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  1. This may fit your bill. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7i5b46x7rup4zy/AAA7Hysz5XE-rtt7hACFjiLna/5th ed/Player Aids?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking=1 I can't take credit for them, but we reference them for our campaign. One caveat: We've found at least one error that was left over from the beta and didn't get fixed when it went final (outdated reference to an "Assessment" during initiative where you have an option to remove 3 strife instead of assessing). So you may want to cross-check any cards you use against the rulebook at least once.
  2. Some of the named special abilities of NPCs that match those available to PCs aren't quite the same. E.g., the Skillful Ronin's "Striking as Fire" technique adds 2 deadliness per opportunity spent, whereas the PC kata version only adds 1. So I wouldn't necessarily assume that the Hida Kotoe writeup implies that PCs' equivalent ability is intended to match hers.
  3. Extinguish works against persistent Fire effects, but I don't know of a generic/general-purpose "dispel".
  4. Yeah, if nothing else, I strongly suspect that aligns with rules as intended, anyway.
  5. Is the kiho from a supplemental book? I don't see any Earth kiho in the base book that reduce physical damage as an enhancement effect. Earthen Fist gives you +1 physical resistance and Grasp the Earth Dragon reduces the severity of crits from physical sources (though it has a burst effect that reduces physical damage to 1 for one round). That raises a question in my mind though-- does that reduction to 1 happen before or after resistance is applied? The book doesn't seem to address the order in which to apply damage reduction effects.
  6. True, though the Ronin technique only applies to an attack rather than for a full round, which you'd probably want to keep to avoid loading up for a massive crit on the following turn. In fact, it's even called "Striking as Fire" in his description, interestingly enough. Edit: Though the Ronin is also fixed at 2 Fire Ring, so they're only going to have so many opportunities to spend.
  7. +2 severity/opp seems kind of OP to me at first blush-- pray your GM doesn't use it against you with an NPC. That could get deadly fast with a 2H Katana. My suggestion would be more situational for use against high-fitness baddies and/or with a low-deadliness weapon (e.g., Tetsubo) to ensure you do more than just damage armor.
  8. Yeah, pretty much, though it can also help an ally to "finish him!" if all you do is incapacitate him, unlike the Razor-Edged opp spend. Again, I do agree that it's kind of weak, but not completely worthless and redundant. Maybe a better one would be something like, "*: The severity of the next critical strike suffered by the target cannot be reduced by a resistance check below 3, plus one for every additional * you spend. This effect does not increase the initial severity of the critical strike and lasts until the end of your next turn."
  9. Actually, Striking as Fire is strictly better than the basic Fire opp spend, albeit only marginally. Increasing the TN effectively subtracts successes from their resist roll that each reduce crit severity by one. Increasing the crit severity by one similarly offsets one of their resist roll successes. But if they don't roll any resist successes (or fewer than the TN increase), increasing the TN doesn't have any effect, whereas increasing crit severity does (see below). Also, since it persists longer (till end of next turn), it can be applied to a crit next turn if you fail to crit them this turn. All that said, I generally agree that Striking as Fire isn't worth the purchase over the basic Fire opp. Example: Severity 5 crit 3x basic Fire opp: +3 to resist TN. Opponent rolls one success. Instead of reducing crit severity to 4, it remains 5. (+1 effective bonus) 3x Striking as Fire opp: +3 to crit severity. Opponent rolls one success. Crit severity is reduced from 8 to 7 (would otherwise be reduced from 5 to 4, so +3 effective bonus).
  10. 1. Not that I'm aware of. 2. That's actually kind of funny, and should probably be errata'ed. I'd just allow the use of Flowing Water strike, but if you can't remove your Immobilized condition with an opp, it auto-fails (the main effect doesn't trigger regardless of successes). 3. a. Resist rolls, for one. Not sure if there are any others. b. Yes, as I understand it, it works basically like that, which also seemed odd to me when I reasoned out the same thing. That said, it only triggers on a resist roll, and if you have to make a resist roll while Incapacitated, you have other issues.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean-- the basic Fire opp and Striking as Fire are both worded as the opponent's "next" resist check/critical strike, so I don't see why they couldn't theoretically both be applied at the same time to the same crit, which could be the one that happens as a result of the current strike (assuming it crits). Just because it persists until the end of your next turn doesn't mean it can't apply later in your current turn-- it just gives you a second chance if you didn't crit with this attack.
  12. Honestly, it would probably be fine if you simply added the reserved dice to your pool without replacing anything. Edit: Actually, it might even be fine if you added it as an extra kept die, since you have to take it from another roll that presumably could have used it.
  13. Except that the resist roll reduces the crit severity by 1 per bonus success, so increasing the difficulty is effectively similar to increasing the severity. The advantage of increasing the severity is that it still applies even if the opponent blows the resist roll.
  14. Agree that Striking as Fire is barely an upgrade from the basic Fire opp spend and Air seems pretty marginal, but the other "Striking as" kata look more or less fine to me without having played them.
  15. Yeah, if there is no special indicator (diamond) next to an item in a curriculum, it's something that the character could have taken regardless, but if it weren't on the curriculum list, it would have only counted half the XP towards advancement. E.g., the Hiruma Scout Rank 3 curriculum includes Rank 1-3 Kata. Since it has no diamond, this isn't granting any sort of special access (Hiruma Scouts can always purchase Kata of their rank or lower), but it means they get full XP credit towards school advancement when they purchase a kata while in Rank 3. In Rank 2, they don't have "Rank 1-2 Kata" listed, so if they purchase a kata during Rank 2, they'd only get half credit towards advancement. But their curriculum also includes various Ninjutsu techniques marked with a diamond, which means you can purchase those at the indicated ranks even though you don't normally have access to them. If "Rank 1-3 Kata" were a special exception (i.e., indicated by a diamond), it would only mean that a character gets early access to advanced kata (e.g., at Rank 2). The Emerald Magistrate title is an example of this, as it grants you access to Rank 1-2 Kata even if you're a Rank 1 character.
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