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  1. Not to start GH vs D2e argument, but I'm 100% okay with GH being what it is and Descent being what it is. The "kill em all" aspect of GH works because the card-play is so in-depth, but I enjoy D2e's "don't kill em all! run around and turn statues the right way so you can open a door!" style of gameplay. Although GH edges out in actual combat, D2e wins out in the grand scope of fantasy adventure IMHO.
  2. I mean, it always depends on your time/financial situation. I already had LotW because I wanted Champion and Reynhart and Quellin, but I think that's a super great small expansion. I use the classes and heroes all the time. I also did RAOV for the mini campaign. LoR was like 40 bucks, and still came with some cool stuff like Treasure Hunter, Apothecary and Logan Lashley. Also, these expansions beef up your shop list which is awesome as LoR has some pretty strong gear. Curse condition kinda sucks, but burning is a staple of my RtL experience haha. LotW is also needed for the physical co-op campaign "Dark Elements." Lastly, your "Delves" (if you purchased it) will get a lot of stages and variety too from those 2 expansions. The EoD campaign is good, and a little tougher than the others at time. It's not as strong as Nerekhall in the story department, but much better than Kindred Fire (which does nothing to expand the world of Terrinoth). Also, if you paint..well it's more minis to paint :).
  3. Actually saw the book on sale at an FLGS over the weekend. Picked it up. Worth it just for the 100 pages of story and lore honestly, haha. I've never run an RPG before, but I'm excited to get the Genesys book and diving in.
  4. Charmy, I like what I see. Few tidbits: No exhaustion on exploding rune? Would have bet any amount of money I'd see that. Wayfarer vs Cacophony is a blowout no? Maybe the effect could target other characters to move one space? I wouldn't leave Steel Greatsword and Ironbound Glaive the same price. I can see with the updated curse why you would strip Obsidian Scale Mail of its regen effects. It's really weird that curse didn't act like that already. Hard to tell if this balances out. Rune Plate, yes. Yes. You don't wanna bump shields up a bit? Bone and Winged Blade. I get it, they're strong. But there's just not many viable act II one handed weapons 😕 Geomancer looks playable now! For The Cause still looks like a 2xp skill trapped in a 3xp skill. I might even motion to swap For The Cause with Stoic Resolve. Or maybe give FTC a passive Grey. Overall, it looks like we are very much of the same mind about some things. However, I believe you have much more OL style play experience than me, whereas I'm a solo player. So perspective may be different on some things.
  5. That's probably the best we were gonna get. I wish he answered if the app was gonna get more content, because I think physical content was a pipe dream. For the new game, I'm expecting a Journeys in Terrinoth game. Possibly a game like Descent (fully co-op) with a bigger over-arching map and much bigger character progression. Probably the ability to continue characters through multiple campaigns. The whole "most ambitious" thing is making me think big (obviously). So in my mind, i'm just taking Runebound and Descent and smashing it together. As serious as he was when asked if there was gonna be new Descent physical content, he was just as stalwart in defending that Terrinoth is in no way over with. I think this was all good news for people who had realistic expectations.
  6. I want to echo everyone else who has asked for more Terrinoth games. I love and have many expansion for Runebound 3, Descent 2, and Heroes of Terrinoth. I may be in the minority, but when I play board games I want to play board game IP's, not video game or movie IP's. I love the art and the recurring heroes in Terrinoth games, and also some of the repeated themes (acts, feats, surges, perils).
  7. I know it's a lost cause, but just coming in here to join the chorus of people who are having the editing/autosave issue. It's really killed my will to continue making my campaign because fine-tuning things becomes a tiring time investment of flipping through 3-4 different tabs on my browser while copy-pasting/reformatting text block after text block. I'm starting to get a sour taste in my mouth for FFG. The product abandonment is getting ridiculous. The vault was supposed to be in beta for a few weeks, and it's been like 5 years and it's still in beta. Now, I realize that probably more people used it to make quests than they did to actually PLAY other people's quests (seeing as most of the top rated quests were just ones that were made right after the vault was launched), but now that community content is what is pushing this game along..it would be great to have a working vault.
  8. I'm having this issue too. When I go to edit my quest, it reverts to some super early auto save I have. Essentially, I need to remake 60% of my quest just to fix 1 typo. 😡
  9. I don't know where you pulled your info from, but I'll assume it's accurate. I will say that I think I've seen a shield maybe 2x in an RtL shop (Ironbound more often than not). I think they just have a low % chance of showing up cause frankly, they kinda abandoned shields after the base set. No class after Base has started with a shield, and only 2 skills after the base set mention them (the warrior/mage hybrids). Basically, 2H weapons kinda took the center stage as default weapons and the game was more balanced around their damage output. Look at Steel Greatsword and Ironbound Glaive. The Glaive is CHEAPER and is better in almost every single facet. It's just how the game ended up playing out I guess.
  10. I can't see any reason why everyone being in combat at the same time would impede on you using this skill. It is not restricted to being a once per combat skill, and all the hero's are in a party. It is an exceptionally strong skill and really makes me think that the Party Skills should not have been part of the skill deck, because your success greatly teeters on if you get Coordinated Attack or not. I would say that your tokens return to you after the combat round. Each time you complete a round, everyone's tokens reset. Mind you, a "combat round" against Margath is NOT once every 3 people go (this is referred to as "set of combat rounds."). Just like in a normal 1v1 fight, you use Coordinated Attack, get the token, then the round ends and you give it back. So you would do the same after you reach the end of the AI track for your round with Margath. Now, the better question, which this thread just made me realize...if you are playing a 3 or 4 player game, can you use Coordinated attack multiple times in 1 round, as long as the tokens are from different Heroes? Is the "once per combat round as a combat action" restricting the SKILL, or the HEROES? Personally, I don't think you'd be able to use it 2 or 3x to get a token from each party member. That just seems WAYYY too strong.
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