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  1. Hahahahahahaha Okay so maybe I am just being stingy. If I'm being honest I'm probably going to buy it anyway. It looks amazing, and even though I'm still not a fan of the price, I'd prefer to play on a complete board and not have to fidget with overlays and what not. Side note. While we were playing someone mentioned that it's easy to forget about how close the Targaryens are. They seem further because they're separated by the victory track, the supply track, etc. The red lines that divide the seas look much clearer on the deluxe board. -M
  2. I don't mean to come off as if I'm complaining. I think that the price is too high and I wanted to know if anyone else thought the same thing. Clearly you disagree with me. You say it isnt overpriced, I say it is.. What is hard to understand about that? Lets just agree to disagree. ☮✌🏼 -M
  3. Oh my, neoprene anti -slip? How blessed we must be to have such a rare and illustrious material given to us by fantasy flight. They must have scoured the earth in search of this precious commodity. 🤣 I know the deluxe game mat is going to be big, but the the original game mat is 84 x 56. So they're increasing the width of the board by 40% and adding 6cm of length... for $40? Again, I don't think it's worth $40, especially after already paying $40 for the MoD expansion. I feel like $30 is a little more reasonable. If they were to sell a deluxe MoD set that comes with everything in the original MoD expansion along, and the Deluxe Map, now that would be awesome. -M
  4. Am I the only person that thinks it's crazy that Fantasy Flight is charging the same price for the MoD deluxe game mat as they are the MoD expansion? As far as I've heard, the Deluxe Game-mat is the only thing that is included, and it doesn't include any of the house cards or tokens that comes with the regular Mother of Dragons expansion, correct? First off, consider the fact that the second edition comes with the traditional 6 houses, 6 sets of house cards, 6 sets of house tokens, 6 sets of plastic combat pieces, the tides of war deck, the 3 Westeros Decks, the Wildlings deck, the 3 influence track tokens, and the game board for $60. Charging $40 for just a large board and nothing else feels unreasonable. Does that large cardboard game mat really cost anywhere close to $40 to make? I understand Fantasy Flight is a business that needs to make money, but $40?? How can Fantasy Flight truly say that the $40 for the "Deluxe" cardboard Game-mat is fairly priced??? If my friends and I wanted to play MoD with the Deluxe map it would cost us $80 ($40 for the Mod expansion and $40 for the Deluxe game mat). That's $20 more than the base game! I don't think this is a fair price. Obviously I can play the MoD expansion without the Delux game map, (which I have, tons of fun, actually just won last night with house Targaryen), but we play enough that upgrading to the deluxe board would be worth it, just probably not at the price of $40 because my friend has already spent $40. I completely understand that no one is forcing us to buy it, but come on, $40 for just a board, and the only way to use that board is if you've already spent another $40? Again, how can Fantasy Flight truly say that the $40 for the "Deluxe" cardboard Game-mat is fairly priced??? I hope that Fantasy Flight plans on implementing a discount for people who have already bought the MoD expansion, or a pre-order discount. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I just an old man yelling at the clouds? -M
  5. @Gubiam If you are attacking and lose then you must first account for casualties in battle (i.e. swords & fortifications, skulls, and card text abilities). Then, all remaining units are routed and must retreat back to location they attacked from. If you are defending and lose, then you must still account for casualties before retreating. This time you must retreat into an area you already control, while still not exceeding your supply. You are able to retreat across ships. If you have no friendly spaces to retreat to then your units are destroyed. An area with an opponents power token placed on it counts as an occupied area, and therefor is not a friendly space that you can retreat into. So to answer your question, yes. As long as you have units in the area you control it. Say you control house Baratheon and your opponent controls hour Lannister. Lannister controls Harrenhal and The Mountains of the Moon. Baratheon controls Crackclaw point, Kings Landing, Yronwood, Storms End, Dragonstone, and has ships in both Shipbreaker bay and Balckwater bay. Black Water is unoccupied. Example One: You attack Harrenhal from Crackclaw and you lose. After accounting for casualties your units must retreat back to Crackclaw because that is where they attacked from. Example two: Your opponent attacks you from Harrenahl and you lose Crackclaw. After you account for casualties, you must retreat to area you control or an area that is unoccupied. The Mountains of the moon is occupied so that is out off the table. As long as you don't exceed your supply. You can treat into Kings Landing, or across your ships into Yronwood, Storms End, or Dragonstone. If it were safe to do so (i.e. no one has a march order near Balckwater) I would move into Black water and claim the supply barrels. If another opponent plans on attacking there then don't do it. if routed units lose a combat then they are automatically destroyed. Moving into Blackwater would be the most beneficial because you r units return to normal at the end of the turn and you now control 2 supply. Hope this was helpful. -M
  6. Doran Martell's card effect reads: "Immediately move your opponent to the bottom of one influence track of your choice." My first question is this: 1a.) Say the Baratheon player attacks the Martell player, and Baratheon is in the First position on the Fiefdom track and Martell is second. Baratheon therefor holds the Valyrian Steel blade. If the Martell player plays Doran, and chooses to immediately send Baratheon to the bottom of the Fiefdom track, then that would mean that Martell moves into the first position, and Baratheon has to give Martell the Valyrian Steel blade, correct? Is this true, or does Baratheon get to hold the sword until the end of the round? 1b.) If Martell now holds the blade then is he able to use it in that same combat against Baratheon? 1c.) Everything is the same in this situation, but Baratheon had used the Valyrian Steel blade in a combat prior to the one it initiated on Martell. When Martell uses Doran to take the Valyrian Steel blade from Baratheon, can Martell use the sword that same turn or will he have to wait until next round? To put it in simpler terms, since the Valyrian steel blade can only be used once per turn, it can't be used again even if it changes hands from one player to another because of card effects, correct? The second question: 2a.) Say the Baratheon player attacks the Martell player, and Baratheon is in the First position on the Kings Court. Therefor, Baratheon holds the Messenger Raven and is able to play three star (⭐) tokens. In this example, Baratheon attacks Martell with an attack +1, and supports his attack with a support +1. If the Martell player plays Doran, and chooses to send Baratheon to the bottom of the Kings court track, then that would mean that Baratheon is no longer able to play star tokens, correct? If the card's effect is "immediate" then wouldn't that mean that Baratheon has to remove all star token pieces from the board immediately? 2b.) If yes, does that mean that the Baratheon attack that was initiated using an attack +1 is canceled because Baratheon can no longer play star tokens? Let me know if I'm not being clear. I tried to give as much detail as possible. Thanks, -M
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