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  1. I was torn on free or 1 point. I figured free as it didn’t improve stats per se, but then the constant flow of reinforcements does add up. Maybe for 1 point if we add the Chewbacca special ability: after deployment but before drawing command cards you may search your deck for a reinforcement card. You draw one fewer card to complete your starting hand.
  2. The other option I would consider would be one that combines Rebel Graffitti effect with Of No Importance but as an upgrade. Thinking 0 points. Must be attached to a Trooper. Figures in this group do not score victory points until the entire group is defeated. All figures in this group gain: if a figure in this group has been defeated, you may return Reinforcements from your discard pile to your hand. Makes troopers expendable, but not. Imagine 3 regular storm trooper groups with this upgrade on them: the 3rd of each group could hold objectives with nearly limitless reinforcements. The limit of only 2 cards (and forcing them) in the command deck means attrition (and placement requirements) will provide dimishing returns.
  3. I don’t remember if it was always random or assigned by the tournament organizers. I do know I rolled for at least the first round. There was one tournament that deviated slightly: once you played a side that was your side the whole tournament. In that event it was different enough it was advertised in advance.
  4. The GW Lord of Rings mechanic had one other piece that made it enjoyable: you could short-change a faction. I forget the exact wording but it was something like (using IA terms): you have 80 points, 30 points of command cards to make two forces. Each force must have 15 command cards and normal card restrictions (no duplicate uniques, number of elites, etc). So in theory you could have a 35 point (scum, for sake of example) and a 45 point (Empire) list. You can’t have the same faction face each other, but the LotR only had 2 sides vice the 3 of this game. I personally had short-changed one of my forces to buff the other, but only a little bit. There were players who really swung the points, hoping to keep their strong force and having a very weak smaller force.
  5. I have seen it used to good effect with Unshakeable and the many command cards to remove status effects. The best use I saw was with the Emperor: he activated the unit normally and used Heavy Fire when he used the Emperor’s attack. The next turn he removed the stun and attacked again, so 3 attacks in 2 turns plus some splash damage. He didn’t use it every turn but to good effect in the above example.
  6. I would recommend checking out Table Top Admiral. You are able to build lists and you can see lists others have saved. Here is a link for reference: https://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/latestlists/1
  7. Put a coloured chip (like the card ones they provide) on the card. That takes away confusion: “see, this regular is blue and this regular is red.”
  8. I have painted the base edge differently. This let me keep them uniform but still identifiable. I stuck to the colours of the stickers (generally) to match easily with the app. So I have blue, red, black (with options to add grey and purple if I ever end up with more).
  9. How is aim impossible to use? I have used it nearly every game I play with them. Use leaders to move them into position and use Leia (and other grant attack abilities/cards) to give them attacks. They need to be supported and you need to give your opponent too many targets to choose from and threaten with multiple figures.
  10. Or generic tie pilots and technicians. Those guys were in all the movies running around in the background of Imperial facilities. Give one a droid repair ability, the other a bonus dice to an attack in range and viola unique Imperials that could see some use without power creep.
  11. That is a great idea...but I think it could even be done as an electronic expansion (or both). I think it would also open new options not yet covered. I am thinking rebel pilots (like Biggs), generic astromech droids (neutral faction so they can be used by anybody BUT don’t benefit from some existing benefits), and maybe some of the colourful background characters from the Cantina.
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