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  1. Hey, I did some research and found this thread in the EotE section with developer answered questions. Buried in the qualities part, there is a link to an answer from 2014 to a closely related question for Cumbersome by FuriousGreg: and the answer (interesting parts have been made bold by me) by Sam Stewart states: So, here's my interpretation to our question: 1) If a character is wielding a shield (= having it equipped, not necessarily fighting with it) to gain the Defensive quality, the character is "actively utilizing" it for its intended purpose. 2) By "actively utilizing" the shield and having not enough Brawn (or Agility for Unwieldy), the difficulty of all checks increases, even if the character is not fighting with it.
  2. According to our logic, if the item is "wielded" (which is in case of that bag that it is just equipped) and the character attempts to do something that could be influenced by the weight / bulkiness of the bag (Athletics, Coordination or other reasonable checks), an increased difficulty would be appropriate. So: No, not only when swinging the bag. What do you think? Maybe it would be better to rewrite the suggestion with focus on objects being equipped instead of wielded...
  3. Yeah, I agree on all points: The character has to wield the shield in his (off-)hand to gain Defensive in combination with a melee weapon, but my thoughts are mainly about how the effect of Cumbersome from the shield would affect an attack with the melee weapon - even if the character is not attacking with the shield. So my suggestion (combined from the two questions above) would be: If a character with lacking points in Brawn / Agility is wielding an object with Cumbersome / Unwieldy, the difficulty of actions which are directly influenced by wielding this object can be increased. That would include e.g. Athletics checks as well as a melee attack, where a shield is not "actively" used but still drawn. I think that would be a fair rule for my players. Thanks, all!
  4. I can really recommend Nexus of Power! It has tons of good stuff in there: wonderful places which are influenced by the force, cool relics that can be the core of your hunt and modular encounters that can be easily adapted to most adventures. But, there are no "out-of-the-box" adventures, so you still would have to invest some time and work - as an inspiration this book is perfect.
  5. Hey, thanks for the replies! I also think that it could be applied in some cases which would somehow be influenced by the weapon being used (as stated above using hands or other appropriate checks). Meanwhile a related question came to my mind: some of my players would like to use a melee weapon and a shield - the shield obviously to increase their defense. In combat they just want to use the melee weapon, so no two-weapon-combat-check would apply, because they don't want to attack with the shield, but just hold it in their off-hand. So imagine the following: A character with Brawn 2 spends two maneuvers to draw a melee weapon (main hand) and a shield (off-hand) with e.g. Cumbersome 3 and Defensive 2. Let's say everything is fine with Encumbrance. By wielding the shield in the off-hand, the passive item quality (which is RaW "always on and require no activation") Defensive 2 grants the charater and increased melee defense by 2 - no objection from my side so far. But still the character would normally be lacking one point of Brawn to properly wield the shield... Now the character would like to attack an opponent, but only with his melee weapon! The difficulty of the melee check would, according to the rules, not be increased, because the character is a) only attacking with one weapon and b) not using his shield - and the text of Cumbersome states that the character must be using the weapon. And by "using" I am talking about taking an action to attack with it, for example, but not just holding it. That, on the other hand, does not make any sense to me. If a weak character would just hold the shield and not attack with it, there would be (RaW) no increased difficulty for the melee attack, but the character would still gain the Defensive bonus, despite being officially not able to wield the shield in his off-hand properly. Is that possible? What are you thinking about this kind of example`? Again, thanks in advance!
  6. Hey! I have a question concerning the Cumbersome and Unwieldy item qualities: Both qualities are passive which is defined as being always on. Also it is stated that for each point of Brawn/Agility the character is deficient, "he must increase the difficulty of all checks made while using the weapon by one". This last part is a bit confusing, tbh. It is clear to me that if a character with Brawn 2 uses a melee weapon with Cumbersome 3 in combat, the difficulty would increase from Average to Hard, because the character lacks one point of Brawn. But: it says in the rules as cited above, that the difficulty of all checks while using the weapon should be increased. So does this mean that if the character with Brawn 2 from above with his Cumbersome 3 weapon is in combat and has this weapon drawn, that if he makes for instance an Astrogation check (which is neither a combat check nor directly related to the weapon), that the difficulty for this check would also be increased, because he still has this weapon in his hand (assuming that no maneuver is spent to put it away)? In the end it says all checks, so.... I can understand that the weight from such a weapon could put stress to a character which is not used to it, so this could of course increase the difficulty of other checks as well. But I'm not quite sure, if I'm reading this correctly. So, what do you guys think? Increase difficulty for all checks or only combat checks? Thanks in advance for your input!