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  1. The smugglers book has a luck one may wish to look at that the force one seems off you may wish to look at the mystic one for reroll ing force dice and adding free points though
  2. Is there a list of them I looking for a good one for someone who is more a force user then a swordsman but I don’t have all the books and this will help me pick the next one
  3. I did bring up the exp useing the base games and that they gave like 15 exp per but he said he saw 5 exp bace with 1 extra point for doing stuff he fears op PCs as this is not his 1st game in the FFG and he wants us to fear stuff. Yes from time to time though I think we are doing non combat doctor heals wrong as is that not to have any cost? 3 i have bad luck I guess lol
  4. That’s basically what I done we played about 5 games it’s only in combat I feel truly useless (2 dice pools don’t do much and my character has heal harm as the only power but fears useing it if anyone may see it) mostly I been the talker. I have been focusing exp to get the stat upgrade so I will have a 4 die pool and after that I was looking for a 2ed tree to get some combat skills in PS exp gain is ultra slow so I need to try to get the most bang for my buck as you will
  5. This is my 1st character in this system and I already feel underpowered so I fear that I may make matters worse with bad picks in place of being focused on one stat I started with 3 3s so I can fill the groups holes (they had no face) and still do what I wanted (almost have the 4 stat in int so I can do more of the stuff I wish to )
  6. The character is more mental skill based then anything so brawn is average so before force outcast came out I was going to go for defender but outcast seems to be more useful as itsmore than just defending
  7. I play a Mystic magus and am thinking of taking this spec as a way to add some non Jedi based lightsaber skills as it seems to go well with the not properly trained force user idea . What are your thoughts on it is it worth taking a spec you don’t get any class skills from to start?
  8. Ahh there’s no sidebar in fact it states in bold you must have a force rating of 2 to take it though it has rules to be a starting spec so I wonder if there are plans for a race that starts with +1 force
  9. It can be done you must take Padawan 1st though
  10. Funny thing as someone with dyslexia I had no problem reading that at all 😀
  11. I was looking for the same thing some time back but for Sith swords as they were seen as better then light sabers but it looks like it’s not truly in the game. I may try to homebrew it useing crafting rules From unlimited power.
  12. See to me as a player if conflict is double I whoud just embrace the dark side as I whoud have no hope to stay in the light getting so much conflict as even a minor thing will make you have over a 50% chance of going dark
  13. A good curse is to change there morality to 30 or even 0 (unless they are already going that way) after all learning the ways of the dark side also fits there request. It’s also not going to destroy their character as they can work to get back to the light and is not looking for short cuts the path to the dark side
  14. This is way different than how I saw them to me they had a telepathic link with the use and though them can see or hear
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