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  1. OK, getting to the point where I'm transferring all the writeup in Word to AP. So, here's the planned writeup for Drive Thru RPG, for the product... This supplement provides four (4) unique taverns set in the lands of Terrinoth. Each place of business has a culture all its own, whether it’s a tavern using gnomish inventions, the watering hole for orcs, a refined fine dining experience, or a taste of the exotic jungles of Zanaga. Each tavern is detailed including pictured NPCs, tavern layout, setting specific food and drink items, and adventure seeds to spur adventures related to each location. Developed by veteran GM and self-described Terrinoth researcher Chris Markham, this is the first of many planned supplements for the Realms of Terrinoth setting. Though this supplement is set in the world of Mennara, it can be converted for use in your own fantasy world. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Realms of Terrinoth setting, and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product.
  2. Not new to Terrinoth, having played Runebound and Descent for years. So, we wanted to use that gameworld for our D&D campaigns. However, I'm intrigued by the GENESYS system, and I'm learning it on my own, in hopes to have the group try it out for the next campaign. But since I'm the GM, I'll need to know it backwards and forwards before they do. While putting my campaign site together, its been fun piecing together all the bits of lore from not only the recent ROT book, but from the Descent games and Runebound games we own. In doing so, I've gotten to see just how much lore is out there, and even discovered other, previous games in the setting, etc. So my site has changed to not only being for our campaign, but also as a central location for the compiled Terrinoth lore I've found. It's been fun, and honestly, really neverending it seems! https://www.scabard.com/pbs/campaign/235523
  3. Note, whoever came up with these cards really knew their stuff. I'm pretty up on mythology, but there were a LOT in here that were completely new to me....but I was lucky enough to find great images for. These were really well researched, so if you need some weird monsters to throw at your PCs, check it out. I mean sure, Oni, and Kappa were fairly common, but a lot of the others are just weird.
  4. Finally finished with this!
  5. FYI, I'm in the process of breaking up my "Official NPCs" folder into subfolders for easier lookup and use. I'm basically breaking them all up into "Heroes" (the playable heroes in Descent, Runebound), "Villains in Terrinoth" (adversaries), "Rulers" (such as Barons, leaders of cities, nations, etc.), "Military Leaders" (the leaders in the various militaries of Mennara), "Named NPCs" (allies, lesser mentioned but named NPCs), and "Roles" (for cards that were more role based like local bandits, casters, etc. versus actual named folks). It will take a while. I did the A's so far this morning....lol. EDIT: B's now done. Only 24 letters to go....lol.
  6. They simply don't behave with a human mindset, so you kind of have to approach it this way. In Zyla's case, it seems she at least does have SOME of that mindset (for now) in joining the heroes....but who really knows the whims of the Fae?
  7. Appreciate it. I know there are AP templates in the Foundry materials too, but I'll certainly look at all I can. I bought the program, but need to install it on home PC.
  8. Not using it as a setting, but I am working in some things from it. Possibly. I've got them added in the campaign software, just not sure if I'll use any of it yet. I may do more after seeing the show though, the one currently on.
  9. All but one NPC left artwork wise (and 4 small maps). Most (about 4/5) of the writing is done. Hoping to finalize the artwork this week and any other writing details by the end of the following week. Then finally assembling it in AP to get the right look and feel. (and learning how to use AP in the process). So hopefully still on track for an end of Sept. release. I should be on an episode of the Foundry's podcast prior to release, or about the same time, as Ian reached out to me, and it seems like a good idea. So getting there! I've got solid ideas for additional ones after this too, so once published, I'll get on the next project. It's all in my spare time, so takes a while (as well as just myself doing it, and my daughter helping with some of the art).
  10. Yep, she's definitely a fae now, as canon, but wasn't so much in earlier versions. And normal sized. I've got a pretty long writeup on her. https://www.scabard.com/pbs/campaign/235523/character/263828 Due to her very alien appearance (ver Gueillrmo del Torro-like), I definitely plan on using her in the campaign soon, as an occasional ally and foil for the party. It really hits home that Terrinoth is not your typical fantasy world. And that's what drew our group to use it.
  11. Later on...they will certainly travel all over Mennara. But for first 6 or so...just Terrinoth. In my campaign, the prior emperors stayed out of the fighting and stayed reclusive (allowing geography to keep them isolated). That won't be an option during the current, coming Darkness that the PCs will be facing. But, the PCs will be tasked with trying to convince the current Emperor of the need to get involved this time around. (when the time comes). For now, the PCs are just getting acquainted with the world still. This next adventure (the 3rd one) will actually have more direct involvement of Lord Vorakesh's minions....so that will be fun.
  12. I assume they are different (at least going by canon artwork). In the ROT book, the FFG art on page 174...the larger version of this pic has a traditional pegasus pictured flying. There are some older references to pegasi too, in other terrinoth products that came before it. The dimora is not a canon pic. I don't believe one exists, so I found something as close as possible to the description. My players always need visuals. (and it's my own pet peeve).
  13. Do you have a link for the new images for Laughin Buldar and Aurim? I haven't seen those, not even in searching. I do have them in already, just with different images. FYI, you mentioned looking at RuneWars, etc. When fleshing mine out, I've been looking at everything Terrinoth that exists, even Diskwars, Battlelore, etc. There really are little tidbits of lore throughout all of these over the years...that really add up to a lot. Here's the whole list, if you are interested... Battlemist Diskwars Runebound (First/Second) Descent (First) Runewars (First/Revised) Dungeonquest (Third) Rune Age Descent (Second) Battlelore (Second) Runebound (Third) Runewars Legacy of Dragonholt Heroes of Terrinoth (just picked this one up, but still on the way)
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