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  1. Stan Fresh do you work for Sony? you seem to get fair use as well as they do but yes its fair use in fact he has made some of the ONLY art out there for some star wars ships that are talked about in books
  2. well its been some time and no new star wars RPG info and no real push for the last book (that sold out with no press) its safe to say in FFG eyes this game is dead and there will be no new books just hope for reprints you wish to get
  3. ship combat is already hard to keep all players active as it is unless its fighter based and then you run into the problem of that fighter die so fast its not funny
  4. I HATE new cannon travel times they make everything to dam small
  5. to me in this game defence is not as good as attacking in most cases
  6. the fact is any ideas of a 2ed is pointless as they don't promote the game at all and a dice game that's ending gets more. that is why I have little to no trust in them to put out anything new for SW add in the cash problems they are facing it may all end
  7. the fact that the books are not in stock and the idea the game may end soon is what dose the most harm to the line a 2E with the fact they cant keep books in print will be the last nail who want to risk jumping into a game you cant get the books for
  8. I feel a 2e will kill the game its not like D&D and you can get 3to6 books and have all you need the rules are far to spread out add in how bad they are at keeping the stuff in print I cant see a true 2e being good now a 1.5 may work just make a new core in 2 parts one with player stuff one with rule crunch for GMs
  9. also with Retrofitted Hangar its fine for the fighters but shuttles are to big for that if your GM lets the PCs lets you be docked outside that's up to them mine will not let us have any docking if we are doing any thing more then just sitting in space
  10. the main problem I see is the C-roc is to small to carry all that much and add in you cant really move pilots in and out of any of the ships unless you plain droid brains only
  11. it may be as she had some depth as a character they used the word heroes? but I for one only know her as a villain in the same lines a Maul
  12. if the group you play with use armor cover is not that useful sadly I still wish it stacked with armor
  13. if true still dose not mean we will see anything new just that we don't need to rush to buy books
  14. that and cover is in part WHY you use a blast weapon you may not hit them but if you can get on the other side of the cover the blast may
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