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  1. Anakin, Mace & Wolffe is solid. That’s what I run. Might run a few N-1s instead just because I don’t like torrents.
  2. The only problem I’ve found is that the cardboard templates from the core set tend to fit under the base rather than being flush with the ship base if you use the cabinet bumpers (depending on their height). But if you use acrylic templates which are slightly thicker you don’t have this problem.
  3. Even though points aren’t out yet for Wave 4, what lists do you think would be fun to fly? N-1 Naboo Handmaiden, Passive Sensors (45) N-1 Ric Olie, Passive Sensors, Juke, Plasma Torps (55) ARC-170 Sinker or Jag (50) Sprite Ashoka (47)
  4. Swarm Tactics on a few of the high init pilots is popular as well...
  5. Four ties (Howl/Iden & friends) and vader is fun
  6. How did you come up with the 40% and 80% values?
  7. Attack Die 3 Hits 3/8 = 37.5% 1 Crit 1/8 = 12.5% 2 Eyeballs 2/8 = 25% 2 Blanks 2/8 = 25% Adding a Focus = 37.5 (3 Hits) + 12.5 (1 Crit) + 25 (2 Eyeballs) = 75% chance of a hit Defense Die 3 Evades 3/8 = 37.5% 2 Eyeballs 2/8 = 25% 3 Blanks 3/8 = 37.5 Adding a Focus = 37.5 (3 Evades) + 25% (2 Eyeballs) = 62.5% chance of an evade
  8. Probably just me but I found that every ship needs synchronized console, I wasn’t able to reliably keep ships within range 1 of a ship with sync con. If everyone has sync con I could pass locks up to range 3. My problem as was that I’d spend my lock before I could make use of sync con.
  9. I’ve played against a good amount of Republic lists and I’ve only flew against two players that made consistent use of Synchronized Console. The others just either didn’t use SC or didn’t have it in their list. Anyone else use Synchronized Console consistently?
  10. Just curious, how would you build an epic list that consists entirely of B- Wings? Are epic lists 300 points (or more)? I’ve never played epic, which is why I’m asking...
  11. 2Advanced2BimbersSabacc (38) Tempest Squadron Pilot [TIE Advanced x1] Points: 38 (38) Tempest Squadron Pilot [TIE Advanced x1] Points: 38 (30) Scimitar Squadron Pilot [TIE/sa Bomber] (7) Barrage Rockets Points: 37 (30) Scimitar Squadron Pilot [TIE/sa Bomber] (7) Barrage Rockets Points: 37 (44) "Pure Sabacc" [TIE/sk Striker] (3) Seismic Charges Points: 47 Total points: 197
  12. Wedge with Proton Torps can take out a 4 health ship in one shot. He took out my Duchess in the second round.
  13. Yeah, Fat Han Sucks, LOL!
  14. Not talking points for me, but I hate Guri and Fenn. They are high on my list to get off of the board.
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