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  1. Hey thanks for posting! Enjoyed the style and the write up that you gave. During deployment I noticed a mortar off by itself with its matching shore trooper unit much farther than a speed one move away. Important to note that detachment means it has to be placed within speed one of the main unit (in this case shores). Also keep in mind Vader's relentless attack! Helps a lot with that slow speed that always seems to keep him out of the fight. Saber throw will work with that so its always a good idea with commander Vader since he doesn't have a native ranged attack. Overall good report and keep the content coming!
  2. One thing that gives me a little hope in this trying time is that some of the lead designers over at AMG are well known names in the industry. Will Pagani and Will Schick designed Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press for many years before leaving to start their own company when the company started to restrict and order what they could and couldn't do, which lead to the game starting to take. Their work was pretty decent (I played Warmachine for about 8 years and it was my favorite till I discovered legion) and they at least know what they're doing and how to run a competitive game scene. I hope that we see a return of Alex Davy to the AMG staff and that Luke gets transferred over as well.
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