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  1. Welp. App won't even get to the home screen. When Loading the app, it shows the FFG splash screen, then a black "Loading Assets..." screen. Not long after, the app crashes to my homescreen. Occasionally I'll get the crows cawing, and the music that should be playing over the game's main menu playing under the crash notification. If I cut off my phone's wifi/data the Loading Assets screen eventually moved on to "Downloading additional assets. Please wait." but shortly after, crashes anyway. I have tried reinstalling, restarting my phone, and clearing the app's cache and data in various combinations to no avail. Until this app kicks in all I've got a box of drink coasters and disappointment. Has anyone had this issue before? Advice? Using Android 8.0.0 on a Motorola Z2 Play, app version 1.7.1 from the Google Play Store.
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