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  1. Thank you for your comments. I think the concept is not completely useless, but, as i expected somewhat challenging. As I said, I have played the character once, joining an existing group, so I could start witrh some initial XP. As Careers, i have the Sentinels Artisan and Shien expert, so i can at least have some parry skills. As a force power, i chose Foresee, which I somewhat regret right now, as i think the benefits for a battle are rather neglectible and the true benefit of foreseeing events is hard to measure and not exactly suited to make me appear as a powerful sith. I am not unable to stand my ground in a fight, as i have 3 proficiency dice with the lightsaber. Which force powers would you advice for an Int 3 character with Force Rating 2, to stand my ground in battle?
  2. Hi there I just started playing Force and Destiny joining an existing Sith group playing in the Old Republic era. If you are from the group with the new Chiss Sith in the Ruhrgebiet, please stop reading 😉 I created a character with the gamemaster but after the first game session I am a bit unhappy with my character and could use some inspiration. I am playing a Chiss-Sith, because I like the Chiss and especially the contrast between the Siths and Chiss’ worldviews (especially on emotions). Character background is that the parents of my character are members of the ISB and as their son’s potentials was discovered they tried to ship him away back to Csilla, but a Sith Lord discovered and trained him. His parents are still alive, and he still has contact to them. My main point is, that I did not want to play a Sith, which is a simple fighting brute: strong in close combat or with offensive force abilities and always eager to fight. My idea was more of a background, scheming, plotting and ruthless character. I think the combination of Chiss and Sith can result in an efficient and unscrupulous character. This resulted in my character being rather proficient in mundane talents like computer tech, infiltration and mechanics. So, I have two questions: 1. Do you think in the Old Republic era, it is very atypical for a Sith to be proficient with hacking, mechanics etc. and not that much with fighting and the force? 2. Do you have some ideas how I could try to play my character to be perceived as a ‘true’ Sith, without being the best fighter and storming head over heels into every battle or simply using the force as an all out weapon all the time?
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