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  1. AO+Heroic is fairly far from always-on passive mods; Heroic relies on your dice roll being the worst it could be, and Advanced Optics relies on you having a Focus token when you attack, which is far from guaranteed. If you are flying low initiative, you might be forced to spend it on the defense; if flying a high initiative pilot, you risk not having the token due to bumps, or having to use your action to arc-dodge. That's before the Scum faction arrives to steal it, or Darth Vader makes you sacrifice it...
  2. A friend of mine runs 4x Gold Squadron with Sinker (+ Shield Upgrade) and a generic Arc. It is a brutal list, simply due to how much killing the Torrents take. There's nothing wrong with the ship, the issue is the costing of the other pilots. The Blue Squadron generics pay too much for their initiative boost and talent slot access, and the unique pilots are too expensive for what they bring to the table.
  3. Oh boy, the list worked surprisingly well last night! My opponent was flying Supernatural 7B Anakin with CLT Obi-Wan with a fairly deep bid. The Inquisitors showed themselves to be incredibly mobile, and their ability to reliably get an evade and a focus token saw them survive much longer than they had any right to (some of that came from unlucky attack dice from my opponent). Vessery helped to keep Anakin honest, the threat of three double modded attack dice with Juke forcing the Chosen One to burn Force to get out of arc/range, which made a huge difference late game as it effectively made Supernatural unusable. Cluster Missiles actually were quite useful, as it gave me a three-dice attack at range two on the Inquisitors, which allowed me to sneak through extra morsels of damage or requiring Force points to be used on the defence. At game's end, I had lost one Inquisitor, had lost one shield on the other, and Vessery was at full health.
  4. I would argue that it does not contradict the Deathfire ruling. Deathfire's ability does not specify that it allows you to launch a device that is usually dropped. If we were to write his ability out in long-form, it would read: After you are reduced to zero hull, before the ship is removed from the board, you may perform an attack and one of the following; - Launch one device which specifies it can be launched on it's upgrade card - Drop one device which specifies it can be dropped on it's upgrade card. This would take up too much space, so we get the shortened form. Bombardment Drone skips merrily past all this, due to its ability which clearly details that it can launch things which are usually dropped. (And what Svelok says is correct! And much quicker to type!)
  5. Nice ship, interesting upgrades. I will have a mighty need for the fuses.
  6. That would be the reasonable thing to do. However, as this is a Star Wars product, someone must object to it, and make a video of AT LEAST 20 minutes in duration, 'explaining' how you are wrong, and that this is all Disney's/Rian Johnson's/SJW's/Lucas's fault (delete as appropriate).
  7. Saturation Salvo requires the ship to have the Reload action, which the Firespray does not have.
  8. I'm not too certain how to feel about this one. If it brings together *all* of the items and equipment from all the books (while adding some more), then fine. If it does not, then why does it exist? Also, will there be art for every weapon?
  9. So, you mean to say that the Venator carries Enough Starfighters To Melt Your Brain? See? It works!
  10. Ah, but the Incredible Cross Sections book specifies it carries 192 V-Wings, 192 Eta-2s AND 36 Arc-170s! ....as I said, it carries Enough Starfighters.
  11. I've got a pair of plastic cases which I store my small base fighters, plus their base plates and dials (one for Empire/FO, one for Rebel/Resistance). I've also got several Feldherr foam pieces holding particular medium/large base ships, which are rotated into my carry case as required. For card storage, a folder holds copies of the upgrade cards, and I've got two deck holders which contain my Rebel/Empire pilot cards, with the Resistance/Republic pilots being bagged and stored in my 2.0 Core box (which also holds the vast number of generic duplicate upgrades).
  12. I just found the discrepancy amusing, as no-one seems to be able to agree on exactly how many fighters can fit into the Venator; some sources say 192 fighters (V-wing/Torrent size), some say 192 V-wings/Torrents AND 192 Arc-170s, and now this books walks in and specifies an entirely different figure of 228....but then hints that it can be four hundred. Bah! If it ever comes up, the Venator has Enough Starfighters. Perhaps increasing to Too Many Starfighters, or Now That's Just Showing Off Starfighters.
  13. I'm glad to hear that it can work; a friend has been bringing a brutal Republic list (4 Gold Squadron Troopers, one generic Arc & Sinker) to our regular games nights, so I've been trying to find a list which can challenge it. My last attempt (Vader+Soontir+Duchess) caused him serious trouble (I still lost though), so something which is even more agile could be just the ticket...
  14. See, I'd have no objections if a player asked "Can I use the Clone Soldier career for my non-Clone character?", as we could then have a discussion about why they want to use that over the other options that already exist. Frankly, if I were to make a fighter pilot for a game, I'd want that Clone Pilot spec just to get the Barrel Roll talent (damage reduction for a ship which scales with my Piloting skill?! GIVE IT TO ME). If a player marched in, slapped down a fully written character sheet with a mix of species, career, and specifications which reads as if the character is suffering from multiple personality disorder, and then started listing off the gear they need me to 'give' them for it all to work, I would be...less than forgiving.
  15. The player looks blankly at you. "It's got the skills and talents I need for my build to be viable."
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