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  1. The problem is that there isn't a place where everyone can gather, so splintering is inevitable. Not everyone has (or wants) a Facebook account, Discord isn't a proper replacement for a thread-based forum, and Reddit is its own unique kettle of fish. I'm resigned to the fact that AMG simply won't set up their own forums, but I'm a cynical optimist. I go through life expecting the worse, in the hope of being pleasantly surprised when things go well. Hopefully, come mid-January we'll have heard...well, anything from AMG about how they'll be handling the very important job that is herding the X-wing cat community.
  2. It feels daft that there hasn't been an accompanying announcement from AMG going "Hey guys, here's the list of new official channels by which we'll be communicating with you!". There needs to be a place, which they control and which is not a social media platform, where people can discuss their games and give feedback. Shan't lie, I'll miss the Rules Questions forum. That section has given me a great deal of satisfaction in improving my understanding of the rules.
  3. Nah, it's a WotC random contents miniatures game. If anything, X-wing is a poor man's version of Starship Battles!
  4. Good shout on Epic game celebrations, I was personally leaning towards some (modified) Aces High to learn how to NOT FLY INTO ROCKS again.
  5. I've not really enjoyed playing X-wing digitally. I know that my FLGS plans to have our regular X-wing night be the first thing it begins running again once the rules allow it in our area (we're a smallish group who they can trust to follow instructions, unlike the Magic players...). I don't expect to get to that point until the vaccine rollout has reached the general public, though. As for RPGs, I'm in two games that have managed the jump to online play, but everyone wants to go back to playing in person. We've been playing together in one form or another for years, so the game nights are just as much about seeing each other than it is the game itself.
  6. Legal precedent is generally in favour of businesses and individuals being allowed to choose who they employ or serve, aside from certain protected characteristics (gender, race, religion in most contexts etc). I'd imagine that most businesses wouldn't want to mandate staff having to be vaccinated (because that opens up a whole raft of potential legal matters surrounding managing medical data), nor could many shops decline customers (as it would be incredibly difficult to administer, especially if there isn't an official 'proof of vaccination' document). I suspect the articles you saw were (correctly) pointing out that you *could* be fired for not getting vaccinated, just like you could get fired for exactly no good reason at all.
  7. Without seeing the precise list(s), it is hard to advise. However, I can give some general guidance. First, Y-wings are slow. Republic Ys in particular have next to no blue on their dial natively. This means they are vulnerable to things which get in amongst them, or force them to turn around. For the Ys to get the greatest advantage from their turrets, they need to stay close togetherto focus their fire. This makes them vulnerable to getting blocked, having bombs launched in amongst them, or being predicatable. Republic Ys packing ProTorps and Synced Consoles are 42pts at the very cheapest (44pts with a Dorsal). For that, you can afford two Vultures, one carrying Discord Missiles, or a single much more capable ship. Synced Consoles are...not brilliant for putting out reliable firepower from their torpedoes. Relying on them means they can't spend the lock for rerolls, meaning at best they are relying on a single focus token for modification. Also, if they pass the lock around their entire formation, they're firing all those torps at a single fighter. Consider that to be a *good* thing, as when playing CIS you want your opponent to waste lots of shots on a single expendable Vulture (which the death of then gives everyone Calculates because of TA-175...).
  8. Just think about all the clickbait speculation articles that we'll have to sift through!
  9. As discussed, I'm a bone fide expert on everything (as I'm on the internet). We've got multiple things going on. First, the global north has moved on into winter and 'holiday season'. This means that people are spending more time in doors (as it is cold & dark outside), and want to visit their loved ones (because TRADITION! and in some parts not having been able to see them for a good chunk of the year). This also means we're in prime respiratory illness season, so the usual gamut of colds/flus are circulating. This can help COVID spread, as even with the public health campaigns some people will still dismiss symptoms as 'just' being a cold, not self-isolate, and thereby potentially spread the virus further. Second, depending on where you live, schools have reopened for in-person teaching across the board. This means that you've got children and teenagers moving to and from those places, meeting with large numbers of their schoolmates, and then going home again each day. Add in the winter factor as well, and even with precautions being taken this will ramp up the spread. Third, depending on where you live, government job protection schemes or stimulus efforts have been scaled back or removed/blocked; this means that those most vulnerable to economic disruption are effectively forced 'back' into potentially unsafe work environments or run the risk of destitution. Oddly enough, there's a strong correlation between being economically vulnerable and having life-limiting medical conditions of the kind which often are co-morbid with COVID (being poor = poor lifestyle & diet = poor health outcomes). Fourth (and finallyish), you've got political 'leaders' actively pushing back against measures to try and limit the spread, and their supporters who refuse to take even the simplest of steps to mitigate the risks. If anything, this slice of the population has become even more stubborn as the year has progressed, even as the death toll has climbed.
  10. These measures are intended to reduce/control the rate of spread of infections, not stop it dead. From my observations (being an bone fide expert, as I'm on the internet), the majority of those catching the virus are those who either aren't taking the guidance seriously (see: those wearing masks while leaving their nose uncovered, or insisting on attending mass gatherings where social distancing is impossible) or those whose living circumstances prevent them from 'avoiding' it (if you live in an overcrowded multi-generational household, or can't afford to self-isolate/take time off sick).
  11. And it's done that with almost every nation engaging in lockdowns, travel bans, and all manner of economic and public health measures. I would wager that had those measures not been taken, inconsistently deployed and adhered to as they were, we'd be facing a much greater direct death toll as well as greater loss of life from caused by the despair and economic ruin triggered by a spiraling pandemic.
  12. There's no legitimacy to your opponent's claim. Nowhere in the rules reference, or any of the cards I have seen, is the term 'die roll' used as a seperate concept from the act of rolling multiple dice. If it was intended, the document would have to define rolling attack die/dice, defence die/dice etc. It doesn't. I would venture your opponent was being overly pedantic in an attempt to give themselves an advantage, rather than honestly believing what they were arguing.
  13. I did try pushing on the nub, but that didn't seem to do much on the two I purchased. May have just been bad luck on my part.
  14. A slightly different reaction: I found getting the models out of the packaging quite difficult. I inadvertantly broke off one of the wing/engine parts by applying too much force to the plastic packaging. Luckily, it was a very clean break (likely along the join) and easily fixed with some glue. Made me appreciate the detail work on the ship much more.
  15. It was silly, but what else do you expect from a tongue in cheek LEGO production?
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