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  1. Thanks, I accidentally discovered this handy tactical strategy. IF the rebels leave one or more unit in range 2 or closer to Palpatine your IRGs can do a double move to engage, then cannot be fired upon. The Emperor can then move in and fry the other unit, or hopefully units. I combined this move into the middle of the map with the "And Now You Will Die" command card for some very heavy damage with some good rolls to three different units. PLUS, the IRGs mauled their engaged unit on the next turn. The immobilize tokens prevented surviving units from breaking contact, giving other units to close in for ranged attacks. The guards soaked up critical hits and gave Palp more activations. Even if you lose the game later, this is too much fun to not attempt whenever possible. G
  2. If my Royal Guards are engaged in melee with a unit, but still in range 1-2 of Palpatine, can he still use their Guardian 2 ability?
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