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  1. Okay, I am currently trying to think of a way to unmasked in combat that have some weith to it. Because, in a combat setting it sure you will accumulate aloot of strife but, the core rulebook don't give that much exemple of in combat unmasking. Do you have any to suggest to me ?
  2. Can you combo Veiled Menace Style and Deadly Sting on an unaware enemy ?
  3. Funny you say that. I always though AT-PT was bigger that AT-TE. I am pretty sure they are taller.
  4. Wait a sec. I know I just said the contrary, but is the LAAT really smaller then the AT-TE ? Because I just remember that there is a LAAT variant able to transport a AT-TE. So it must be at least in a similar range in terms of size ?
  5. Then the discussion is pretty much close. But if you would allow me a new question. What could we expect for new heavy vehicule for the republic then ? Maybe the Low Altitude Assault Transport. We say with the rebel speeder that they are not afraid to put flying unit. The scale would be better and it would give some cool mobility to the clone army. Because right now, with the lack of good and fast vehicule (I look at you BARC), I feel like the best strategy is to abuse the fire support attribute in some 18 century line fighting with obi-wan dodging everyshoot.
  6. I was looking at the saber and was kind of underwelmed. I like it, but it's just one of those unit that feel are really more associated with the extended universe (I actually don't remember seing anyone in any movie). My favourite tank do is still not annonced. But I fear it may be to big for Star Wars Legion. Do you think we will get the AT-TE ?
  7. I started to play one week ago with my roomate using the clone war core set. After three game, I am really asking my self if the BARC speeder is really worth all is points. I feel like it's supposed to be a quick speeder and not a tank, but with a movement of two with the weapons he is not faster then a trooper units. On the other and when I see how much my roomate droideka are doing for the same cost I feel like, I do not get enough for my points. Am I just bad or is there something wrong with that unit ?
  8. Thank You ! That's a cool ! I could imagine something similar with some vehicule we know the empire reporpous from the republican era.
  9. I see that R2-D2 is in the Republic Army is it a glich or those he have a special autorisation to be in 2 different faction ?
  10. I see that there alot more stuff for the rebellion era faction that for the clone wars one. Are clone wars era faction any good and worth playing are if i wanna play i should focus my self on the empire and rebellion era faction ? Thank You !
  11. But in the upcoming page it's still in the on devlopement categorie with mean they didn't send it to the printer so don't hold your breath.
  12. No idea, but I have been wondering the same thing
  13. Do someone know why Mantis. Because, I see a meaning in all of the clan name : Carb = great armor, Unicorn = horses, Lion = proud and fearless, Scorpion = sneaky and poisonnous, Crane = elequent, Dragon and Pheonix = mystical in there own way. But for the mantis... I feel like that's just a random cool animal. Is there something I missed about the animal or the lore ?
  14. Depends, Crab are to pragmatic and have there hands full of crap to owe anythning to anyone. The need to defend the wall period. If they think they gonna protect the wall more effectivly by working with the Mantis or the Lion. Be it ! No time to play your court games.
  15. I am also curious to see some gaijin that are not from the Ivory Kighdom, as cool as they are. Maybe, some more african or polynesian inspired gaijin could be cool. Like having the actual afrosamurai in your Ronin party.
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