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  1. Ah. There you have it. Thanks for the clarification on that note, Rojek.
  2. Just based on the lists that were submitted and the amount of wins that each team had accumulated per faction I think the only FO list to make the cut during the European championship in Poland was Poland's Lukasz G. The list was Midnight, Kylo with hate and Blackout with trickshot. 189/200. Spain also did well too and the player ran 3x zeta's with passive sensors and concussion missiles followed by a Scorch with fanatical. Most other FO lists were variations of TIE/sf's. Edit: Don't quote me on the standings. I could be completely wrong. I'm just looking at the spreadsheet that was posted a few days ago and that is certainly not conclusive.
  3. Right. What an over sight that was. Sorry. It seems I was treating it as an asteroid and misreading the MGT ability. Dang. So what would happen if my debris field was an asteroid instead. Would anything be different than how I ultimately played it in the end?
  4. Ok I think I half understand now. So I drew this up to to try and make this clear: The purple thing is my debris cloud 😎 So that is where I landed after I executed my 3 soft turn. Based on what information is presented while I can still shoot as it follows the debris cloud rules I still take the stress because I completed my move and landed there (whoops I didn't take my stress). I thought because I was ignoring them while I was moving through I wouldn't need to get the stress, my bad. In this case, I can't boost or barrel roll off this obstacle because my template will over lap the debris no matter which way I put it. So I have to stay put and suffer the effects of landing on the obstacle...right? My next question, let just say I knicked the debris on the tail end of my Tie and was able to lay the boost template down without it overlapping. Would I still have to suffer the effects of landing on it for the brief moment in time? Can you lay out the sequence of events that would transpire in that given scenario? Thanks so much!
  5. Afternoon Team, I tried looking through the forums here on rules questions and gave up. I'm sorry if this question has been beat to death. I was running Capt. Seevor on Friday night against my good buddy who I play with and I executed a 3 speed manouvre onto Debris. We were stuck on whether or not I could Boost (or barrel roll) off the obstacle or not as I completed my move (I had Afterburners on to allow me to boost). We opted to let it stand as the rules stated that if you finished your move on an obstacle you lost your action and thus no boost from the afterburners as it says a "boost action". Did we play that correctly or can the Mining Ties boost/barrel roll off a asteroid/debris as it's still considered movement? Thanks!
  6. Hmm I think I might have messed up my recall of the game. So you are correct, I did mean that she has no evades, But her ability allowed her have one freebie as I did have a ship in range one of her so I think I automatically factored that in. As I was writing this up I felt like there was one extra damage in there that I never accounted for. I will edit my post accordingly! Thanks for pointing that out, Dakka.
  7. So last night I was able to pop in a few games to try and some of the work we've been hammering in with the Bossk/Ventress list. I wanted to try 2 lists in the games we've played but I only ended up playing the same one twice due the outcome of the initial game. Here is what I ended up running and my thoughts on it: Asajj Ventress (76) Hate (3) Shadow Caster (6) Bossk (66) Marksmanship (1) 0-0-0 (5) BT-1 (2) Crymorah Goon (31) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) R4 Astromech (2) Total: 200 The List (and commentary): I was inspired by the addition of 0-0-0 that was suggested in a post by Wildonion. I started thinking about stress and how I could potentially deal more depending on the situation. Plus I feel like the calculate token is still really good for Bossk if I reinforce/TL with my main action. I will comment that dropping Cybernetics for 0-0-0 was a bold but very rewarding move. I felt like I got a lot more value out of 0-0-0 than the safety of Cybernetics. It really forces me to think about which moves Bossk will make in the following turns rather than playing in the moment (I'm a warrior at heart, I like to charge in and beat things up with my hammer and worry about what happens next when it happens). The games: I play against one of my good friends every week. We don't have a local gaming store where we live. Just two dudes flying spaceships every week. We keep up with what's hot and not and try very hard to be competitive with each other. I've been true Scum since 1.0 and he plays Empire and Rebels. We have very good matches and we're always trying to improve a wide variety of lists. Game 1: My compadre flew his rebels (He's been working hard to try and find a fun/competitive rebel list...it's working). He flew Lando in the Falcon, Norra Wexley in the ARC and Jake Farrell in the A-Wing. I've faced off variants of this list for the better part of 2 weeks now. He's onto something with Lando and the Falcon. It's meaty. It's really meaty and a pain to try and get through all the shields and hull. More Importantly, he has massive action economy giving out coords to his other ships letting them roll or stack up on tokens. Norra is a big pain in due to the r1 Evades which really hurt my damage output. Nevertheless, the game started and deployed most of my ships on the right side of the board. I have an issue where I always naturally want to deploy there due to 1.0 Dengar and his dial. So I deployed there starting from right to left it went Bossk, Y-Wing and Ventress. He opted to try and joust with Lando and Norra, lining up against Bossk and the Y and he deployed Jake on the far side to try and flank. I slow rolled up thinking his ARC had SLAM (I was mistaken, PTSD from last weeks game where I bumped with Bossk ) But it worked out in my favor in turn 2 my Y-wing was in r2 of Norra with Bossk in r1 and Ventress in r2. It was literally the perfect kill box. I was able to confer stress to Norra via Ventress as he elected not remove his Evade token (we reflected back on this and we agreed that he should have removed the token). He shot at Bossk and I believe only dealt one damage with Lando, and Norra re-rolled 3 eyeballs and a blank into 4 eyeballs IIRC. Then it was like all the bounty hunter gods of the galaxy looked down on this game and said "Bossk, look inside yourself... this is your destiny" Ventress opened up with an attack that scored 3 hits one which was evaded. That allowed the tractor beam to be assigned Norra. It was at this moment Bossk said " This is it...don't get scared now" and rolled 4 dice into Norra. No evades with the exception of her ability. I popped out a whopping 2 damage and 2 crits, one which I popped open for 2 damage. To make matter worse for good ole Norra the crit she took was a direct hit. Needless to say Norra was flattened, I believe it was the Y-Wing that finished her off. I rolled incredibly hot and my counterpart rolled terribly cold. I was able to re-positon Bossk and Ventress around pulling hard lefts to slip into arc of the falcon which popped a few turns after and by the point Jake was only just getting into the fray. The game was over terribly quick. 200-0 for the Lover's Quarrel (Bossk and Ventress) Game 2: My friend was absolutely gutted by the way the first round went and he wanted a rematch. Admittedly I was over the moon at this point with the stars aligning in the first game allowing Scum to take a decisive victory over the Rebels. So I happily agreed to the rematch. Deployment: Deployment happened a little differently then the first game. For the first game I tried to shove most of the asteroids out of the way because I find that they really impact Bossk's ability to navigate. Plus not being able to shoot or being stressed really hinder him. So I planned to shove them all out of the way again but what I ended up noticing is that there was a giant circle of rocks near my opponents side of board in a circle. Right off the hop I knew that I was going to be in a bit of a pickle. No matter where I deployed those rocks are going to be a pain for Bossk. So I deployed exactly where I didn't want to deploy, right in the center. I figured I'd rather have Bossk turn away from the rocks rather than turn into the rocks and off I went. The game: I didn't fair nearly as well as I did in the first game we played. My friend, a little shaken I think, played Norra defensively and kept her in the back. Jake was off to the side to flank and Lando was on the other. I rolled up the center of the board and I knew I was caught in a pincer. The first engagement flew by and I didn't score nearly as much damage as I hoped and my only target was Lando. After that my plan all went south. Bossk and Ventress both got caught up in the circle of rocks ( yes the same ones that I told myself to watch out for). They got disorientated and my friend shot them all up as I desperately tried to think of a plan to get them out or at least deal some sort of damage to someone. Ventress was the first to fall after being in the rocks. I had Norra behind her chipping away and Lando up front laying on the hurt. She melted and Bossk was caught out with 2 ships behind him. He was dead in the water(space?) and I knew it. My only saving grace was to try and get at least some hurt on the ships to score half points. I was able to take out Jake and half Lando. the game ended 90-200 for my friend. I flew poorly and my buddy flew great. I really messed up on those rocks and I need to fly better and think of a plan for if Ventress falls. Not every game is going to be a star game for scum but I will say that I had loads of fun playing the list.
  8. @Wildonion, I think I'm starting to agree with you that the Y-wing might just very well be the biggest bang for my buck in this case. I've tried the Escape craft and I've had minimal success with it. The main thing is that while I am able to get off an extra action for one of my ships but usually I hardly need it rather than to score Target Locks. I'm not saying it's useless, Coords are very powerful IMO. I just notice that I draw a lot more attention to Bossk and Ventress as they are the ships that are doing the punishing. Appreciate the suggestion though and I will consider it again while list tinkering. I do however, love the idea with the MG Tie. Cheap and efficient. @DakkaDakka12, I actually never considered Graz. I've read your posts (if i'm not mistaken) recently and noticed the buttering-up of Graz. After you suggested it here I threw him into a squad builder pretty excited to potentially field the Kihraxz again. I did notice however that with my current set-up I'd have to drop either the Title from Ventress (6pts) or both the Cybernetics and Marksmanship off Bossk to field him barebones. Quite admittedly I'm not a super excellent pilot to be able to fly Bossk flawlessly to warrant not having the forgiveness that Cybernetics offers. However, I'm not stubborn to the point that I won't try it. I think I could give this ago. Dropping the Title is hard call with all 3 ships potentially being PS4. The opportunity of having the tractor beam + the denial of an AGI dice is even more delicious. I'm loving all the feedback. Thanks a bunch, team.
  9. Hmm, I've read the article a little while back and was interested in some of the Bossk builds that I've saw there. It's certainly a very peculiar enigma figuring out the workings of Bossk. However, I am more more caught up in the wingmate for Bossk and Ventress rather than Bossk himself. I feel like I can tweak him here and there but I still boil down to the same issue which is the 3rd ship. I've played the Y-Wing and I've had what I believe is success with it, but I feel as if its not enough to really cause enough chaos. I've considered a mining tie or the escape craft and made use of the remainder of the points to beef up Bossk and Ventress but I feel like it really opens up a lot more focus on the bad boys (and girl?) of the list with them being at PS4 and all. So the target of discussion for the squad is the 3rd ship and what could potentially maximize the list's ability to deliver pain.
  10. Hello X-wing community! This is my first post on the forums here but I've been a long time reader and follower. I'll preface this by saying that I love Bossk. Well, I love and hate Bossk at the same time. I played the Garbage Collector (YV-666) ship relentlessly in 1.0 and I loved it. So with the point changes at the end of January I started fielding my main man again and I've reignited my love for him. However, I've been fiddling around with companions for Bossk to help him through those dark space nights crushing rebel scum and Imperial - uhh Imperial Imperials! It started off with the ole wombo combo of Bossk and Dengar (blast back to 1.0 right?) and I just can't get behind Dengar anymore. His dial is just too brutal for me and make work if I really get out of position with Bossk. So I started to experiment with Ventress a small bit and wow. I love it. But I just can't find a solid wingmate for the both of them that I can really get behind and sink my teeth into. So this is what I'm flying currently: Bossk (66) Marksmanship (1) BT-1 (2) Contraband Cybernetics (5) Ship total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 6 Asajj Ventress (76) Hate (3) Shadow Caster (6) Ship total: 85 Half Points: 43 Threshold: 5 Crymorah Goon (31) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 41 Half Points: 21 Threshold: 4 Total: 200 The short of it: I'm not sold on the Y-wing. I wish there was a better ship that I could even consider to fly with the love of my life and Ventress. I tried fiddling around with points but I always ended up mixing up Bossk and Ventress rather then actually replacing the Y-Wing with something that gives a little more "Umph!". I know there's room to shave off a few points to really utilize potential wingmates such as the Contraband Cybernetics and the title off Ventress. Free up 11 points. I've also considered dropping Shadowcaster title and R4 for Lando on Bossk I really wanted to fit 4lom in the mix of it but lets be real here No one's going to give me that gem! I want to keep Bossk and Ventress in the list 100%. I'm wondering if any of you guys and gals have any suggestions on what I can fly with the power couple that could really offer a little more push? Thanks in advance, Vid
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