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  1. @Tramp Graphics Please provide a source for your claim that penetrated armor reduces damage in any meaningful way. edit: Did you miss the fact that the arrow didn't penetrate? The video explicitly says that. I also have to question the fact that you acknowledge that you've essentially just said you dropped Saga because armor wasn't useless (which is still is if you don't specialize it or are NPC classed).
  2. One similarity they both share is they're the only two systems I'm aware of, bar all OGL systems like Pathfinder, where there's a fanmade index listing where everything is. One interesting thing to compare is the autofire rules. Saga's made stormtroopers super dangerous in sufficient quantities, even at high levels, if you didn't have Evasion or cover. FFG's system is just more damage. Neither really carries the benefit of suppressive fire mechanically, though Saga does slightly better by giving a significant reason to stay in cover. I liked M&M's implementation of giving a penalty to actions done within an area unless the target takes an attack (which, given many starting characters in M&M are literally bulletproof, may be too big a deal). Exactly. If an attack is over the armor's rating it does (at best) nothing. Level III plate isn't going to lower the damage of a 30-06 black tip, it just won't stop it. A graze system where attacks that hit your touch AC but miss your armored AC deal non-lethal damage would be a reasonable system, but neither of the ones in question use it. I'm not sure why you were so hung up on D20's implementation of armor as DR either. Star War d20 was notorious for armor being pretty much useless since it only applied when you were almost dead.
  3. Potentially true of cover, but not personal armor. If anything an attack that penetrates hard armor is actually more harmful since you've not got a bunch of extra metal/ceramic in the wound and the bullet begins fragmenting/tumbling/mushrooming inside the victim much earlier.
  4. Sure, but generally it's either it's between unarmored people or hard martial arts (if we count the Wookiee ripping people apart as hard martial arts) armor won't apply to anyways. It's not common enough to design the armor system around it.
  5. Padding v. blunt perhaps, but the Battle of Endor is the only time that will ever come up in Star Wars.
  6. Not getting "hit" mechanically doesn't mean the attack didn't hit you, it means it didn't hit you effectively and did no damage as a result. That's why D&D had touch AC (though Saga Edition dropped that distinction).
  7. No, it's successful it's negating it entirely or or turning it into non-lethal (strain) with ZERO in-between. Real armor isn't DR in the slightest.
  8. Checking my copy of the Saga Index (since passenger and crew numbers aren't game mechanics and tend to remain static across RPGs) the Gozanti, YT-1300P (YT-1300 that carries only 1/4th the cargo but extra quarters for 21 crew+passengers) and maybe a GS-100 Salvage Ship are the only ones that are remotely appropriate in cost, maybe a Citadel class cruiser if you want to go bigger. Of these the Gozanti is the only one stated for this system, though the YT-1300P is trivial to homebrew. The GS-100 and Citadel may be in Rise of the Separatists, whenever that comes out, since they were recurring ships in the cartoon, but I doubt you want to wait that long.
  9. No, that's exactly how armor works. Mail, stab proof vests, kevlar (and other soft ballistic vests), ballistic plates and even most vehicular armor have one of the following outcome to being hit a: It's insufficient and the armor is useless b: it's sufficient and the armor stop the blow 😄 it's sufficient but enough energy transfers through to leave you with some degree of nasty blunt trauma (can be anywhere between being debilitating but non-lethal and within natural healing or to to internal damage) or d: it stops the attack but transfers enough force to kill you anyways (this is why nobody really uses helmets rated for rifle rounds: The indent and trauma will still kill you even if it doesn't penetrate.). There is no such thing as armor that merely reduces damage to the user.
  10. Saga's caster/martial disparity vanishes once further books are introduced. The main problem is the best stuff for force users is in the core rulebook (Skill Focus+Move Object is really all you need), really hard to screw up, and the rest is just niche applications or options to specialize in some aspect of the Force, while for martials the best stuff is non-core. You can make a noble/soldier/officer that buffs allies with swift action while debuffing enemies and doing respectable damage by autofire, a grappler that tears people's arms out of their sockets or a rogue class I droid that uses its knowledge of anatomy to hurt as well as heal easily enough and you aren't too far behind a good force user, but you need all the books to do it (Also, since it was asked earlier: For hitting people with your gun without the feat, that's just the improvised weapon rules.) Now Star Wars d20, that was pure and utter rubbish. I have no idea how it held on so long with the basic, fundamental problems it had. Galactic Campaign Guide, Coruscant and the Core Worlds, Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds and the free web article Hoth and the Greater Javin are all worth a look, but none of them actually contain much gameplay information (a few species, items and creatures are scattered within Core Worlds and Rim Worlds while Galactic Campaign Guide doesn't even have that.).
  11. Other than various specializations that grant bonuses on leadership checks (Command, Improved Inspiring Rhetoric) applying to Battle Meditation are there any abilities from non-force using specializations that synergize with force abilities?
  12. The book in question was published in 1996, before the Special Edition of the original film was released and long before using the internet to send a blocky 3D model was a sane idea. That's why I used it as an example.
  13. Would it be possible to make these searchable (CTRL+F)? Aside from being able to quickly find the sheet you're looking for, it would be nice to help find certain talents (What are all the options to up Improved Inspiring Rhetoric?) or use/boost a certain skill.
  14. WotC RPGs did state free Wookiees were "rare" during the Dark Times and early Rebellion eras (Saga Core Rulebook 23) and many of the "free" ones are escapees (Force Unleashed 157). That's consistent with the rest of the EU since the Empire did kinda go around hunting down Wookiees and enslaving them in retribution for helping Yoda escape. Twi'lek is more of an oddity since that's mainly a problem with those from Ryloth while they're relatively widespread across the Galaxy and many have never been to Ryloth.
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