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  1. Hey guys, Searched around and didn't find much on this subject. So to what extent does wireless technology go within the 41st Millennium? Can a Tech-Priest communicate with his Servo-Skulls via Wifi? Can he "Hack" into a terminal without the need to connect to it directly? In other words what can a Tech-Priest interact with Wirelessly?
  2. Hey guys, So one of my players is playing as a Explorator and is wanting to do something different.. after some discussion on why he can't use his Servo-Skulls to pilot a fighter alone he wanted to know if he was to "Modify" a small spacecraft to have an MIU onboard with his Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) along with a Logis Implant could he use the pilot skill under the INT characteristic. His explanation is he is directly connected to his ship and with his combination of implants should be able to pilot the craft as if it was a part of him along with weapon prediction to dodge incoming rounds... My concern is that we have a Void Master PC and if the Explorator just needs to lvl up in INT Characteristic to use vehicles that could effect the balance and purpose the Void Master does within the party. I wasn't going with it but had some fight back on this subject so here I am. So my questions are: 1. Can he use these implants as he intends? 2. Are MIUs common enough that he could "modify" a vehicle to have this connection with it. 3. Would this effect our party's Void Master PC and what he does in the party? He believes the MIU is pointless if he can't use it for this function. Could I hear from you guys on what purposes the MIU has within Rogue Trader. Thanks
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