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  1. Interesting differences. Its one of the great things about the game. A lot of things can be made to work well. T47 is one of my favourite units. However it’s way over costed. 3 x speeder bike 270 2 x t47 350. T 47 can does more damage statistically and can survive more attacks than a speeder bike, but they are almost the same price of 2 units of speeder bikes. They don’t compare here. The biggest issue is that speeder bikes are much easier to hide as most buildings are tall enough to obscure them.
  2. I don’t think you understand the context of the argument. Not everybody who plays Star Wars legion lives in the us and can pay to go to a convention. You seem to not understand that a proportion of the fan base evidenced through negative reaction is unhappy about this. It is a factual argument.
  3. for all the people defending this practice - god knows why!!! It still doesn’t change the fact that the number of pissed off posts here and on facebook. demonstrating that a proportion of the fan base are annoyed. If you don’t mind, fine, good for you. However if you do mind it’s a personal preference you are allowed to have. This company is supposed to be about making money by selling models to people who want to collect and play with them. Actively preventing your fan base from buying models almost certainly limits your scope of sales and annoys a proportion of your customer base. End of the world it is not, factually this practice pisses people off. This game is small and is supported by a dedicated customer base. It’s a bad move.
  4. Poor business move FFG. Some people won’t care, however many will. It’s a dumb to actively prevent a small but global fan base from buying your product. Much of your sales are based upon customer loyalty who invest in the game and can spend a lot of money. You will make a small number of Legion players happy, you will be met with indifference from a reasonable portion and you will piss off a reasonable portion. Not a good move.
  5. You are correct in my opinion. Airspeeder is clearly worse than ATST. They will probably get a boost in Apirl to make them more viable. I’d love to take 2 airspeeders, but they are way too expensive and you just don’t have enough points left to make the rest of the army work.
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