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  1. Why doesn't his daimyo mum lend him the money? Doesn't mum care about buying the geisha's contract?
  2. I would compare him to Pope Benedict 9 (if the accounts against him are to believed, he was on par with Nero). The medieval Popes of Europe have a lot in common with the Rokugani Emperor - very divine, you risk your very soul by speaking out against him.
  3. These look great, and the yokai look fun to use! If requests are welcomed: How about the creature with the tongue that Isawa Tadaka met in the Phoenix story?
  4. I thought the dog might have been killed by the creature, because it was growling at the corner before it died.
  5. Is the monster in any of the rpg books? (Old or current edition) I want my PCs to meet this guy.
  6. Hey this is pretty much exactly what I was hoping would be in the Shadowlands sourcebook. I had a similar but less in depth set of house rules for Taint but I think I might adopt these. Thanks for sharing them, if I find something works really well or not so well in play I'll give you feedback.
  7. Thanks so much, Karasu-san. I really appreciate you taking the time to type out that summary. This info is all amazing - self-matchmaking in a Phoenix clan family, the unique approach to interacting with the kami (no wonder the Isawa wanted to absorb them), the life arrow belomancy, all really cool and flavourful.
  8. Thanks Karasu-san! That is really great. Maybe I can stretch to getting a paper copy as this is definitely more than a couple of paragraphs of lore! Looks really interesting, If you could possibly go into detail about customs I would really appreciate it, that should let me set some adventure sessions in Kaito lands without ending up with too many contradictions when the lore gets published in a sourcebook.
  9. I guess I'll let amazon off this time then, if it wasn't their fault. I can't buy the book a second time just for a few paragraphs of lore especially not in ye olde paper book form. Really wish they had made the Kaito information available with the ebook version as I have a Kaito player who is jealous of all the other players because they have all the lore available from past editions to draw on when they are fleshing out their characters, but the Kaito player only has a couple of paragraphs in the 5th edition core book and this novel to look at probably until the Phoenix RPG splatbook. Can anyone summarise it?
  10. I bought the ebook of this from amazon, but there was no nice Kaito lore dump at the end - from reading this thread, I gather there was a bit more background on Kaito history and a description of the mon and so on there. It has the Phoenix clan information at the beginning but this seems to about how the Isawas, the Asako family and the Shiba line all fit together. Is there anywhere I can get the Kaito lore as well? I am a bit miffed that amazon cut it from the end!
  11. What is behind the name of the capstone technique? Means '- of times past', and would need a word at the end to make it make sense, like "Mukashi no hanashi" - "A tale of times past". Otherwise, are you going for 'Mukashi mukashi' which translates to "Once upon a time", like a traditional way to start a story. Edit: Sorry, forget that, just looked up 'Suzume Mukashino' and it is a dude's name.
  12. They are like an extra Shosuro family. For when you want Shosuros but you have already used them all, a whole island full of spare extra-flexible Shosuros. I am disappoint, tbh. I had hoped that any Cat clan would be a coven of infamous nekomancers.
  13. How about giving a Strife penalty for a missed strike? If a duelist takes opponent's Vigilance in Strife when he misses a strike then it will a) speed up duels, addressing the time consuming part of the issue and b) penalize duelists who slash wildly fishing for opps, so that addresses the 'this doesn't look very cinematic' part of the issue and c) make underused stat Vigilance have a small opportunity to shine. Makes Center more of a usable action as well.
  14. Hi @CalmEyE , I had a look and I think I fixed the issues you found - they arose because I hadn't tested properly whether everything worked when there was no existing save - thanks for finding that issue so I could resolve it. Should work ok now! If not, please make a screenshot (again!) and I'll have a look at it. @Avatar111 it was initially supposed to be just a skirmish tracker to keep track of initiative and enemy stances easily, but I added features that should make it generate fairly varied and hopefully flavourful NPCs with a minimum of clicks. It only goes up to rank 3 samurai at the moment, because I wanted to have more actual play experience with the ruleset before making up stats/skill ranks for rank 4 or 5 npcs as I don't really know what the stats of an average rank 4 should look like - but my group's pcs are going to start at rank 1 so I shouldn't need to have stats for any rank 4+ npcs for a while yet. I believe you have done a fair bit of GMing of this edition Avatar111, do you think the rank 2 and 3 samurai options would present a fair challenge level for a party of pcs of the same rank - assuming equal numbers of combatants?
  15. I didn't put the font files in the folder *facepalm* Should look a bit nicer and have fewer cryptic random letters hanging around with the fonts available. Not sure why the errors are happening, I tried on a friend's computer too and it worked normally... I'll have a look in the morning and maybe figure it out. Thanks for all your help CalmEyE - I really appreciate it. Can you tell me which options were selected when it gave the error? Which archetype, template, clan and school were used?
  16. Hi CalmEyE, thanks for the screenshot! With the NPC saving issue, please try redownloading the data, javascript, GMScreen html file, and style files and putting them in the same directory. I can’t see why it shouldn’t save, it looks like it is having trouble initialising an object so I have tried rephrasing the javascript slightly in case that helps! If that does not help, as a second resort, try entering “npc={}” (without quotes) into the console. Just below where the error messages you showed me were, there should be a little arrow pointing right – put the cursor just after the arrow and enter “npc={}” then try hitting the save button again. Let me know if either of these things works or if it is still not doing it! The names are randomly generated, if you click on the word ‘Name’ it will generate a new name. Looks like there is a second issue with the fonts not loading. There are two fonts that need to be in the same directory as the main files – both come from the google drive I linked to – which will allow the symbols for things like successes and opportunities to display properly.
  17. Thanks for letting me know!! If you build it in the npc builder, then hit save, it should (theoretically!) show up in the library. Could you hit ctrl + shift + j then take a screenshot of the console messages, i will try to identify and fix.
  18. Whoops - yes the link would help...
  19. I think @Avatar111 and @Franwax expressed some interest in a tool to make NPCs quickly and easily. I have put together a few lines of javascript that I'm going to use to track NPCs, NPC stances in skirmishes, maybe even generate semi-random NPCs on the fly. I made it for myself, but if it can be useful to others that is a bonus. To use, download all files in the directory to the same folder then open 'GMScreen' in chrome. I have not tested in other browsers. It is not completely finished yet, still in a beta state, I still need to iron out a few issues with the Animal and Creature archetypes. If you find bugs, or if something does not seem to be working correctly, it would be very kind if you could please take a screenshot of the screen, then press CTRL+Shift+i and take a screenshot of that screen too, and send the screenshots to me, so that I can find and fix the bug. The NPC builder lets you select archetypes from a preloaded set, based on the archetypes in the Core Book. For human NPCs, a template (based on the templates in the Core book) can be applied that modifies rings and skills and adds advantages and disadvantages, then a clan and school can be chosen which add a ring increase and add some more advantages and disadvantages. Hit ‘save NPC’ and look in the library for that character. Hit ‘add to skirmish’ to add the NPC to the ‘skirmish tracker’.
  20. Are there any changes to the Taint rules so that if you are tainted in one ring it will over time spread to the others? Any Tainted powers, like spikes popping out, extra eyes, acid blood etc? I found the Taint rules in the Core Book to be a bit basic, was hoping they would develop it a bit more in this book. Also, did they give us any new Mahos?
  21. I made some stance counters for my players, should make it easier to keep track of who is in what stance. Really simple to make, and my players tend to get a kick out of using tokens so should go over well. Plus I get to say "Show me your stance!" I also made some software to keep track of badguy stances and initiative, and npcs in general, because it seemed silly to make a whole second batch of 5 tokens per badguy in skirmish.
  22. If the weapon categories were a bit more balanced then splitting up the weapon skill by these might be a good idea. Means that even if a player only has one Melee skill, he can have the 'best of both worlds' where he has a range of different weapons he has access to but he can't just pick up any bizarre thing and be able to use it like a pro. I think in many situations this won't affect very much in play though, so I don't know it could accomplish what you are looking for, Kaiju. If your duelist player chooses swords, then he just uses his sword skill every day for duels and skirmishes and I guess he could look sadly at the rochin and timbe that were dropped by the Mantis that he just beat up, but generally it wouldn't change much for him. If you split Melee into Iaijutsu and Skirmishing, then that might do what you are looking for. (If you feel like Kakitas are a bit weak, then let them use their Iaijutsu in skirmishes like they could in previous editions, and if you want to make Mirumotos more OP then let them use their Skirmishing skill in duels). This would mean that not every bushi who can swing a tetsubo is great at dueling, and not every duelist is great in a brawl.
  23. How about for each rank of Melee, your player can pick one weapon she has mastered, where the full skill is used, and all other weapons are used at one skill rank lower? So at Rank 3 melee, three melee weapons are mastered but anything else is used with two skill dice? I'm leaving Melee as it is in my game, but I am adding a 'Dark Theology' (Unless I can think of a better name, I hope I can think of a better name) skill which covers things like shadowlands lore, maho knowledge, diagnosing Shadowlands Taint, kansen, forbidden lore, oni and so on. I think that would distinguish the sort of lore you might go to the Isawas for and the sort you want to consult a Witch Hunter for, and it would help to make things like maho effects seem even more outside the natural order and alarming. ("You got three successes on Theology? Ok, you are absolutely certain that what you've just seen is not possible to accomplish by calling on the kami, they just don't work like that--this is, this is something else...")
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