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  1. I as a player am unlikely to take it as it dose not fit the only force user I play. what I talking about is a way to make it more attractive to others as now I can’t see a reason for anyone to take it
  2. The drawback of that is the force specs have skills in the tree one idea i had is if the character already has force point then make the tree 5 or 10 exp cheeper or give free exp that must be spent in the tree
  3. On this tree I been thinking of making it a cheaper tree to get IF you have a FR already as the other idea of adding skills dose not work as the main skills I whoud add are already in the tree
  4. As a related question how do you feel about players who just don’t like their characters ie they don’t have fun playing it or it did not meet expectations should the be allowed to reroll and at what exp point ie same as death or less exp? sometime you get a character who on paper seems like a fun or useful build but in play is just bad (and before you say no they must play it one of two things will happen. they drop out of the group or they do really stupid stuff to try and get killed
  5. Well one the player was in the group for some time so he has put in the time I for one try to keep all players at least close in power level otherwise you will have problems ie character is useless and the player gets board or stops caring. At the least I have them start with knight level play rules from FD let’s them get a lot of one tree and some cash to have some good gear but only one the shelf buys no crafted gear or whatnot
  6. As you lost your character from ignored rules if you do wish to still play I whoud power game like a MF if the GM has a problem with this tell him it’s the only way you think you will have a chance (is he useing the knight level play rules from FD?)
  7. Some stuff here that I wish to comment about the D6 had some really strong force stuff BUT if you even started being anything less then the perfect good guy your character became a NPC. The D20 system seems to have suffered from “the Jedi are Just better “ at least from anyone I run into who played it and have made some to discount the F&D line at least in my area. as for force unleashed I hate that some try to say it was canon or even legends level as it’s so over the top. (I like a lot of legends stuff for lore but any time I hear of stuff from those games or the MMO I just want to walk away
  8. I will be honest I use obligations for all PCs thou I still have force users have morality just less rolls (to slow down the creep to light side) and I am a bit heavy handed with the conflict ie 5 points for tossing a yard keeper into a lake
  9. The main thing I feel people get wrong is what people think of hearing the word Jedi. They think of what we saw in the shows or movies but in the FFG rpg even a “knight level play” Jedi is a piss poor knock-off. So they think these Jedi characters are overpowered based on what they seen but not on how they are in the game. They think the player must be a power gamer not someone who wants to tell a story.
  10. I feel like if you use it as written you must have a lot of “let the bad guy get away and save the villager or get the bad guy and let them die” type events or is that what you mean
  11. Seems to me you need to add conflict or something paragon should not be super common in my mind
  12. The problem is RPGs are not a high profit thing any uptick in cost may make the idea as a hole worthless to do. Ad to that the FFG books are already above market leader in price (ie D&D) I know until I found a game group I was not spring on the $100 needed to play (core plus one side book and one dice set) yes you can use one set of books but that rarely works well long term.
  13. With how the new movies are set up I don’t think the TFA sold well and I yet to talk to someone IRL who wishes to explore that “world” (to me I feel the setting is dead and there is no hope at all) I know many more who love the old EU and will love a new Jedi order book or a post RotJ book with everyone’s favorite blue guy
  14. I don’t agree I feel like one is episode 1 and before. the other is post episode 3 that’s about a 10 year span Now I wish they were not put out back to back though and I whoud LOVE some post RotJ books I rather not have a 4th core book with 60% of it being reprinted info (I have 2 core books I rather have 1 core then have a a Jedi book and a fringe book and then a rebels book and save $20 for cut and paste info)
  15. One way I see the (R) is it’s not always illegal it my be it’s so strange or not used by the general public that it’s much harder to get A good RL example is rocket fuel or some drugs it’s not illegal per say but they like to keep paper work on who buys it as if something bad happens they can track them down
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