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  1. His 2 pip could be I don’t like sand
  2. @TauntaunScout heck yes!!! I’m so excited, thank you so much for doing this!
  3. Oh poopie butts! I forgot to send you my address on a card!
  4. How did you base those droids!? That is amazing!
  5. What about things that don’t have a proof of purchase? Can I send you barcodes and random parts of boxes?
  6. But getting excited about things that aren’t real, or that are speculative is exciting!
  7. That is correct I rolled one block
  8. My friend shot my imperial guardsman with chewie, he rolled 2 hits, I rolled 1 defense. With pierce 1 would he cancel out the one defense I rolled so I’d take 2 wounds? or would I only take 1 wound because my block canceled 1 hit. Thanks!
  9. Fellow Hoosiers, I’m going to be moving to Laporte in the next few months. Is there anyone on the boards who lives up there or near there that knows of any FLGS in that area or kitchen table games? Thanks guys!
  10. Speeders! https://imgur.com/gallery/umqpqsT
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