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  1. The clone wars armies will be their own separate factions meaning you can't take Darth Vader alongside clone troopers. The old unit cards (such as Darth Vader) will not work with the new factions but any of the upgrade cards that are not faction specific will work for them. For example grenades or training upgrade cards. As to your third question that remains to be seen. They will have less options in the beginning for sure and that will hurt them to start but if FFG gives the clone wars and aggressive release schedule they should be caught up enough to be just as competitive within a few months.
  2. Okay awesome thank you for the answer and clearing that up!
  3. Hi I'm still new to the game and I've gotten several different answers to this question, none of which had any rules reference cited to them. So I figured the greater community will have all the answers. So the problem is this: can Darth Vader use new ways to motivate them and chose to eliminate a medical droid on a stromtrooper unit as the sacrifice model? The idea was use up the medic and then sac them for the extra action. I've been told yes that's okay since its you choosing the model to sack and I've been told no medic droids need to be the last model alive except for the commander. So which is it and why does it work like that in the rules? Thank you!
  4. The other day I ran Vader against a Leia/Jynn list and it worked really well. The list was: Vader: force reflexes, saber throw Stormtrooper: dlt x3 Stormtrooper: dlt, medic droid x2 2 man sniper squad: x2 Imperial Royal Guard: electrostaff, environmental gear No idea if this can compete against wonder twins but the long range dlt plus snipers forced my opponent closer to Vader and the IRG which were able to do a lot of work then. Hope this helps or gives you some ideas!
  5. So if I'm reading spur right you could theoretically do a double move at speed 2 (gaining those 2 suppression tokens) and then relentless into a flamethrower? If that's true that seems like it would be pretty good. Having armor is nice too. All for roughly the cost of speeder bikes!
  6. Some interesting rules on those cards especially the B1 droids. The models look amazing though.
  7. Do you think that Krennic might be good alongside Vader where he is giving out courage - so that 1 or 2 suppression won't be as big a deal as far as panicking goes or would it be better just to build him for courage 2 units and hope to clear some/not have 3+ suppression for that action loss?
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