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  1. We update points Just like we release our products
  2. pakirby

    Rebel ships

    Jake is awesome, especially with a coordinating ship like AP-5/Cassian. The two attack dice kinda suck, but he can easily get focus.
  3. pakirby

    N-1 Exclusive

    I think FFG did the right thing by doing a random selection AFTER the Adepticon folks reserved their ships. Looks like you’ll either have to buy one on eBay or paint your own...
  4. Jake can also Roll > Pilot Ability Focus > Red Boost > Ship Ability Friendly ship at range 0-1 may perform a Focus action. Odds of him being at 0-1 range of a friendly ship are probably slim (especially mid game)...
  5. That would actually be a very nice addition to store tournament prize kits. They have limited edition alt art cards in the seasonal prize kits, right?
  6. Just paint the one you have.
  7. I haven’t heard anything yet.
  8. I think they were referring to adepticon.
  9. Ya, some more tie interceptor pilots would be nice. Soontir/Turr gets kinda old after a while
  10. That might be a solution. If they just say “Store will be open on x day at y time” then everyone will go there at that time and we’d crash their server. They could make the ship available for purchase in lots of x per day and only available at random unadvertised time windows each day to spread out the purchases.
  11. Like Vagabond. Drop device in the system phase, aileron then drop another device.
  12. Omicron Group Pilot Scimitar Squadron Bomber 104th Battalion Pilot
  13. How do you play against yourself on Vassal. I can switch players and move both sides ships to the board to position them and can even set each sides dials, but I can only move a single side dials’ to the map. When I become the opponent I cannot move ANY asset to the map. It only allows me to move the assets around within the player window, I cannot move assets between the player window & the map. Is this supported? This is on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, X-wing module 8.8.1. Offline game.
  14. 5) Force is crazy good, if/when you can take advantage of it. Obstacles/Blocking is just the name of this game. You move and hope for the best. It’s OK to get stressed if you can get a shot/not get shot. Just don’t get stressed often. 4) General rule I follow is to take an evade if you do not have a shot and will get shot. Otherwise take a focus. If you need a lock for a missile or whatever and you are not getting shot, take the lock. Otherwise Focus. Try not to get stressed (easier said than done) you need mods.
  15. The cut should be on the next day but most folks cannot make the next day for a store champ. Maybe do 4 rounds with cut?
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