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  1. Separating Conditions by type is a great idea, which I had not thought of before finding this Topic and others like it. Since I play with all 8 expansions, my complete Condition deck is several inches thick, and very difficult to shuffle. While separating out my Conditions into smaller piles, I noticed some things that would make it advisable not to separate certain types: - Composed, from the Dreamlands expansion, is both a Talent and a Boon. Thus, if using that expansion, Talents and Boons must be in the same deck - There exists at least one card that causes the Investigator to draw a random Illness or Injury (specifically, the back of one copy of Corruption, from the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion). Thus, I don't separate those types. There may be other cards that specify more than one possible category of Condition, but that's all the ones I currently know of. Personally, I choose to also combine Bane with Talent/Boon, Exposure with Injury/Illness, and Pursuit with Restriction, for thematic reasons and table space (and because Exposure, Pursuit, and Restriction are pretty small decks on their own)
  2. It sounds to me like the confusion here stems from assuming the final sentence of the official answer is directly relevant to the question. It's true that the phrasing of the answer makes it sound like it's talking about what happens if a Boon can't be given and a relevant Bane is already present, but I'm pretty sure the intent was to address a different scenario that the question brought to mind, not to clarify the preceding answer. It reads to me like the person who provided the answer thought they might otherwise be misinterpreted as saying that any effect that would block an Investigator from gaining a Boon would prevent the trade action from taking place, including those that do so by causing another card to be discarded instead. Thus: - In answer to the question: When Father Mateo wishes to give someone a Boon, the rule against duplicate conditions takes precedence over the "if you would gain another Blessed" effect on the Blessed card, so he cannot give a Blessed to someone who already has one. - As additional information: If Father Mateo gives a Boon to someone who has a Curse, Haunted, or Corruption Bane, then the "if you would gain a Boon" effect on that Bane applies, and both cards are discarded; the Bane's effect does not prevent Father Mateo from giving the Boon in the first place. In the case where, for example, Father Mateo wants to give a Blessed to someone who has both a Blessed and a Corruption, then the first of these rulings would apply, making the second irrelevant.
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