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  1. Rieekan on flag ship, GR75 with 2x B-Wings, RLB, Quantum Storm and Flight Commander. Fly GR-75 into opponents flagship, launch B-Wings without activating them, then use Yavaris to double tap via 2xVCXs.
  2. I see. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I just don't see how they can run the tournament if a significant portion of the players won't have access to the whole game.
  4. I thought they looked out of scale, so snapped them off both my VSDs.
  5. I'd argue you're doing a better job explaining this stuff than they are.
  6. That turn arc with JJ though is insane for the size of ship it is.
  7. It's the turning arc that's the problem. Moff Jerjerrod only working on command 3 is the only nerf it needs.
  8. It was a good game. My Nym, Numb list struggles against a good fighter screen. Looking back at how I played, I think I could of done better. I activated some of my ships in the wrong order to get the most out of Adar Talon and Yavaris. I could have possibly brought Toryn and BCC in quicker too.
  9. Got all the ships. I just want to put on a good game for two sides.
  10. You see the last sandwich on the shelf at a petrol station on a Sunday and ...."It's a wrap"
  11. Might have a go at this. Not played a Vassal game, but do use it to'what if'. Which is not far from 'whiff'. May the farts be with you.
  12. Yeah I saw that play out. Will has decimated me a few times with that list. I think you did well.
  13. I deliberately snapped them off. I think they miss scale the model to my eyes.
  14. For carrying a fleet to a game, I use an A4 box file lined with some foam and off cuts to pad the models and bases. Fits into my satchel. For my 6x3 mat I use an extendable art tube, which double uses into an umbrella carrier, useful for living in the UK.
  15. The volume on your voice has been really low the last few videos, especially in your interviews.
  16. I wasn't sure what a sideboard was. I don't play MTG(?) games, but it sounds the same. It would certainly add another dimension to fleet building.
  17. If those three game systems were being played each week, maybe wins give advantage to another game next time its played. So for example, Armada secures the system for assault. X-wing wins give squadron bonus to Armada and or air support to Legion. And maybe Legion gives advantage to the strategic resource of the system. Those points gained get carried over to the next round of games in the campaign.
  18. I was thinking that you could possibly have say 30 points in "Auxiliary Support" which is on top of your 400 point fleet. The idea being, when you see your opponents core fleet, you can adjust/swap out upgrade cards or squadrons with what you have in your Auxiliary Support list as long as the core fleet doesn't exceed 400 points.
  19. Just want to say thanks Karneck. Great commentary too.
  20. ...and/or stick squadrons into wings with say one less activation point and indicated with a flat marker to keep clutter down? Mind you squadron speed would be a problem.
  21. Porkins - X-Wing All ships distance 1 that fail to score damage against him with anti ship dice, lose anti squadron ability from that hull zone.
  22. I pulled the trigger on 2 of each, so now have 3 Rebels and 3 Imperials.
  23. Well that was quick. Squadron packs were in yesterday. Now sold out on FFGs website. I hope they reserved some for their overseas distributors. But surely this shows there's still a demand for the game?!
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