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  1. Sad
    krebeck reacted to Alpha17 in Bossk article up   
    Bossk will likely be the second Imperial expansion I don't pick up.  He looks good gameplay wise, but I don't like Bossk (or really any of the other bounty hunters besides Boba).  Oh well. 
  2. Haha
    krebeck reacted to Darth Sanguis in Balance   
    Yeah, that's a bit better, but with reds it gets gross...

    Everything but the flamethrower in a full unit throwing this... 5 reds and up to 6 black... with blast and surge to crit?

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    krebeck got a reaction from Darth Sanguis in Balance   
    That's the best combo for the snow troopers, trow a recon intel on them too, and woo doggie!  
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    krebeck reacted to Darth Sanguis in Balance   
    A friend of mine uses this but adds frags to his snowtroopers... With the surge to crit the attack pools get gruesome. Even my imperial units have a difficult time surviving an attack. 
  5. Thanks
    krebeck reacted to JediPartisan in Bossk   
    I’ve played against him several times and I have to say, he’s well worth the points to include in an Imperial list. Even if you don’t use his Command cards.
    If he’s used properly, you’ll keep him at range 4 and round after round pickoff unit after unit. If someone makes a play on Bossk (moving into range 3), duck him into cover and let him heal up while moving him back to range 4, then rinse and repeat. At first I thought Bossk’s 3 pip was crap (getting multiple aims for 1 attack) but having 5 crits on 5 dice is insane (no cover, no dodge with Pierce 1). Bossk is a unit that looks like it might be weak on paper (white defense dice and white attack dice), but in game he is a bad *****.
  6. Haha
    krebeck reacted to qwertyuiop in Bossk   
    Bossk is a dork, but he's a bounty hunter. He's a dangling carrot for the bounty hunter prize we all want; 4LOM and Zuckuss. 
    I'm torn on the shoretroopers.

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    krebeck reacted to arnoldrew in Bossk   
    I've played against him a few times on TTS, he's a wrecking ball at long range. He's just tough to deal with in general.
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    krebeck reacted to FearofaBlankPlanet in Bossk   
    Ah, just checked and you're right
    He can still play sniper, lay his dioxin charge and have a nasty melee attack to boot. 
    Give him Hunter and let him hunt? 
  9. Thanks
    krebeck reacted to Orkimedes in Bossk   
    I've been using him in Invader.  He's amazing.
    His long range firepower is excellent with aim token access, and his command cards are very solid.  He's definitely vulnerable to burst damage, so you don't want to get him close to any major threats, but luckily he is very effective at range 4.  Regen punishes your opponent for trying to chip damage off him at range.
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    krebeck reacted to TalkPolite in Bossk   
    He's been pretty effective in this season of the Invader League. I think he'll be a staple of long range suppression lists. 
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    krebeck reacted to FearofaBlankPlanet in Bossk   
    I haven't used him yet, but he seems cool. He could pair well with scout saboteurs as he can play sniper as well as help detonate any charges they set. 
    He also provides a welcome change to the standard Imperial colour palette
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    krebeck reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Shore Trooper Article   
    But..  do they like sand?  
  13. Haha
    krebeck reacted to Tvayumat in Shore Trooper Article   
    Clearly Scarif was tired of losing the annual Galactic Imperial Team Building Day volleyball tournament.
  14. Haha
    krebeck reacted to DarkTrooperZero in Sprues Advantages/Disadvantages   
    Sprues > Rubber models in little baggies.
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    krebeck got a reaction from Alpha17 in Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror   
    Nah man, they're just trying to escape to the nearest fridge 
  16. Sad
    krebeck got a reaction from TauntaunScout in Happy National Dewback Day!!!   
    This is awesome, I can’t believe I forgot about this. I usually get my nerf herd something but I totally blanked on the day.
  17. Haha
    krebeck reacted to TauntaunScout in Happy National Dewback Day!!!   
    No it's not. But I AM personally VERY surprised that they did not announce a new dewback unit on National Dewback Day. My family is Lithuanian so we of course also play that old Dewback Jousting game with a spinner and a blindfold. I won way too much candy at it this year, my dentist will be mad.

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    krebeck got a reaction from TauntaunScout in Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror   
    Nah man, they're just trying to escape to the nearest fridge 
  19. Sad
    krebeck reacted to Manchester in Situation on Krennic and Deathtroopers 3.0   
    Not the UK page though. If I have to pre-order from the US page shipping is 25$ 😭😣
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    krebeck reacted to TauntaunScout in Wait, astromechs can't repair speeders?!?   
    How do they fix something as it flys past? Made sense to me.
  21. Thanks
    krebeck reacted to Tirion in Best to worse units for points optimization   
    These kind of lists kill me. Play what you like not what everyone else says is good. It's more important to know your list than to play the "meta". 
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    krebeck reacted to Proton Torpedo in 2 At-St, and other fun things   
    You could drop the extra trooper upgrades and the e-web to get another DLT stormtrooper squad.
    Also I am not a big fan of the mortar launcher on the AT ST. I like the grenade launcher a lot more. If you do the above, you would still have enough leftover points to swap the mortar for the grenade launcher.
  23. Haha
    krebeck reacted to TauntaunScout in Legion outpacing X-Wing   
    I disagree about them being the best nowadays. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I am serious when I say, I think GW's models are too detailed, and I'm tired of the "matrix poses". Overly dynamic posing makes a model fragile, hard to store, hard to game with, etc. They are more detailed, more intricate, better posed... and as a result, WORSE miniatures than what many other people offer now. I liken it to music. The best selling music is not always the best music. I just have no idea who's buying this stuff. The core sets are great but the rest just strikes me as such a lopsided fun-to-dollars conversion, compared to the fun I could convert those dollars to elsewhere, without even talking about other miniatures games.
    The detail (like the rest of the line) is getting stale too. They just keep re-sculpting the same stuff, using auto-CAD to cram more of the same things on. If chaos, they may as well slap a virtual banner on it saying "NOW! With 30% MORE spikes and chains!" or if not chaos, "30% MORE scrolls and candles!".
    They may be historical but there is nothing in terms of technical quality to set GW apart from Perry Bros. It's entirely different subject matter but the sculpting and casting is the same. And they cost less than a dollar apiece for plastic and go up from there. Compared to GW's which start at $5 apiece and go up. I don't get it.
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    krebeck reacted to arnoldrew in How Many Potential Future Corps/Spec-Ops Units Are Left?   
    Infinite. It's a made-up universe. They can just make more stuff up.
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    krebeck got a reaction from Alpha17 in FFG LIVE   
    Like some guy once said "Never tell me the odds." 
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