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  1. In-fact, the first prequel book has options for using that boost to buy a lightsaber or a set of basic clone gear.
  2. Disney stopped allowing reprints of Old Republic stuff in France years ago. Disney is perfectly capable of being bad enough to block reprints. Still, I'd like to see reprints and Classic Adventures: Volume Six (since it makes more sense than reprinting many of the adventures on their own). Full digital catalog release in 2023 if Disney isn't dumb enough to renew EA's agreement (****, I'd like to see some kind of agreement with WotC for digital release of the stuff from there). Aside from that, I'd like to see them ignore the Disney canon as much as possible. That should be easy, see as Disney ignores it plenty...
  3. Remember how the EU went decades without serious errors and when when one popped up, nearly always from the prequels it could never have accounted for, it was used to create interesting world building? Now Disney can't go a couple months without major contradictions.
  4. Jar Jar was added to appeal to kids. Not exactly a good counter example there...
  5. Things advertised as having "diversity" and bad writing always seem to overlap. If it's all a creator or publisher can think of to sell their product, it's a sign of shallowness. Works created to be "diverse", as this was, are even worse since it shows this isn't remotely a natural part of writing. Really, the interesting thing about this announcement is it comes the exact day before Bob Iger is canned (Yeah, sure, he just "retired" in the middle of the week and was replaced by an internal hire. That's how people normally leave companies on their own volition...).
  6. Well now we know why Disney blocked reprinting Old Republic stuff in French years ago. This totally doesn't look like it was worth that. This looks like a compilation of every thing wrong with current media design. Women with half the head shaved, the only hairstyle for black women being a big afro (5 years ago this would have been deemed horrifically racist.), "relatable characters" instead of interesting ones (Do I "relate to" among the farmer whose guardians are murdered after he finds classified information and learns super powers and his secret legacy? The princess who gets kidnapped by the military then watched her entire planet get killed? The career criminal who gets in way over his head when taking a job to pay off his debt?), explicit "diversity" (Every. Single. Work. I've seen with this as a selling point has been nothing but token characters with little to no personality, and often the "characters" are interchangeable between works.). The only thing that could set off more alarms is if they described the characters as "quirky". edit: Oh dear God, I just noticed the black girl's "smile". The personality implications are horrible.
  7. No, Abrams can only make it "feel like Star Wars" with very blatant and overt cloning.
  8. We thinking of the same Saga system and same 5E? Even within a single class 1-20 two Saga characters can be completely different. 5E's subclasses are only secondary features and the same for everyone.
  9. Wizards of the Coast did a series of articles on this back when they had the Star Wars license.
  10. The second. Hyperspace routes would be a grid instead of an asterisk if the first were the case since there'd be no reason the stopovers are only in a line from themselves to the core, rather than having lines between them.
  11. I doubt that there's material to make the movie not terrible. They might include some explanations cut (like the Dyad thing mentioned in one of the supplement books that was in the leaks but not the movie), but all the Disney movies are terrible and there's no way to make any of them decent, let alone good, by just using cut footage. Abrams has repeatedly shown he can't do endings, with or without Johnson getting in the way. I don't see why it would be any different if he was given the whole trilogy. This whole thing of blame game reeks of everyone in charge finger pointing to avoid being assigned blame, not willing to admit the whole place is terrible.
  12. On tonight's program: We see if anyone outside of the Five Brothers can make a decent Karelian Corellian Pie.
  13. For in-universe visual fiction, the term to look for is "Holodrama", "Holo-Serial", "Holo-film" and "Holo-Play". One thing to remember is that the holonet and especially subspace relay both have notable lag, and data isn't cheap. Just sending 10 seconds of data on subspace costs ~5 credits, and sending it via holo is massive in cost. As such remote shopping resembles the Sear's Catalog (examine the Galladinium's catalog, write your desired order down and mail it with your payment info) more than Amazon. Transmitting TV shows that may or may not be watched likely isn't cheap. I'd imagine that filmed fiction in the Star Wars universe falls into a few categories 1: What's made locally within the system. 2: Delayed broadcasts of popular core programs 3: Vast troves of public domain material distributed on physical media. Remember that just the Republic is thousands of years old, and Holos at least several thousand (as they appear in Tales of the Jedi). Non-holo fiction can also include the works of its member planets which are even more ancient (no doubt the Corellian system has endless adaptations of Rastus Khal's adventures).
  14. On VR, I wouldn't remotely think it out of place for a Star Wars story to find a civilization of [url=https://www.britannica.com/topic/Lotus-Eater]lotus-eaters[/url] hooked up to it on an undiscovered planet. Virtual reality existed in some form back in the real canon.
  15. The Death Star plans were divided into pieces and each subcontractor only got the plans for their segment (and maybe bits of adjacent ones). This is why there's a dozen such separate thefts in the EU and why nobody realized the chain reaction possibility. This is consistent with WEG's book on the thing, which had the non-superlaser parts in independently operating blocks.
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