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  1. I haven't thought about making it public yet. Maybe when I implemented the rest of the expansions and the app is stable I could think about it. I like having it in one place though, so there is one platform everyone goes to and find each other.
  2. @Trevize84 Eventually I might do that. But I've never player skirmish and wouldn't know what to watch out for. It is meant for asynchronous play and I can imagine some command cards have interrupt effects too, which makes competitive play really difficult (without any errors) if it is not in fact live. But yeah I'm guessing as soon as I go skirmish I'll have more players and feedback than I can handle. The app should be as stable as possible before that.
  3. Everyone has their variant or platform they prefer. Of course this might not be the go-to online version of the game, but I think it's a needed addition for people who want to play online without having to have a notepad with all banners and codes and everything. That's still a thing people might shy away from. There are also 2 small groups that play their rounds over a short period of time a day, so if the group is focused enough you could almost play live as well. I think one strength of it is, that is IS playable on mobile. Depending on the size of your screen it might be more or less enjoyable but it still works either way. For those who are interested: the webapp is now in beta and the core campaign is playable: https://www.portable-wartable.com/
  4. We (two people) have played many games of SWIA physical and digital with different expansions. We want to play with more people so we don't have to only play against apps or AIs. Play by forum is something that came to our attention and we signed up in the wiki. But a) it takes a very long time to get into a new campaign (if you're not an imperial player) and b) the amount of work you have to put into your turn with the banners and dice and keeping track of cards and eveything just seems very tedious. And at least one player must have Vassal and set up all the maps and pieces and keep score. My idea was to create a website or webapp or whatnot that handles all the assets and maps and units in a persistent way (unlike e.g. Imperial directive) and makes taking turns and keeping track of things a lot easier, but probably not enforce any rules. (Much like Vassal does) No, I don't want to charge anything and I don't want to undermine FFG or so, owning the specific boxes would still be a requirement. People could register and set up different games and switch between them and get persistent game play all in one place. I already started working on it and it is shaping up pretty nicely but it will still be at least a month, until it is playable in any way. I'm going to finish it for us either way, but I wanted to gauge how interesting it would be for other players.
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