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  1. They'll probably release a scum Razor Crest expansion combined with a card pack to add additional Rebel and Imperial characters/pilots from the show. Maybe an Outlander TIE configuration? I wouldn't be surprised to also see them add CIS and Republic cards from the Clone Wars to make it a Disney+ pack.
  2. That list looks like a lot of fun. I’m not sure how much value you’re getting out of heightened perception because Rey already shoots at I5 and needs the force for mods. Maybe a stealth device instead? With Finn and her ability, you can possibly keep it going for a few shots. It’s at least going to bring the value of a shield upgrade but has the potential to save several damage.
  3. Vader might be better on RAC because of the double arc coverage, and if you have Dauntless you can go in for the block, still get your own actions, and damage the tokenless ships that crash into you. Then you can also get death troopers on RAC or Vermeil with points for a hull or shield upgrade.
  4. Maybe an ability built around his sacrifice? Ben Kenobi (+1 force) Before a friendly ship at range 1-2 would suffer 1 or more damage, you may flip this card and spend 1 force. If you do, prevent that damage. Force Ghost: You cannot spend force charges for their standard purpose or other card abilities. When a friendly ship performs an attack against a ship in their bullseye arc, you may spend 1 force to convert 1 [focus] result to a [hit] result or 1 [hit] result to a [critical] result. Or: Ben Kenobi (1 nonrecurring charge, +1 force) Before a friendly ship at range 1-2 would suffer 1 or more damage, you may spend 1 charge and 1 force. If you do, prevent that damage. While your charge is inactive, you cannot spend force charges. This card's charge cannot be recovered.
  5. Guri (3) with daredevil, APT, advanced sensors Boba Fett (4) with lone wolf, perceptive copilot, inertial dampeners, seismic charges, Slave 1 Binayre Pirate (1) with deadman's switch
  6. RAC is great. I've been flying him a lot with Whisper. Vader is amazing on him because he either pushes damage through or strips tokens and weakens incoming attacks. Jerjerrod adds maneuverability, letting him boost + mine, block other ships, or just get better positioning. Shield/hull (depending on bid) is definitely MVP. It changes the half points threshold and can keep him alive for another round. He's a monster in furballs and has the tools to keep himself alive and deal with most other types of ships. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76) Lone Wolf (5) Darth Vader (14) Moff Jerjerrod (8) Proximity Mines (6) Shield Upgrade (3) Dauntless (4) Ship total: 116 Half Points: 58 Threshold: 9 "Whisper" (57) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Fifth Brother (11) Stealth Device (6) Ship total: 84 Half Points: 42 Threshold: 3 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z214X124WW26W50WWW70W165W147Y199X123W240W82W166&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  7. I’m hoping for a Rogue Squadron pack with Corran’s green X-Wing and one from Rogue Squadron (and either an A-Wing, captured Lambda, or third X-Wing). We’ll get all of the old pilots back with room for a second Wedge (Rogue Leader) with a support ability, and a Rogue Squadron title.
  8. I flew against a similar list where Sabacc and passive sensors were replaced with Aslam marksmanship autoblasters Vynder. It was nasty. Sense helped track down my aces, and echo/gunboat can fly circles around lower initiative ships. It’s a lot of fun.
  9. Interceptors have great maneuverability, but they can pop really quickly. Recently I’ve been flying 2 alphas with 2 aces (Maarek and Whisper). Having a bigger threat on the board can distract your opponent and let the interceptors dive in with their 4 red dice at range 1. They’re also great blockers and can get almost anywhere. Just be prepared for one to pop at any time, and have fun.
  10. I like the idea. However, it might make more sense (fluff-wise) to make it a modification that can only go on ships with a crew slot.
  11. Fel’s Wrath: Interceptor, I2. 1 charge, non-recurring. Before you would be destroyed, if you are defending, you may spend 1 charge to look at your facedown damage cards, choose 1 to expose, and deal it to the attacking ship. If the attacking ship is destroyed, remove all of your damage cards, suffer 2 hits, and you are not destroyed instead. Also interceptors with force (looking at you Carnor) and more TIE pilots like Backstabber and Dark Curse.
  12. Kylo and Vonreg are excellent pilots for their cost. I played a game with them and 2 FO's (Rivas and an epsilon) and put mag pulse warheads/daredevil on Vonreg. I used the missiles to put a panicked pilot through shields at one point, and daredevil let Vonreg maneuver really well through the obstacles and around arcs. Rivas synergies really nicely with Vonreg, who locks a lot and gives out strain and deplete for Rivas to lock. If your event is extended, you can put ion torpedoes on Kylo. At range 3 he gets the extra die and denies the bonus, so he can fairly easily ionize ships and set up devastating shots with Vonreg and the TIE's. Kylo Ren (76) Ion Torpedoes (6) Ship total: 82 Half Points: 41 Threshold: 3 Major Vonreg (57) Daredevil (2) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 2 Lieutenant Rivas (27) Ship total: 27 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25) Ship total: 25 Half Points: 13 Threshold: 2 Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v8ZsZ200Z236XWW135WY381X117WW311WY265XWY269XW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=gascloud1,gascloud2,gascloud3 Instead of ion torpedoes, you can upgrade the epsilon to a generic SF or Muse with proud tradition. It seems interesting to try.
  13. I just realized that you can fit Vader with afterburners, passive sensors, and 4 alpha squadron interceptors. Or, you can replace 2 interceptors with Fifth Brother Echo. It seems like an interesting alternative to triple Imperial aces.
  14. You can fit Soontir with crackshot + targeting computer and 3 sabers with crackshot if you drop the last interceptor to an alpha. Crack really helps remove ships from the board and the alpha can be leveraged as a great blocker with double repositioning.
  15. With the basic Rey build down 6 points and lots of other solid options dropping as well, she looks promising. You can fit 97 point Rey with Bastian and heroic + Leia Cova (both with jamming beams of course). I also have no idea what build Kazuda ideally wants or how the fireball will fare in general, but I like Rey with Nien and a fireball. Take 3 big debris, Rey and Nien both don’t care at all. Cheap fireball filler may be that missing third piece to help in the damage race to get ships off the board quickly so they can’t take Rey apart.
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