their favor, they had to break into a secure Imperial Records facility and erase sensitive data that could link this business venture to the Officer in exchange for 1,000 Credits. The adventure went great: they had help along the way from some inside men working for the Officer, got to the records facility, and ended up in a fight against a Stormtrooper (who stabbed a few of the crew) before the Outlaw Tech managed to rig some left-behind tools and E-11 Energy Packs together in the facility's power center to overload the place and explode. Next session we're gonna round things out with a space battle; the Officer double-crossed them (imagine how it would look if he let the terrorists go free!) and they have to fix their damaged hyperdrive before they can get out of there. Here's my problem I kept running into: I had to keep either coaxing them into making decisions or they handled the situation in a manner that would have yielded them little-to-no help at all and I had to have the world lovingly re-direct them to the proper path. Regardless, I feel like they haven't fully "jumped in the pool" yet. Does anybody have any tips on how I can help with that? I'm planning on the next story being completely dictated by them and their actions with no plot and way more of a sandbox feel, but I still worry about their hesitance not leaving me much to work with (not to mention one player is 10 years old and makes his Outlaw Tech Mechanic Droid punch everything).
  5. Thanks! I had to kinda corral them at one point into making a much more... "narratively beneficial" choice than one they were going to make, but other than that, they did a good job of navigating the streets of Nar Shaddaa and dealing with threats. I just need to work on coaxing more roleplaying out of them now. The table wasn't sure how much they got to dictate vs my storytelling. Any time I left a choice in their hands, they got a little flustered. Hopefully my explanation cleared that up and they'll be more open next time.
  6. So a little background: I recently bought all the core rulebooks and GM kits along with a EotE Beginner's Game. Neither me nor anyone in my family (save my dad, who's played a couple of RPGs in High School) have ever played an RPG before. However, we're very avid board gamers, so we all decided to skip the intro game and craft characters. I initially planned on running the beginner's game scenario, but decided against it because of players' choices with narrative. Instead, I ended up loosely crafting an adventure on Nar Shaddaa. One player was a Force-sensitive Zabrak Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer (I let people delve into all three books for customization), another was a Mon Calamari Fringer, and we also had an IG model droid Outlaw Tech & Mechanic as well as a Twi'lek Scoundrel. So the story went that they were all on the run from Teemo the Hutt for various reasons and stole a ship in an attempt to escape. But they were pursued and got shot down over Nar Shaddaa. After crash landing they had to make a quick escape before the Hutt's goons closed in. They ducked into a nearby club (dubbed "Club Jabba"). In looking for any possible underworld contacts that could get them out of there, the Twi'lek ended up recognizing the Rodian bartender as a rival conman who was not fond of her, and often rarely worked alone. Extra stress. Great. They split up in an effort to blend in. The IG unit went and played Holo-chess, and the Mon Calamari and Zabrak went to the bar and tried to blend in. The Twi'lek ducked into a supply closet, used her disguise kit, did herself up like a dancer and hopped up and started dancing. Much to her dismay, her dancing drew the unwanted attention of the bartender. Fortunately, in an attempt to slyly swipe a drink from a passing server, the Zabrak ended up making a huge mess and distracting the Rodian. Just then, the Hutt's goons entered, comprised of the few token Gamorreans and Rodian Bounty Hunters as well as the heavily-armored Big Bad for the campaign. The Twi'lek managed to talk to another dancer to ask for any aid to get off the planet, and she got an address. She signaled for them to make their exit and ducked out the backstage exit. In an attempt to create a distraction, the Zabrak tripped a server, which only resulted in the server unconscious on the floor and undue attention their way. So, she started a fight. They slipped out through the kitchen in the resulting chaos and everyone met in the back alley. The goons burst out the back just behind them, and some of the Big Bad's security droids blocked their forward path. So, they went and stole a speeder and managed to lose them. After a quick stop to grab some kebabs from a friendly Toydarian chef, they went to the address, which ended up being a Cantina on the edge of the Industrial District. Once inside, they meet the charismatic and ever-shady Devaronian Lo'Kkar D'jim who offers them a ship and a ride off-world in exchange for some favors down the line, one of which they can fulfill now! They head to the ship, hop on, and blast off to Fondor to deliver God-knows-what to an Imperial "Independent Entrepreneur." Everybody had fun and can't wait for the next adventure. I'm definitely upping the tension with a delivery of illicit goods to an Imperial Officer, who also asks you to break into a high-security building as an extension of this "favor." Since there's no Slicer on the team, that'll be fun! XD There will also be combat for sure.
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