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  1. I actually built a very similar list, but I upgraded the third arc to Sinker and put in Obi-Wan with CLT (his ability lets him to take full advantage of CLT without any real drawback as long as he focuses). Sinker gives everybody else rerolls, and the other arcs can help Obi-Wan or Sinker survive longer. (46) Squad Seven Veteran [ARC-170 Starfighter] (1) Dedicated Points: 47 (46) Squad Seven Veteran [ARC-170 Starfighter] (1) Dedicated Points: 47 (54) “Sinker” [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 54 (47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 51 Total: 199
  2. Vader- FCS, afterburners (73) Soontir- predator (54) Whisper- juke, fifth brother (68) Total 195 If you want a bigger bid to guarantee moving last against aces, you can drop afterburners or fifth brother.
  3. I really like the charge mechanic that ffg used for regen, afterburners, and other similar upgrades. Calm: At the start of the end phase, you may spend one charge to recover a force charge. I would give 2 or 3 charges. This would be great and thematic for the Jedi pilots.
  4. Honestly, any competitive list can perform well, but you need practice and experience facing different meta lists. Also, since it’s a hyperspace trial, you won’t see any phantoms or Kanan on dampener Han. I think that your rebels have the tools to face most lists, they can take a hit but still maneuver, and the torps can take out aces with a bigger bid, especially if you keep the initial engagement at range 3. However, I would consider giving Thane predator instead. He’s great in the mid/end game because he can trigger his ability with a focus result, reroll a blank with predator, and keep his action for repositioning or focus for defense.
  5. That looks like a really fun list to fly. I flew a very similar list (Obi, Mace, and Luminara with 7B and 2 with R2 Astromech) and was impressed with the maneuverability and action economy from the force. I like the CLT, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t trigger enough for the cost. Did you find that you were able to trigger the bullseye attacks enough for it to be worth it over giving 7B to 2 of them (and cutting some force upgrades if necessary)?
  6. Winning isn’t the issue. While there are lists like quad phantoms that are undercosted and have ridiculous win and cut rates, the ID/R2/Kanan combo is straight up an NPE. The ability to choose from so many options with perfect board knowledge and still get full mods is exactly what 2.0 strived to avoid, so I wouldn’t be surprised if ffg drops the illicit slot from the ship (and hopefully all non-scum ships) in the coming weeks.
  7. The N-1 looks really interesting. I like the emphasis on speed for the ships. From what I can tell, the I5 pilot lets you roll an extra die when attacking and defending if your maneuver was faster and the I3 pilot stops your opponent from modifying dice if your maneuver was the same speed. Also, R2-A6 is going to be great, giving Ved Foslo’s ability to the entire Republic. I can already see the shenanigans with Saesee Tiin.
  8. Looking for gas clouds. I have some extra dials/bases from the conversion kits (except scum).
  9. Obviously Fel’s Wrath and backstabber need to come back. I would also love to see a Rogue Squadron expansion with Corran, Wes, and Tycho (among others) in X-Wings. However, this is legends so it’ll probably never happen. One can always hope.
  10. Darth Vader- 10 Just 65 points for multiple actions and three force points. The dark lord of the Sith is a bargain that should easily fit in most Imperial lists. Maarek Steele- 8 I played around with him in 1.0 with advanced homing missiles, but marksmanship Maarek is no joke. 2.0 was built for him, it’s now much easier to hit ships, crits are nastier, and shields as a whole went down. Zertik Strom- 3 1.0 Colzet, but getting the lock is harder now (need to take the action). It can be fun with Maarek and Rexler, but I don’t see the benefits of spending the extra points for him over the generics. Storm Squadron Ace- 3 Suffers from the higher initiative generic problem, more expensive without really bringing anything else to the table. Ved Foslo- 4 Cool ability, but the dial isn’t bad enough and the ship isn’t maneuverable enough to really take advantage of this. Maybe in a low initiative beef meta this can be useful, but I'd spend the extra point for Maarek. Tempest Squadron Pilot- 4 The price drop makes 5 of these playable with fcs. This is actually a decent filler ship that if left alone in the beginning becomes 3/3/3/2. Not bad.
  11. I came up with this: Cutlass Squdron Pilot: tragedy simulator, agile gunner, static discharge vanes X2 (64 each) Black Squdron Ace: debris gambit, static discharge vanes (37) Black Squadron Ace: composure, static discharge vanes (35) Zero useful upgrades in a 200 point list, all your opponent has is four 2 die attacks with single mods.
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