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  1. Yes, there is no Ackbar commander, but once they start sticking properly sized heads for mon cal on sprues, then every commander can be a fish-person.
  2. I mean, there already is an figure for them... you could probably just slap a base of each foot and run them as a ten-foot commander.
  3. At this point, if we do get more Corp it’ll probably be after the clone wars cycle. Even then though, we’ll probably cap at four Corp and maybe some alternate sculpts for posability. (posebility? Pose-ability?)
  4. Alternatively, it could just be calvary trooper, as that doesn’t just restrict it to people mounted on animals. But then we couldn’t get just a creature with no mount, I guess...?
  5. That’s a fantastic board. What are the buildings from? They look almost like they’re plaster casts.
  6. I’d say 1a, 2a, 3b. It gives you good versatility, without being too expensive. Also, I like my combined-arms force and with those E-webs and just a few troops you can cram in an at-st with some miscellaneous special forces and Veers. Plus the specialist are just helpful to own.
  7. I don’t think anyone here has mentioned X-Wing: Ground Assault yet, so here we go. It’s the same scale a x-wing, but with ground units. It shut down a while before Legion came out, but the rules are surprisingly similiar. Like, they are almost identical. Vehicle armor works the same, infantry come in platoons of four, suppression works much the same way, etc. All in all, might be fun, especially if tweaked for x-wing 2e.
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