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  1. Thanks so much for putting this together. I'll be running a game using these rules in a fortnight. Couldnt do it without all the hard work that you have put in
  2. Hi, My gaming group has recently had a couple of people move interstate and over seas. I was wondering what people in similar situations were doing to keep the games going? How have you found using Skype or Roll 20 or something else? Any programs that you have used or hints you might have would be great.
  3. I love the idea for this concept. I've been having a think about the survival aspect of this world. I was thinking that when outside settlements regular survival roles might be a good to represent the lack of water and the brutal heat. I live in South Australia and we are day 2 into 7 days of heat over 35 c / 95 f. So something would be needed. How would you play it?
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