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  1. I'd settle for Gavyn Sykes & Rhys Dallows, the protagonists of Star Wars: Battle for Naboo and Star Wars: Starfighter in N-1s. Both got up to an awful lot, so could be further strong i5 (or i3 utility providers, as both organised and led others during the conflict) for the fighter.
  2. "Explosion with Wings" and Chewbacca (crew) both have elements tagged Setup, so would both be resolved when the ship is deployed. So, if I placed R1-J5 with Chewbacca (crew), I would place both of those effects into the resolution queue. As they're both happening at the same time, and are both mandatory effects, it would be consistent that I get to choose which order they are resolved in. So, I would resolve Chewbacca's removal of a charge first, then followed by the "Explosion with Wings" dealing of a damage card. This would then trigger the second part of Chewbacca's text, regenerating the lost charge.
  3. I believe that the intent behind the pack was to supply factions with cards that they couldn't otherwise obtain without buying outside their own faction. Sticking Coaxium in is future-proofing. No-one else can use it *yet*, but my gut would say that there must be an upgrade which grants a SLAM action somewhere in the pipeline (the return of Burnout SLAM, perhaps?). Rather than clutter future expansions with reprints of Coaxium, they shoved it in here. Same with Magpulse Charges; it doesn't have any factional restrictions, so they slung it into the pack. Deuterium Power Cells, however, are a FO-only card. It isn't unreasonable to assume that FO players would be buying Vonreg's TIE, so they don't need to supply copies of it elsewhere.
  4. Very nice! I believe that I am contractually obliged to ask: did your list include Dutch Vander? With Proton Torpedoes, he only costs 53pts, so fits in almost any Rebel list.
  5. Well, to the best of my knowledge, at least 13 Aces High pods fired on the Sunday, based on the announcements I heard in the hall. More might have fired on Saturday (side events started after round 3), but I wasn't paying attention to that. Sunday also saw a lot of people leave quickly if they lost a match in the Worlds Qualifier, due to the storms causing travel issues, so more might have fired had there been no disruption.
  6. Went 5-1 in the main event, proceeded to lose my first elimination round (oh well, not bad for a first event). Decided to give the qualifiers a pass, played an Aces High pod, AND NOW THE HALL IS IN DARKNESS. Edit: And the light has returned. Managed to get a full set of the Inferno Squadron punches & pilot cards, as well as a damage deck, due to my hard 'work' and generosity from friends and strangers (one of my Aces podmates gave me four tickets as he had everything he wanted).
  7. I'm running Avenger +4 Zeta SFs. I've packed Holo as well, so I can run Holo + 4 Zetas if I feel particularly daring on the Sunday (I too don't see myself making the cut). Still need to decide what the **** to pack for Aces High. I also have a cold.
  8. The Grand Inquisitor does not allow you to bypass the once-per-round restriction on performing a particular action. Same goes for Minister Tua.
  9. My comment does stem from my recent experiences against Boba-Fenn, I'd imagine that if a Scum player wanted to fly more ships/not ride the dice variance rollercoaster (every shot taken by Fenn Rau which isn't a range one forward-arc can potentially cripple him), they quickly have to start compromising on toys like Maul. PerCo becomes a reasonable compromise card in that situation.
  10. Zetas with Concussion Missiles. They may not be able to guarantee a first engagement missile shot, but in subsequent rounds they can be very, very nasty, especially against mid-low agility ships. If you really want it, you can invest in Passive Sensors to guarantee your shots. @Pewpewpew BOOM; Maul is the answer. He frees Boba's action up so he can boost, which when coupled with Slave-1 title almost guarantees he'll be getting into range one of someone.
  11. As a man currently flying Avenger+ 4 Zetas (with AO), I can see where you are coming from, but I disagree with the assertion that AO is overpowered. The list is incredibly vulnerable to Boba-Fenn. Boba can plough into the formation, and short of incredibly poor defence dice, can laugh off the incoming fire. Fenn can leisurely keep his distance before plunging in as well, and is capable of doing horrible, horrible things to the SFs (especially if he outflanks them at range one).
  12. Norra on her own isn't great. Norra paired with Luke and Wedge? You start forcing ugly target priority calls on your opponent. Luke and Norra pair up, while Wedge deploys seperately and pushes down a flank. Now, should your opponent make for Luke & Norra, they're facing two very durable pilots (you hurl Norra at the enemy like a brick through a window to guarantee her free evade), both of whom can hit very hard up close and aren't worried about holding tokens for the defence. Should they decide to make for Wedge, he turns and runs while Norra and Luke pursue. Flown well, it can do very good work.
  13. As per the rules reference: Check Difficulty: During this step, if the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token; if the maneuver is blue, the ship removes one stress token and one strain token and one deplete token. So, by performing a blue maneuver, you get to shed one of each type of token.
  14. Well, from my observations (local regular play, two well attended tournaments): - Most lists settle on a few points of bid, two or three at most. Usually, this is due to there not being 'cheap' upgrades which are auto-includes. - Swarms tend not to have any bid at all (either in 'pure' swarms or Ace+filler variety), as the points costs means you can *just* fit everything in with nothing to cut. - Boba-Fenn is a massive, massive outlier in all of this. Very deep bid, which matters as the precise build can (and does) vary. Simply put, anyone flying Boba-Fenn is in a bidding war against...everyone else flying Boba-Fenn.
  15. Stock has been popping up in the UK, my local store (Eclectic Games, Reading) had them in on Tuesday.
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