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  1. I see I had some misconceptions about how the Togashi order related to the Brotherhood, so thanks for clearing those up, and for answering the question.
  2. Hey, I recently got the game and got a group together (very excited!) but I have a minor (and probably slightly silly) but difficult to get around question. One of my players plans on playing a Togashi monk from a samurai family, and I'm not sure how other characters should refer to them. Are monks required to disclose their place in the Celestial Order? Are they forbidden to do so? If it's allowed or required, are they then referred to with their family name and the proper honorific? What is the proper way to refer to a monk whose social class you don't know, and does it change if you find it out? This is probably somewhere in the book and I'm reading it badly, but I'd really appreciate some guidance on this.
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