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    pakirby reacted to GuacCousteau in Lando on the table, but with who?   
    I like this a lot, but I'm not 100% sold on Braylen.
    I don't see him benefiting from Lando as much as other pilots, and he's lacking a means to deal with his stress. If you self stress for double mods one turn, then you're locked out of a red maneuver next turn, and basically locked into a blue if you want a focus token. 
    I think Ten Numb is more self-sufficient, and pairs better with Lando. 
    Ten can take a lock with his action, then use Lando's action to focus into red barrel roll for the stress. With the points you save on Braylen, you can take Jyn Erso on Lando so that Ten's spare focus becomes an evade, which should help make him as if not more consistent than Braylen. And so long as you get the dice to burn that focus, Ten can 2k or 1 tallon next turn. 
    Dropping Trick Shot on Lando also gives you the points for FCS and Elusive on Ten. At that point, he's basically Braylen but with an extra evade token and the potential to keep using all the red on that dial. The defensive re-roll also slightly improves your odds of getting to burn that stress you just generated with the red maneuver.
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    pakirby reacted to federalchipmunk1980 in Triple Sprites, Anyone?   
    i tried the list that carson wray used on a Friday night at my LGS - could not make sense obi work, i felt like i was trying to hard to use it all the time and it just felt meh tbh - stuck with CLT obi which while flimsy is working for me 
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    pakirby reacted to kempokid in Triple Sprites, Anyone?   
    Yeah, I dunno. I love Mace but after seeing other lists use R2-A6 and Sense on Obi, that’s a hard combo to pass up.
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    pakirby got a reaction from Bucknife in Quad Y-Wings?   
    For some reason Dorsal Turret is not Hyperspace legal, lol!
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    pakirby reacted to LUZ_TAK in Why no love for Maarek Stele?   
    I have him flying in a custom painted crimson red X1, so together with the crimson red interceptor and the crimson red defender minis, I call them the Crimson Crit Conclave:
    Maarek, FCS, Marksmanship, afterburners Rexler Brath, Autoblaster, Marksmanship, FCS Soontir Fel, Predator, or Marksmanship, or you could even fit Outmaneuvre if you care not having a bid. Or afterburners!  
    Soontir shoots first, clears shields, Maarek goes second, clears rest of shields and pushes crits, Rexler shoots last and flips regular damage cards up. 
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    pakirby reacted to wurms in New Imperial List (featuring Fel)   
    Soontir with predator, vader fcs afterburners sense, and 3 academies was pretty good pre points change.
     Vader senses for academies to block.
    Similar to your list, but gives you the hardest, most consistent hitting ship in the game.
    Soontir Fel (53)
    Darth Vader (67)
    Sense (5)
    Afterburners (6)
    Academy Pilot (23)
    Academy Pilot (23)
    Academy Pilot (23)
    Total: 200
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
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    pakirby reacted to Cuz05 in Defender Bomb Squad   
    Definitely more bombers, less Defenders. The other way round, you'll get arc dodged to oblivion.
    Rex is solid with a mini swarm of almost anything.
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    pakirby reacted to Ryuneke in Republic Aces - How to?   
    So I took this list to a local tournament with 26 players yesterday:
    Ric Olié (42)
    R2 Astromech (4)
    Daredevil (3)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (47)
    Sense (5)
    R2 Astromech (6)
    Delta-7B (19)
    Plo Koon (44)
    R2 Astromech (6)
    Delta-7B (19)
    Total: 195
    I finished with 3 wins and 2 loses. I had a bad day, wasn't really concentrated at all. I could have made it into top 3 if I had won the last game. Unfortunately I played the worst X Wing since a couple of months.
    The list is strong, if you fly it well. Regen on all ships is the right tournament choice imo. Having all ships at I5 helps as well. 
    Plo: The weakest part in the list because he's lacking one force charge. Nethertheless his I5 is strong as well as his ability. I was able to make good use of it.
    Obi: Strong because of 3 force. 
    Ric: The star of the list. Each one of my opponents hated him. Daredevil is an awesome upgrade for him because it increases his time on target massively. He's hard to catch, hard to kill and can deal a decent amount of damage (for under 50 points!)
    Why I'm not flying this list anymore:
    The german meta: Nearly everyone was preparing for the upcoming championship. In 4 of my 5 games I faced 4+ ships with a lot of hitpoints. Playing against such lists is really difficult because Jedi only have 2 green dice which is unfortunate against lots of arcs. It's also really hard to keep guns on one target without getting blocked or shot down.
    2 green dice: I lost 2 Jedi in two attacks. Blanked out twice - dead Jedi. It's really hard flying against so much ships and keeping this guys alive long enough. That was so depressing!!
    Despite that I enjoyed flying these three ships together. It's a good squad that can win tournaments.
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    pakirby reacted to prauxim in Republic Aces - How to?   
    I tried 6 games/4 variations of 7B/7B/N, nothing clicked. Went back to trip I4 7B with Sense, feels a lot better. Just gotta work out the optimal upgrades now with the price increases.
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    pakirby reacted to Cr0aker in Community Need   
    if you if you think you're losing in list building or in not knowing how to face an opponents list...

     hop-on vassal, and play an opponent. If you win, keep playing that list. If you lose, play the list you lost to, until you lose again. Rinse repeat. You learn a lot about the game doing this. Losing is frustrating, but I learn more from losing than I do winning.
    A lot of people who have a solid foundation in the game say pick a list learn it well and stick to it. If your new play a little bit of everything, I think helps more.
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    pakirby reacted to Ryfterek in Republic Aces - How to?   
    Daredevil. Definitely daredevil. 
    Personally, I grow less and less fond of Ric using him. His conditional 3rd red is nice, but in my experience he really lacks a punch. I am now approaching lil'Anie as his native force charge and ability basically grant you an additional free action each turn. 
    Current setup: 
    Force Aces
    (47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite]
    (19) Delta-7B
    (6) R2 Astromech
    Points: 72
    (45) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite]
    (18) Delta-7B
    (6) R2 Astromech
    (5) Sense
    Points: 74
    (41) Anakin Skywalker [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter]
    (4) R2 Astromech
    (3) Daredevil
    Points: 48
    Total points: 194
    Idea similar to that of @Ryuneke's but I can't find myself satisfied with Plo's two force charges. Then again, I'm in a comfortable situation of my local meta shifting towards Ini4- beefy salads of various kinds. No real experience yet with this list though and I won't have any playtime for another two weeks, unfortunately. 
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    pakirby reacted to Darth Meanie in Why is It that the Rereleased Rebel Alliance A-Wing Will Be the Rebels Version and Not the Return of the Jedi Version?   
    A.  So if you have the old A-wing, why is this an issue?
    B.  When I bitched about a Limited Edition paint job Vulture, no one cared, because it plays just the same.  At least this is available to all players at MSRP without a bunch of scalpers f*cking over the community.  As every one said then, you can feel free to paint it.
    C.  I have the old one(s).  It's an enticement for veterans to pick up a new ship expac.  Actually, I'm I'm disappointed that the TIE Defender doesn't feature yellow prototype stripes.   I'm annoyed and would like to see the Empire get some repaints when possible, since every other faction is.  Odds are, even as an Imperial player, I'll buy another A-wing but NOT another Defender for exactly those reasons. 
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    pakirby got a reaction from h0racio in Old school rebels   
    This is fun
    (51) Cassian Andor [UT-60D U-wing]
    Points: 51
    (51) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing]
    (0) Jamming Beam
    Points: 51
    (40) "Dutch" Vander [BTL-A4 Y-wing]
    Points: 40
    (55) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing]
    (0) Servomotor S-foils
    Points: 55
    Total points: 197
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    pakirby reacted to Ryuneke in Figuring out Ric   
    I played Ric quite a bit with Crack Shot and R2 and was pretty impressed because of:
    1) Ric is pretty tanky with regen, evade and 3 green dice if he went faster than the opponent ship.
    2) He’s pretty cheap for what he’s capable of. He comes in at only 47 points as an I5 pilot with regen and Crack Shot. 
    3) I really like to disengage in X Wing, therefore Ric is my ship. He’s coming in fast to deal some damage, followed by a disengage to acquire a lock.
    4) Ric changed the way my opponents where playing because they dialed in faster maneuvers at some point in the game.
    I also think that it’s not necessary to dial in a >3 speed maneuver just for the evade+ability. Two dice are better in a good spot than having 3 dice without doing anything...
    Daredevil and maybe even Juke are good ways to build him. I stay with Crack Shot because it’s cheap and awesome.
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    pakirby reacted to Tvboy in Republic Aces - How to?   
    Daredevil on Ric with either R2 or R4-P has been really good alongside to Jedi 7B aces. Zoom in, hit hard, then zoom past and escape and regen if needed, then do a big 180 turn with a hard 3 and hard boost that lets you keep an evade, then zoom in for another pass. R4-P lets you pull off those 4 and 5 straights after a red boost or T-Roll to pretty much guarantee the extra dice. It's much easier for opponents to shrink him to a normal N1 if he's limited to only 3-speed maneuvers because he's stressed. 
    Also I think if you put Sense on Obi-Wan that eliminates most of the need for Anakin's I6 and dropping him down to Plo Koon saves 19 points (14 after adding Sense). 
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    pakirby reacted to wurms in KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! "Ultimate X Token Holder"   
    Kickstarter is live!
    Please check it out. Thank you!
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    pakirby reacted to Ryuneke in Republic Aces - How to?   
    I tried trip CLT Jedi aces and was not amazed. They were fun to fly but explode so fast. Even with the force you still can blank out and lose one ship right away. 
    So after a couple of games I'd rather have 7B Anakin and Ric Oleeeeee instead of CLT Anakin and CLT Plo in my list. Ric survived longer and dealt more damage than my CLT Plo did...
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    pakirby reacted to kempokid in The New Regenerating Aces   
    I played Obi and Anakin this weekend and man oh man did I underestimate it. It’s not going to destroy you but it’s going to hit, run, and recover damage. Great list to pickup MOV wins. I see yours in a similar way, but those torrents will probably go and if Ric gets blocked our caught under multiple arcs, kiss him goodbye. 
    I should also mention that 199 is not a great bid for Ani these days.*
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    pakirby reacted to FriendofYoda in The New Regenerating Aces   
    I have been playing around with something similar, while the Torrents are great I opted for a little more punch.
    Ric: Outmaneuver, Adv Sens, R2 Astro, Proton Torps (75)
    Anakin: CLT, R5 Astro (71)
    104th Battalion ARC-170: (42)

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    pakirby reacted to theBitterFig in Ric Olié & Ionized ships   
    I mean, it's not "twisted logic" it's more like "common sense."
    (Well, to some extent.  At some point, arguing the point is just spitting into the wind...)
    The "basic idea" of Ric is that if he goes faster, he gets an extra die.  However, like a lot of other "basic ideas" that isn't how the card actually works.  @thespaceinvader is completely correct that by the rules, Ric Olie doesn't work against an Ionized ship.  There's a lot of strange hiccups around Revealed Maneuvers rules, IMHO; not just Ric, but a lot of other effects.
    Is that silly?  Personally, I think it's VERY silly that Ric doesn't work against an Ionized ship.  But thems the rules.
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    pakirby reacted to PhantomFO in Wave 4 messy?   
    The N-1 is also in crazy demand right now. It's an iconic swarm ship with good stats that had never been released before, making it probably the most popular release of 2nd edition.
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    pakirby reacted to KingmanHighborn in Why no love for Maarek Stele?   
    He is great with marksmanship, FCS and afterburners. Don't know who's downing him but I wouldn't listen to them. Vader, Maarek and space cow or reaper makes a great 3 ship list. 
    You really just need a ship to pull down shields first so he can do his thing. To that end redline is another good one to fly with him. 
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    pakirby got a reaction from Ryuneke in Republic Aces - How to?   
    I’ve been playing this with decent success...
    (62) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite]
    (20) Delta-7B
    Points: 82
    (45) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite]
    (18) Delta-7B
    Points: 63
    (42) Ric Olié [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter]
    (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes
    (5) R2-C4
    Points: 53
    Total points: 198
    Get target locks ASAP (Range control must be spot on) Pincer attack from multiple angles on a single target then run away.  Rinse and repeat.  Stay out of kill boxes.  Really fun to fly...
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    pakirby reacted to Amc879 in Old school rebels   
    I love the Bwing. Rebels as a whole can be fun and tricky depending on what synergy your team has. There focus sharing, lock passing, stress manipulation. Can be a simole faction but each of these pieces needs a different strategy to fly. Cant just joust everyone all the time. 
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    pakirby reacted to Tvboy in Blocking   
    Another time to block that people haven't mentioned is when you have a severely damaged ship that you want to keep alive for another turn, you can jam into your opponents ships so they can't shoot at it with whatever ships you blocked with it. Its a good way to force an opponent to split their fire.
    I've actually won games in the past by just blocking my opponents last ship with my last ship multiple times in a row  while I was higher on points.
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