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  1. When a card such as Leia Organa - Born Leader Awakenings #28 says Remove this die to re-roll up to two of your dice does it mean just to remove from dice pool or from the game? I assume it is dice pool? Cheers
  2. Hey everyone, so my boy and I have just got into Destiny over the last week. We have bought the Destiny 2-Player Game. We really like it so I have purchased a Convergence Booster Box and an Empire at War Booster Box. We are only casual players. My question is about the 2-Player Game really; is the 2-Player Game heavily weighted to Kylo Ren and Phasma? We have played about 10 games and whoever has the Kylo / Phasma combo wins every time. I have even played a couple of solo games playing both heroes and villains and Kylo / Phasma still came out on top twice. My boy is only six and quite intelligent surely I should be able to beat him with Rey and Poe when he is playing Kylo and Phasma or maybe he is a tactical genius or I am a tactical dumbass.
  3. My son and I have been playing for about 6 months and we have a small collection of three different factions. We mix and match as we please and just play with the ships we like. We aren't going into tournaments or anything so just build our squads how we feel. Rebels: 2 x T65 X-Wings, 1 x Y-Wing, Sabine's Tie Fighter, The Ghost, The Phantom ii, The Phantom Scum: 1 x Slave I, 1 x Fang Fighter, 1 x Mining Guild Tie Fighter Imperials: 2 x Tie Ln, 1 X Tie Advanced X1
  4. It's a rental. Rental prices here in Adelaide, Australia are quite cheap. $2000 a month for a 1920s 4 bedroom house its quite good.
  5. Head Book Fist Flying Shoes does the job too.
  6. People like to choose their own vibe for when they are playing. I generally play in silence so I can hear all the creaks and groans of my house which is 1920s.
  7. So here is a rule question I could not find within the rules reference. With the Crypt Chill card effect "Test 4 intellect. If you fail, choose and discard 1 asset you control (if you cannot take 2 damage instead). I failed the Crypt Chill skills test and the asset I currently am controlling is Elder Sign Amulet. I have one horror that I put on to the Elder Sign Amulet so that my investigator wouldn't take the horror. Does this horror also get discarded with the Elder Sign Amulet because it is attached to said asset that now has to be discarded?
  8. Can I change my deck between chapters of a campaign or only purchase upgrades with my XP?
  9. Thanks for that. That should help, I'll find out tomorrow when I play The Devourer Below.
  10. I'm 45, I have only been gaming for about 6 months. I bought X-Wing 2.0 to play with my 6 yr old and be are both loving that. I had been looking for something to play solo and many signs pointed me to Arkham Horror LCG so I bought it. I've been really enjoying it and once I've learnt how to play properly I will start down the expansions path. I have also purchased Dead Of Winter and my boy wanted a tabletop game with miniature people so I have just purchased Star Wars legion. As someone really new to tabletop gaming I have been really surprised at the depth and and the amount of creative thought that it must take to design these games. I haven't had a video games machine or television for over a decade, I wish I had discovered board and tabletop games earlier.
  11. This album would suit the vibe pretty well... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moss_Side_Story Also the Hellraiser OST - Most of the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross film scores would do too. Including Nine Inch Nails Ghosts i-v
  12. Hey all, I'm new to Arkham LCG, I'm just on my second play through of the core set campaign. I think I have a decent understanding of most of the rules, however, I don't understand when to exhaust an enemy. Can someone please explain this as I don't find the Rules Reference clear.
  13. So I bought the Rebels conversion kit as my boy wanted some of the ships from Star Wars Rebels. I have purchased the Ghost, Phantom ii and Sabine's Tie Fighter. The question is why did FFG leave the Ahsoka Tano pilot card out of the Rebels Conversion Kit? Would this be because they are releasing her with The Aethersprite in Wave III Galactic Republic Expansion? And being that we are complete casual players will the game still work out fine if we play with the Ahsoka v1 pilot card and down grade her pilot skill to 6? As it is 7 on the original card. Thanks
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